20F - The Untrustworthy Room (6): Ja Wangnan and Miseng rally for taking over more rooms to win the test before Viole. Akraptor complains that he will be the one doing all the work. Viole and Love begin fighting, with Viole freezing Love in place momentarily with shinsoo much to Love's surprise. Viole's attacks seem to have little effect on Love and Love responds by hitting Viole with a powerful attack that shoves Viole into the opposing wall even though Viole blocks. Love then hits Viole again with a powerful strike that leaves Viole lying helpless against the crumbled wall. Love then makes the controller come to his hand and then flings it to the floating fist, saying to Viole "Strike One".



Blog Post

Love is a Wonsulsa.

The Won in Wonsul means "Circle",
It is a Shinsoo Control Technique that involves rotating the Shinsoo in a perfect circle.
When Shinsoo is spun in a circle, it gains greater strength while retaining the same surface and size.

A Wonsulsa may use Shinsoo as booby traps,
Or, like Love, may throw the Shinsoo as balls or attack with a spinning reinforced body.

Because it takes testing at Gustang's Research Association to receive certification,
there are few people who can perform the Wonsulsa Position.

Also about Love's "Iron Man" Contract.
It is the Contract of the Mule Family (Love's Family).
When one reaches the limits of their body, the contract restores the body.
Simply, it is a Contract that regenerates stamina.
Such a Contract with the Guardian can be earned by a Family's Ranker through a special test.
(TN: It seems that Families can have a special contract with Guardians that give specific bonuses.)

A little disclaimer:
To Viole's Fans, this is the one who attacked Viole.
Not me.
I was just doing some army preparation when this guy hit Viole.