37F - Hell Train: A Month (1): The Hell Express sets off again and all the Regulars on board set out to clear the tests in their way, having been informed of their schedule by the Train conductor. Buelsar Elliot and Angel encounter and get into a fight with Rak and Bero Bero's team whilst Hoaqin and his allies search for Hoaqin's copy. Meanwhile, Hwa Ryun gives Baam some cold truths and tells everyone that Baam would be taking on Yokim himself.



Blog Post


Baam's back looks like it is wet from sweat.

Hoaquin looks cute.

The chips look tasty.

You can safely say that Hoaquin 2 is a different person altogether.

All stuff such as voice or personality are different.

But they are both Hoaquin. They are both strong.

Many of you would be busy this, especially now that summer vacation is over.

I hope all of you can stay strong!

I am busy these days too, but I'll try my best to focus on ToG.

Blog would go through some changes too.

Have a happy week, and see you next week!

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