38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (1): Having made it on time, Yuri is visibly happy that Baam is alive upon seeing him, which the Train conductor seems to pick up on. Meanwhile, below in the stadium, after Wangnan greets Viole again, Poro Poe explains the rules of the test for the 4th stage of the Hell Train: Dallar Show!

With the participants of first round chosen, Yuri then asks the conductor what Poro Poe meant by the game being a death match. The Train conductor then reveals to the Princess of the duel to decide who would become the one and only Slayer candidate of FUG and also that Twenty-Fifth Baam was actually "Jyu Viole Grace" a Slayer candidate of FUG.



Blog Post

Yuri learned something pretty shocking today.
I wonder what was going through Pedro’s head when he said all those things haha…

If you stop for a second and think about it, you start to get the impression that FUG
is the only one getting worked up about everything,
however, in the 10 Families, only the Family Heads are truly invincible,
so FUG is an incredibly irritating organisation for members of a Family since it constantly
commits terror acts directed against the 10 Families.
And when they get up to the level of a Slayer, even the Family Heads start to get a bit sensitive.
They(1) also tend to be bizarre and weird characters..
Since in some ways the scariest power is faith…(2)

I came up with several names for the Dallar Show,
but I decided upon this one since I like the way it rolled off my tongue.
The way the dollars are used is different for every game ^^
They look tasty. Since they kinda look like chocolate.
I’m not sure if they still sell it anymore but when I was young there used to be chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.(3)
The “clacking” noise when it broke had its own charm.

Oh, and the game testing is still going on(4)
It’s even currently being advertised on the webtoon page
it ends on Monday.
Please enjoy it till the last day and it will be a great help if you give lots of feedback.
The tournament starts next week
I hope you’re excited for the next chapter
Have a great week and a wonderful day!
Thank you!

Translator’s Note:
(1) I believe SIU means the FUG Slayer.
(2) I think the point SIU is trying to get across is that the Slayer acts as a gathering point for people to serve and worship, which causes people to rebel against Jahad.
(3) Pretty sure they’re still sold worldwide.
(4) For readers who missed the last blog post, SIU currently is testing a new mobile app game based on his webtoon.

Supplement - Ran’s Journey II


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