38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (9): Mad Dog further warns Viole whilst Rachel prepares to get her revenge on Koon using her resources.

Elsewhere in the pipes, Anna begins attacking Aka, Boro and Sachi with Hoaqin and Daniel watching from above. Vicente and Wangnan then appear, eliciting a sly response from Hoaqin. Hoaqin tells his brother that he will be disappearing and begins viciously attacking Vicente. Wangnan looks on in fear, realising Hoaqin's great power.



Blog Post

Wangnan is in danger

Currently, you can probably view
Hoaquin and Vicente as incredibly (overwhelming?) strong regulars.
Both are of course incredibly strong,
but since the other versions were asleep when they were White,
Hoaquin has a lot more experience than Vicente
For any ordinary D-class regular, Hoaquin is an impossibly strong opponent.

Since battles are occurring in many places at once,
some of you may be getting frustrated
since some characters aren’t appearing as often
If you keep reading, good? days will come too
so please to read and enjoy :)

For Androssi’s birthday,
the mail came a bit later than expected so I got the notice a bit late
Within this week, I’ll organize
and announce everything properly

It’s cold outside so look after yourselves
It’s also finals for students,
so I hope everyone who has taken, or is taking as test has done well.

I hope you’re excited for the next chapter
Thank you!


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