30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (31): Koon, followed by Wangnan and Yihwa, walks out of the elevator and approaches Team Rachel, sarcastically asking if they were going to leave without them. Everyone is shocked to see them, and Rachel asks him how he got there.

Koon says that he experienced some problems, so he arrived a day late. However, he initially thought he would arrive in the evening, so in a sense he is early. (Earlier, he texted Baam that he would arrive at night). Crocodile told him everything back at the Stadium, allowing him to avoid Rachel's team's trap and catch them here.

Rachel asks him again how he got here, adding that the elevator he used should not be usable by ordinary Regulars. Koon then explains the elevator accessible from the platform actually leads to a fake Control Centre and Skyscraper. To get here, you must take a secret path from the Restaurant to the Control Centre, then use a separate elevator to reach the real Skyscraper. However, that elevator isn't approved for use by an ordinary Regular, so he simply wrecked that elevator and rode up the elevator shaft using his Lighthouse. Poe gets exasperated hearing that, saying he has no idea what will happen by doing that. Koon dismisses his concern, saying it was their side that broke the rules to begin with. He goes on to say that the rumoured-to-be scary train captain and guardian were not there, as though the administrators had opened a path to greet some VIP; this made it easy for them to get here.

Koon then tells Rachel's side that they have to let them on the train, but stay behind themselves. Poe is worried, but Rachel assures him that they will take care of this. They let Yura get on the train first, then face off with Koon's team. Wangnan tells him teammates that he will fight Cassano, despite their warnings. He says he cannot miss this chance to awaken Horyang, and taunts Cassano to come at him.

Down below, Daniel is disgusted to see Boro and Aka again. Aka screams out that Daniel died when they got back on the train to raise Roen from the dead. Daniel says he did die that time, a couple hundred years ago, and the place he went was definitely hell. But there he found the way to restore Roen to life. He says he will get back on the train, open "that door" again, bring "that guy" back again, and ask him to revive Roen. Boro realises what FUG is after, and Aka cries out to not bring back "that crazy bastard". Daniel states they cannot stop him, because they and Sachi are just cowards who ran away when Roen died. He uses a powerful Necromancer blast to destroy the stairs in front of him. Only Baam, who was closest, manages to jump over the gap in the stairs and continue pursuit as Daniel and Angel get away (with Hwa Ryun still as hostage). He wonders what is going to happen on the train and what Rachel is up to.

Back above, Cassano mocks Wangnan for challenging him, wondering why Ilmar abandoned him to follow these fools. One of Rachel's teammates is interested in finally seeing what Wangnan can do. Wangnan takes out a Shinsoo Bomb he prepared for Cassano over the past year. He throws it, and another of Rachel's teammates seems to recognize it. The bomb releases some bluish energy ball that scrapes Cassano's left arm and bombards him from multiple directions before returning to Wangnan's hand. Cassano notices that his left arm is gashed, and Rachel notices that some noise is coming from inside the arm. Then Koon starts menacingly walking toward her, wielding the White Heavenly Mirror. He says it's been almost 2 years now (since they last met), and there were so many things he wanted to hear from her...



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Koon’s face showed up at last.
Felt kind of awkward as I have not drawn him for so long.

Sometimes I miss the almighty croc.
Because he is simple to draw.

Few days ago, I cut myself while cooking, so now my hand is full of bandages.
Now that I had a reason to look at my hand, it is shaped weird.
My middle finger is quite pushed(?) in.

Wangnan and Yihwa will be on action next chapter.

By the way, got another letter from army for temporary practice, again.

Well, gotta work anyways.
Have a nice day!

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