37F - Hell Train: Wooden Horse (2): As the Hell Express arrives at the station, the Regulars at the Altar of Wooden Horse eagerly await the opening of the train doors. Hoaqin is visibly excited to leave the train and feed but Daniel reminds him of the contract he made with the Guardian. Fortunately for Hoaqin, Rachel arrives and tells him it would be fine as she had used Emile to keep the Regulars interested.

Hoaqin, Rachel, Daniel and Ha Yura step out of the train and Hoaqin announces the gruesome event that the Regulars had to participate in to get on the train. With some of the Regulars complaining, Hoaqin gave a show of his power alarming them into action. Just then, two particularly confident Regulars agreed to take the challenge and added that they'd take Hoaqin's head too.



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No blog post because SIU is sick. Chapter came out as usual.

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