38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (5): Buelsar Elliot gets excited to see Jyu Viole Grace but Moontari steps in to fight him instead, with Moontari telling Viole to save his strength for Hoaqin. Whilst Moontari and the Mad Dog duel, Angel puts serious pressure on Yihwa. Deciding she needs some motivation, Angel takes down Hongjo causing the Yeon Family member to begin flaring up...



Blog Post


I’m a bit late in updating this blog
A heartbreaking tragedy occurred last week
I hope an event such as this will never occur again.

This chapter is... hmmm...
I wonder why all the enemies love to be stimulated
Yihwa burns fiercely

Yihwa is, even among the 10 Families, comes from a very rare family
That’s the type of family she comes from.
A daughter of the Yeon Family line is born around once every 100 years
so if she gets her power under control, she’ll have an ability that will even put Ran to shame.

Of course, if I say this then I don’t know what will become of the Ran family,
which is filled with men… haha

Anyway, good job everyone who took the CSAT.
I hope you’re excited for the next chapter as well!
Thank you
Have a great weekend.
I hope the world will be filled with peace.

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I got just what I wanted, action and drama! Loved it ♥ 4/5 18 64.29%
I'm a satisfied Regular, this chapter was good 3/5 7 25.00%
Was this another set-up chapter? Or...? I mean, it wasn't the best... 2/5 0 0.00%
I'll never get that time back... 1/5 0 0.00%
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