36F - Hell Train: Hoaqin (3): Baam collapses and loses consciousness, alarming Rak and Miseng. Meanwhile Koon checks up on the match list for the next test and notices a girl that looks strikingly similar to Xia Xia, which creeps him out. Rak then bursts in and informs him of Baam's status and Koon immediately rushes to Baam's side before asking what was wrong. Akraptor suggests postponing the next test but Baam wakes up and states that he is fine adding that they wouldn't be able to catch up to Rachel's team if they didn't take the test. Koon reluctantly acknowledges Baam's decision.

The 36th Floor test begins with Rak and Quaetro giving the team an advantage. Koon asks where their Fisherman was and Miseng replies that Baam was heading to her side. Baam encounters her, also noting her similarity to Xia Xia, before being attacked by the girl. Baam is rebuffed and notes his condition before being attacked again, although this time he easily evades her strikes before retaliating and taking her out with powerful shinsoo blasts. With his opponent incapacitated, a visibly fatigued Baam collapses again, much to Koon's chagrin.

After the test, with Baam comatose again, the group muses over his condition and surmise that he is pushing himself too hard due to a self-imposed pressure to climb faster up the Tower. Koon tells everyone that they would have to get on the train on the next Floor no matter what. Akraptor asks him how they would manage to get on board considering the Train would get to the 37th Floor quicker than they would but Koon replies that he had a plan that would be revealed once they arrived at the station.Just then, a person from behind makes his presence known and asks them all what happened. Everyone, apart from Koon (and Rak), looks at him in shock and question why Ha Jinsung had come. As Koon quickly realises who he is, Jinsung coldly asks who put his pupil in such a condition.

Meanwhile, inside the Train, Wangnan and Yihwa finally spot Hwa Ryun with the former muttering that they'd rescue her soon. Elsewhere, Rachel asks Daniel how he found Hoaqin's sealed parts so quickly and Daniel explains that he was able to instinctively locate Hoaqin's separated parts via the tattoo-like seal on his body. He then says that he will soon set Hoaqin's first part free.



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No More Smoke

Ha Jinsung appeared after not showing up for a long time.
He met with team Sweet and Sour before, but to Rak and Koon, this is their first meeting.
Also, he is perhaps one of the most dangerous people currently active...
Among those whom Baam has met so far, he is the strongest ‘person’ yet.
(Excluding Yuri and Mazino.)

From the next chapter and onward, I’ll explain more about the Train’s system, Hoaquin’s secrets and Team Rachel’s story.

From now on, I will only list the assistants who helped with a chapter at the end of that chapter.

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