38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (2): With Yuri finding out about Baam's ties to FUG, Evan discerns the train conductor's shady intentions. Revealing his identity, Pedro strikes Yuri a risky and deadly deal which she confidently accepts.

Down below in the stadium, Poro Poe explains the rules for the "Catching the sweetfish" and gets the game underway. Bero Bero instantly engages the Mad Dog in a rageful vengeance leaving Koon and Rachel to catch the sweetfish. Koon mockingly offers that Rachel tries to catch it first and she attempts to do so, but her efforts end up backfiring almost fatally. However, Koon coolly catches the sweetfish himself, thus quickly ending the first round.



Blog Post


The frazier(?) is burning merrily it seems.

Kun was raised quite harshly even among the Kun family members.
Although the 10 families seem to have bountiful and happy lives on the surface,
the competition is fierce.. and if you’re male, you also have a low survival rate
(Females have the possibility of becoming a Zahard princess and are thus more valuable)
There wil be a chance later on to talk about the Kun family
so I’ll try to go more in depth then.

I digress,
but now that is it’s winter
I miss fish TT.
Although I can’t eat much of it since it’s expensive...
I’m not just saying this because a silver fish came out.
I’m really not

Anyway I hope everyone eats something delicious ^^
and has a happy, enjoyable week.

Thank you!

See you next week~

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Do you hear that?! It's the sound of Koon and Yuri pwning FUG's ass!!! Top-dollar chapter!! XD 5/5 38 80.85%
Oooooohhhhhh!! Rachel got served!! Great chapter SIU!! 4/5 6 12.77%
We got some action, I liked it :) 3/5 0 0.00%
Well... that was over quickly... 2/5 2 4.26%
This chapter sucked more than Rachel does!! 1/5 0 0.00%
Hmph. 0/5 1 2.13%


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