37F - Hell Train: A Month (3): Hoaqin and Vicente discuss merging back together again whilst Baam and his allies delve further through the Hell Express...



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The story behind Hoaquin and Vicente was revealed today.
They are both quite fearsome enemies to face in D-class floors.
United... they will be even worse.

Baam arrived somewhere.
Looking forward how he will proceed from here.

NO HIATUS ON chuseok (Korean thanksgiving)
But the length of chapters may be adjusted to fit the schedule.

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I'm running out of superlatives... this chapter was that amazing!!! XD 5/5 4 16.00%
Great reveals about Hoaqin's nature, top stuff SIU!! 4/5 17 68.00%
Decent set-up chapter for next week! 3/5 2 8.00%
Could've been a lot better... 2/5 1 4.00%
Yeah... 1/5 1 4.00%
Didn't even finish reading it, it was so bad! 0/5 0 0.00%