30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (37): Mad Dog is pushed back by Baam's powerful palm thrust and he notes Baam's impressive power after seeing the damage inflicted to his weapon. He then reasons he would need to fight more seriously if he didn't want to end up dying.

Meanwhile Poro Poe rushes Daniel and Rachel into escaping, causing Boro and Koon to scream for each of them to stop. However, both Daniel and Rachel make efforts to stop their chasers from reaching them. Elsewhere Wangnan and Yihwa both keep up their efforts to try and capture Cassano but the Devil manages to escape with Angel by jumping on to her metalfish with her and the others.

Mad Dog compliments Baam's strength, saying he was stronger than what he heard last year but reasons most of his power was probably due to the Thorn. He continues by saying that he was initially confused that Baam had become the new Slayer candidate, but now he could see there was a chance Baam could become their god with his level of power. He then finishes by saying that there was a reason Varagarv couldn't finish him causing Baam to reply questioningly. Mad Dog answered that he has history with Varagarv before blocking a strong kick from Baam, however the Mad Dog retaliates with a shinsoo-enhanced attack with his large weapon. Seeing Baam coming from the attack unscathed, Mad Dog notes Baam's incredible shinsoo resistance, as well as his improving physical capabilities, and notes that Baam was currently in an "invincible state". The Mad Dog then thinks to himself that he might have a true match for himself in Baam but their fight is cut short by Angel, who tells him to join them in escaping. Mad Dog bids Baam farewell and tells him to meet him on the train.

As Rachel's group seems out of sight and unable to be caught, Baam hurtles towards Rachel, surprising everyone still on the platform, and readies a powerful punch to bring the navigator down. However, before he can strike, Rachel holds her hands up and tells him had to get on the train and if he must stop her to hill her right then and there. Baam calms his attack, wondering why Rachel would say that, but she then pushes him away and apologises saying this place was not for him to come up.



Blog Post


The relationship between Baam and Rachel is a subject that will be focused on often.
Their back story has yet to be told, so please wait a bit more.

Now that the Train is starting to move, the story will be about what happens inside the train.
There are many stories I have prepared for this.

About Baam… He’ll have to survive the fall, again.
He should be used to it by now.
But it would still hurt, I guess.

Well then, stay healthy and see you next week~

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