38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (10): Koon gets pragmatic with Hwa Ryun and Hong Danhwa noting how disadvantageous it would be if Hoaqin was to become one again.

Hoaqin and Vicente continue their duel with the former berating the latter for his constantly defensive display. Vicente remembers Hoaqin being a genius when they were younger and also Hoaqin's determination to overcome their father. Vicente then calls Hoaqin out on his sinful actions since becoming White but Hoaqin retorts that it was all to become stronger.

Meanwhile Sachi Faker takes on Anna's doll and realises it is much weaker than Hoaqin. He gets serious and destroys the doll, telling Anna to get serious as well. Elsewhere, while Aka protects Boro, the former rebukes the latter for his previous actions regarding the Hell Express but is saved by the timely arrival of his subordinates.

Hoaqin scoffs at Vicente telling him that he was being hypocritical and adds that power could only be achieved through sacrifice and death. While they fight Hoaqin asks Vicente if any of their siblings would accept him as the centre and Vicente says that one already has. As Hoaqin wonders what Vicente means, he hears a familiar voice from behind him with a possessed Wangnan saying, "Long time no see, brother".



Blog Post


Wangnan’s whiter, it seems?
Since the next chapters rather important
I will talk about the main story in the next week’s afternotes. ^^

As you can see from Hoaquin and Vicente’s flashback,
Their present selves haven't had that many changes from that state,
And in the case of Vicente, due to him being mostly dormant almost no physical or mental growth has occurred.
Of course, as White there were parts that were developed as they shared something.
Regardless, it is clear that they were stronger than an average Regular before.

Many people sent in 축전 for Androssi’s birthday,
and although it almost entirely overlapped with Koon’s birthday, but despite this a large
amount of art was received.
Thank you for all your care!


For Androssi I do not have many figures in stock,
So unfortunately I will only pick two to send to.

Congratulations to those who were picked,
And again thank you to those who participated ^^
I will take good care of all the art you guys sent!

Thank you!
And see you with bleached(2) Wangnan
Next week ^^

Translator’s Note: (1) Thought was bad taste to post emails here, but you guys can find them on the Korean blog if you guys really want it. (2) literally “made white”, “whitened”; no negative connotation.

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