20F - The Untrustworthy Room (7): Yihwa is in her room thinking about Viole and trying to convince herself that he's a bad person despite his nice face, when Prince enters and offers her the drink he received. As she drinks it, she is suddenly possessed by one of the Regulars in another room and chases Prince. He runs away to his room and shuts the door, only to find out it was all a trap as Rapdevil suddenly reveals that he was acting to find the remote Prince had hid.

Meanwhile, Love is standing over Viole, saying that his parents were killed by FUG and, in a way, Love had conducted this test to get revenge on Viole. He asks Viole why he joined FUG, to which Viole answered that there was someone he had to see and he would know what to do when he found her. As the connector is pitched for the third time, Viole copies Love's techniques, using Blue Oar, Slider, Straightball and Fastball in quick succession. They end up in a stalemate, with Love blocking Viole's Fastball.



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Rapdevil Revival!!
Oooor not... He was playing dead.
Quite contrary to his appearance...

I wanted to put some superhero music ("Fly Superboard") in the background where Love uses Blue Oar, but couldn't do to copyright issues...
I really wanted to do it, at least once
(TN: Korean Webtoons sometimes have music embedded within the manhwa, so it actually starts playing when you get to a certain panel/point in the chapter. It's very prominent in another manhwa, Dr. Frost. It's really cool...)

Looks like Yeon is getting bullied again.
Actually, just going by the Regular's power levels, excluding Viole,
she's peerless.
In comparison to part 1, she'd be like Androssi.

Getting used at every corner.
That's why mental state is important folks.

The prince...............

Viole turned out to be a talented genius, as expected.
But the fact that he has to get hit once is a bone hurting fact.
(TN: "bone hurting" is an idiom... but also might be referring to something else, *wink* *wink*)

Why doesn't the Buddha come to me?
I want to take a break on Monday...
Buddha come on!
(In case people are mistaken, my mother is Buddhist)
(TN: It was Buddha's birthday)

The fact that Rapdevil is alive could've been caught by those with keen understanding of the rules.
"A room must have at least one teammate inside."
That part.