36F - Hell Train: Hoaqin (2): The chapter starts off with the advancement test of the 35th Floor. It is declared that Team Tangsooyook is the defensive team, while Bel Berhino's team is the offensive team. The test begins with Bel thinking about the advantages his team has. Koon warns Rak to do what he is supposed to do, which Rak replies that he understands. Two people from the offensive team arrive in front of Rak, one clearly underestimating him until Rak returns to his original form, and says the same things they said back to them. As Rak beats up the two people from the offensive team he encounters, Koon remarks that he is a troublemaker, while Rak angrily questions where the cocky turtle is. While he continues to beat up the two people from the offensive team, the perspective changes to Miseng, Baam and Akraptor, with Akraptor and Miseng thinking that Baam is very positive about things. Akraptor worries about Baam which Baam replies he is fine, and that he doesn't want to be a burden to them. He remarks that although his head hurts, he doesn't think it will be a problem when fighting. Baam tells Akraptor that he shouldn't worry, and that Akraptor should return to his position, with Akraptor saying to be careful. After, Miseng and Akraptor return to their spots.

Baam remarks on his encounter with the Thorn, thinking about everything that happened to him when he encountered it. The perspective shifts back to Rak, as it is announced that the people who got beat up by Rak earlier are out, and that 6 people remain on the offensive team, while Rak wonders where the Bel is. Koon thinks something is strange, as one person on the enemy team hasn't been seen since the beginning of the test, and wonders where he is. He also notes that everyone can only approach by the given path, but wonders why he isn't there at the path. The perspective goes back to Baam, and there in front of him reveals to be the missing member of the team Koon was looking for. Walkin giggles and thinks that no one has noticed him, thanks to his White-X. Walkin wonders how he should kill Baam, and remarks on Baam's 'dumb' face as he has no idea that Walkin is right in front of him. Fortunately Baam punches him in the face sending him flying, with Walkin surprised thinking about how Baam could've noticed. Koon, Akraptor and Miseng notice the explosion with Miseng wondering why nothing was detected by her Observer, with Akraptor guessing that it must've been a hidden enemy. Koon thinks about that Walkin must've used a D0-class item or above to not be detected, while Baam thinks about how his body reacted on it's own. It is announced that Walkin is out, and that 5 people remain on the offensive team. Bel and his other teammate rush to where Baam is, and questioning how he found out the function to White-X, while Baam activates his baangs and shoots it at Bel. Akraptor tells Baam how Shinsoo doesn't work on Bel, and that he has a high resistance to it. Baam then effortlessly beats 3 people of the enemy team, and then (Surprise!) he faints again.

One month later

Rak and Miseng argue about what they should eat, and then Baam faints once again, with Rak, Prince, and Miseng worried about him to the point Rak says he'll even give up his eel bowl.



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I’m not sure whether to call this the chapter that Baam opened his eyes, or closed them.

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About the food that each character likes…
Koon likes ‘western’-type food in small servings.
Baam dislikes both salty food and raw food.
Gator loves meat.
As well as bananas.
And anything sweet, like kids.(as opposed to Koon)

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