37F - Hell Train: Wooden Horse (1): Boro and company arrives at the Hell Train station located on the 37th Floor: Wooden Horse. Meanwhile on the Train's lounge Angel and Yihwa gets into an argument regarding FUG and the Ten Families, Daniel and Hoaqin discuss how the latter managed to save Daniel in the past and Hwa Ryun questions Rachel if using that thing will help her to obtain Hoaqin's heart. At 10:30PM, with just thirty minutes for the Hell Train to arrive at the station, Boro discusses with Koon if his party will really arrive on time to catch up with the train. At the end of the conversation Aka arrives along with an old partner that states the train has arrived to the Wooden Horse.



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[SIU is feeling not so well this week so this post is rather short]

Sachi Faker has appeared at last.
Next week, Hoaqin will shine.
There is a new assistant to help me with 3D stuff now~

There was a Kidult festival that revealed the long awaited ToG figurines!
link :

[Translator's notes: The information about official ToG and other Webtoon merchandise are to be sold here.
They are accepting overseas order with emails, so do check the post ]

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SACHI YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5 12 60.00%
Keep calm and don't kill Baam, Hoaqin 4/5 3 15.00%
O_O Hoaqin, don't kill Team Tangsooyook and everyone else, okay? 3/5 1 5.00%
Rachel, how do you know Baam is loved by a god? =_= 2/5 3 15.00%
Not enough Team Tangsooyook! 1/5 0 0.00%
*Snoring in the distance* 0/5 1 5.00%


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