36F - Hell Train: Hoaqin (6): While Ja Wangnan is tearing out his hair over the math test, Yeon Yihwa begins figuring out the solution, but the door opens with Hoaqin and co. behind seeing them.

Ha Jinsung is on a ship headed to the Middle Area of the Thirty-Sixth Floor of the Tower. He is talking with an unknown associate there through his Pocket about Hoaqin and if he really is him. Were it the case, they couldn't "justify" stopping what they are trying to do. Jinsung tells the man he sent Regulars but they might not be good enough to deal with Hoaqin. The man asks about Viole's whereabouts and Jinsung replies that Viole insists on going after the train and that he might have to stop him through force if it's necessary. He followed by giving the man intel on the Thorn-Viole situation.

Hoaqin wonders if Wangnan and Yihwa are here to greet him. Hwa Ryun tells Wangnan to throw his bomb at Hoaqin and run away with Wangnan asking Yiwha for support, but while Wangnan tries to throw one of his shinsoo bombs, Hoaqin runs his blade through Wangnan's arm alarmingly fast. Wangnan wonders how Hoaqin could swing his gigantic blade around like that while suffering. Hoaqin then tells Wangnan that after a closer look, he looks quite tasty...

In the ship headed to the Middle Area Baam, Koon Aguero Agnis and Rak Wraithraiser are waiting in their room. Rak wants to beat the candy turtle and go after the train in order to save Yiwha and Wangnan. Aguero tells him to forget it as they can only follow Jinsung's orders as they can't deal with him at all. There is a little flashback focusing on Jinsung telling Viole that if he were to leave, Viole has to beat him first (presumably to prove him he's able to take on anything/anyone of Hoaqin level), shocking Viole. Rak angrily asks Koon if they are going to stop giving chase to the train and Koon replies that he has a plan, which piques Viole's interest.

Back inside the Hell Train, Hoaqin asks Wangnan what kind of plan he and the Guide are plotting and adds that he might end up "eating" him if he doesn't reply. Daniel Hatchid asks Hoaqin to stop as they need to be fast and pass the test 'before tonight', or the train will reject them and they'll be unable to move up. He also tells Hoaqin that Yihwa and Wangnan are the teammates of the Slayer nominee, Jyu Viole Grace, and that they'll be useful for later, which makes Hoaqin remove his blade from Wangnan's arm, in curiosity. Hoaqin asks Daniel, "Jyu... Viole what? What do you mean... Slayer nominee?"

Back on the ship, Jinsung is observing the opening of the door (to the Middle Area). Viole, Rak and Aguero all get to him and Viole tells him he's still going after the train.



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Wangnan and Hoaquin have met.
Then Wangnan got hurt. Again.
Well, his body is sturdy at the very least...
Hang on Wangnan.
You'll get your time to shine in this arc. Later.

Regulars are much more powerful compared to normal people in both mind and body.
And they tend to be very old... so a D-class Regular tends to survive grave dangers.
For example, the injury to Wangnan this chapter could have killed a person from shock alone.

Next chapter... Would be Koon's time to shine.

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