20F - The Untrustworthy Room (4): Goseng is running to Wangnan's room and when it opens, finds that the two of them had bunkered down in their room, she decided to stay there. Goseng gives Wangnan her controller, telling him that when she first came she didn't have any confidence, but Wangnan's perseverance inspired her to keep trying. Wangnan and Goseng form a team and go back to Miseng's room, where they find Akraptor still playing the word chain game with Miseng. The usual bickering between Akraptor and Wangnan ensued, when it was cut abruptly short by Viole coming. They all scramble into Miseng's room and hide.
Meanwhile, Prince was chasing after Viole when suddenly Lurker appeared and drew him back to his room, saying that Rapdevil had died.

Downstairs, Viole entered the baths where Love was waiting for him.



Blog Post

Hmm... There's not much to write...
Lately, I've been going on, half-dead.

The neighbour requests are over 3000,
So it's going to take some time to process them all.
I'm accepting requests until today. ^^

It's really hard to be a good author.
It's been on my mind lately.