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36F - Hell Train: Hoaqin (1): Daniel and the Mad Dog finish taking down the first of the Train's guardians as they embark on their journey through the Train.

A month after the Hell Train incident, on the 36th Floor, Khun overhears the rumours and speculation regarding said incident. Khun goes over the events that followed the fruitless Ticket tournament and mused that the whole fiasco was covered up as an "operational error"; he concludes that it was only expected from those in higher places. Walking back to their residence, Khun tells of his plans to chase Rachel and her allies, including parting ways with Ran's team, leaving Aka's team and Boro to wrap things up at Train City and finding a way to halt the movement of the Train at the 37th Floor (with Wangnan and Yihwa being an option). He then surmised that while Wangnan and Yihwa could potentially makes Rachel's group crumble internally (by recapturing Hwa Ryun), they shouldn't crumble internally first.

Khun returns to the residence and is greeted by both Rak and Baam. Rak chastises him for wandering about on his own by Khun retorts in familiar fashion. Akraptor then asks if he found any new information regarding the Train but Khun replies that there wasn't; Akraptor then asks about Wangnan and Yihwa and Khun tells him about their situation and how they could make things smoother if they are successful in their actions as well as adding that they couldn't be contacted. Miseng wonders if they could use Emile to contact them but both Akraptor and Khun say that it was a bad idea. Baam then asked if there was any way to discern any more info on "Hoaqin" but Khun replies that he couldn't find anything on his Lighthouse on him but ends by saying that it would be bad for them if Hoaqin woke up. Khun then concludes the meeting and tells everyone to grab some food before the 36th Floor test, which visibly and audibly irks Rak. He calls Khun out on his actions but Khun gives a cold retort before leaving, with Rak also leaving to get some food with everyone else. However Akraptor follows Khun and calls him out on his recent strange behaviour with Khun trying to avoid the question but Akraptor pushed until he spilt. Khun tells Akraptor that he is afraid of the daunting power Baam had shown as well as his incredibly rapid growth. He then says that he didn't want to let go of Baam while the latter was in such an unstable state, lest he break because he can't control the Thorn's power in the future; thus they needed to find something that could control the Thorn and stabilise Baam. Elsewhere, Baam feels strange noting that things started to feel different ever since leaving Train City...

One month ago

On the 35th Floor, Tangsooyook prepared to take on the Floor's test in order to ascend to the next Floor. Later on, Tangsooyook faced another team in the "Advancement Test". One of their members mocked Tangsooyook, especially Rak (much to Rak's annoyance), and said that passing would be easy. After the rules of the test were explained, the two teams went to their positions and waited for the game to begin...



Naver Endnote

Pay attention to your health, and have a good week ^^

Blog Post


The 2 weeks flew by so fast…

Fortunately, I was able to save up some work beforehand.
Not much, but it’s still better than nothing.
This Arc will focus on Hoaquin’s appearance.
Of course, our 3 little kids will have their parts too….


The comic I mentioned a couple of weeks ago will be uploaded infrequently,
and it’s for practicing more than anything else.
Check out Twitter for more info.

[Translator note: :COMIC: is yet another one of the stories set in the TUS universe.
About SIU's New Webtoon]


Link to twitter post

":COMIC:" is set on one of yet another TUS universe stories.
It is set on a typical shōnen mecha anime world.
Aliens show up, super powerful robots piloted by teenagers beat them up.
The main character, after wishing to be a pilot himself, meets a strange girl and get his dream come true.
The catch is, his robot is on the ‘evil’ side.
SIU will reveal more info by Twitter.



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