38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (8): Yuri Zahard and Evan wonder how Baam had got so powerful whilst Pedro muses that everything was going to plan (with Poro Poe noting how Viole's allies were being led into a trap from the start). Baam lets everyone down and, while they brush themselves off, Buelsar Elliot commends him for a good fight before saying he'll reveal who Hoaqin really is.

Elsewhere within the pipes, Aka, Boro and Sachi encounter a stumbling block and are soon found by a happy Hoaqin and his partners. Sachi claims they will take revenge, but Hoaqin states he has an enemy in mind before telling them they'd be fighting Anna instead. Meanwhile Wangnan and Vicente discuss things with the latter revealing that "they" were not normal Regulars but were actually the former FUG Slayer, "White". Back near the rotary fans, Daniel attacks with a powerful blast saying the scene made him irritating (which also alerts Vicente to the presence of Hoaqin), but Hoaqin tells him to leave it to Anna. Anna then jumps down and gets ready to fight the three.

Buelsar reveals Hoaqin's true nature as a former FUG Slayer to Baam and warns the Slayer candidate that he'd better find Hoaqin soon because once the "god" descended, it would all be over for him.



Blog Post

In the previous chapters, there were many hints to how Hoaquin was abnormally strong
and I’m sure a few people have guessed it by now,
but at long last, Hoaquin’s true identity was finally revealed

In truth, it isn’t so much Hoaquin + Vicente + Anna + other siblings = White
as it is White being an entirely different product/individual

Since the siblings(1) have come this far not through their own strength,
but have achieved their goals from the very beginning in a “fused together”
White’s personality as his own individual is much stronger…
And that’s also why everyone is trying to become one again.

Anyway, if they fuse together and become once more,
you could say that they will be the strongest enemy.
It seems Baam will have to stop them at the start (before it’s too late(2))

Oh yeah! Many people celebrated Khun’s birthday last week
Thank you.
I haven’t even celebrated my own birthday this way before TT

Translator’s Note:
(1) SIU calls them Hoaquin’s in the blog.
(2) The part in parenthesis was added for clarification.


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