38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (7): Viole gives a show of his power by breaking Mad Dog's supposedly unbreakable shinsoo chains and then approaching the latter. With Buelsar getting ready to fight, he instinctively attacks but gets repelled backwards by a nonchalant palm strike from Viole. Getting excited at being able to go all out, Buelsar gets completely serious and attacks Viole but is overwhelmed by the former Slayer candidate's power.

Meanwhile the expressionless Yihwa readies to finish off Angel for good but is stopped by Bero Bero who snaps her out of her tranquil fury state. With her flames deactivated, the two begin falling only to be caught by Viole who is riding on a wave of shinsoo.



Blog Post

This is the 178th chapter.

Apparently it’s Khun’s birthday today.
Truth be told, even I forgot...
But since that the readers told me…
I try to celebrate their birthdays now and then
Things have been a bit hectic lately TT

I hope the readers too
will celebrate Reflow Aguero’s(1) birthday
Also one more thing, if anyone sends me a Khun illustration
I’ll pick a person and send them a Khun figurine haha

This chapter..
Baam has become stronger
However the enemy’s strength is nothing to be sneezed at
Next chapter you guys will be able to find out for yourselves…

I hope you guys are looking forward to the next chapter
Have a great week!
Thank you!

Translator’s Note:
(1) I’m assuming he was talking about Khun. Not sure why he said “리플로  아게로” instead of Khun.

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