38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (6): Yihwa becomes engulfed in wild flames and destructively rains down her fiery fury upon Angel who cannot seem to handle it. Meanwhile Moontari increases his pressure against Mad Dog but ultimately gets defeated when the latter vertically bisects him. With Viole shocked by Moontari's death, Mad Dog tells him that he was there to test whether Viole was worthy to hold the Slayer candidacy. In response Viole says Buelsar he will regret his actions...



Blog Post

I regretted it
I wonder why I gave Yihwa fire.
Instead of fire.. what if I had given her something like Pepero..(1)
Something that’s a bit easy to draw would have been nice.
My hand hurts and I have to draw fire hahaha
Anyway, Yihwa is demonstrating the scary power of a daughter from the 10 Families
using fire that is not Pepero.
Anyway, it’s probably best to restrict Yihwa’s appearances for the sake of my wrist. haha

There are a lot of fighting scenes so the work and time required whereas considerable
But the paradox is that the reading speed increases when compared to the time required

This time, amount of deaths... is quite large.
This episode is a bit hardcore.. like I told you before(2)
But I will check Naver from time to time and control the level of violence a bit
No scenes will probably be cut... hopefully

The next chapter will be Baam’s chapter I think
In some ways this episode is one that is taking slow, deliberate steps
so every character will be able to demonstrate his/her merits and strengths :)

Then, I hope you guys have a great week!
Soon it will be the end of the year
So I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some cool news to share.
See you next week!
Thank you :)

Translator’s Note:
(1) Pepero is a type of cookie? common in Korea. They are little bread sticks covered in chocolate. Sometimes the chocolate is embedded with nuts. Other times, the chocolate can be flavored. The best version of chocolate (IMO) is the ones where the breadstick itself is filled with chocolate. :) Yum!
(2) Last week’s blog post mentioned this.
177 (1)

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Yihwa was on FIRE!! Mad Dog started biting!! Art on 100!! Brilliant chapter!! XD 5/5 22 78.57%
SIU keeps delivering!! Buzzing for next week!! WOOOO!! 4/5 3 10.71%
Nice fire, cool death, decent chapter 3/5 2 7.14%
A lukewarm chapter, wasn't anything spectacular. 2/5 1 3.57%
Hmmm... this chapter burned out quickly... I'm not satisfied... 1/5 0 0.00%
What is everyone else seeing? This chapter was a bag of shit! 0/5 0 0.00%


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