30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (30): Baam and Boro are chasing after Daniel Hatchid who tells Angel to take Hwa Ryun as hostage. Baam decides to use a little more of the Thorn's power to catch up to them and gets faster surprising Boro and Angel. Daniel tells her that Baam is the Slayer nominee and the item he has is the Thorn. In order to try and stop him, she sends her "metalfish" against Baam and Baam launches shinsoo beams at them but they separate into a multitude of smaller metalfishes.

Back to the other team, they are both running and talking. Aka Williams asks Akraptor if they are Baam's friends which he replies yes, with Prince adding that they came down directly after hearing everything from "Crocodile". Koon Ran asks Prince and Miseng if they weren't supposed to lose their control when using the power of the flower but Prince asserts that once the Workshop Battle was over, they asked the "witch" to give them a clue to solve this problem. Verdi told them that there was a seed which allowed them to control their power and themselves, they went to get it. He adds that after training night and day for a year, they learnt to control their potential power without losing control, though it was still a bit unstable. Akraptor asks Ran if he is worried about his "brother", but Ran brushes it off saying he doesn't have a brother. Akraptor tells him that Aguero became much stronger than them and that they are looking forward to seeing Baam again.

Back to Baam and Boro again, Angel explains that no matter how powerful Baam's shinsoo control is, he couldn't take them all out as he was limited by the number of baangs he could create. Baam then decides to use more power, using a powerful attack that makes the shinsoo seem like it is alive and destroy all the metalfishes. Angel and Daniel observe, astonished at his power. There is also a shinsoo beam from Akraptor coming from downwards, as Team Aka and parts of Team Tangsooyook arrived at their location. Aka gets really surprised that Daniel is still alive...

Above, Rachel tells Yura to "let's go to the place we can get what we want". Poro Poe tells them that only Ticket Holders will have the right to be boarding the train because those who don't have a ticket will be eliminated by the navigator. But as they prepare to enter the train, a door behind opens and Koon Aguero Agnis and friends including Ja Wangnan appear before Rachel.



Blog Post


I seem to focus on back of my character’s heads.
I think I will have to avoid overusing similar scenes from now on.

I recently saw some movies.
Birdman and Whiplash.
They were indeed great as I had heard.
I somewhat envy the movie industry for being able to make works like these which would be
remembered even after a long time has passed.

About blog posts,
I have been giving some thoughts on how to use them.
I will make a more formal announcement later, but the gist of it would be
-Separation of world setting and personal posts.
-News of additional merchandise announcement will be made.
-Overall time being spent on blog cut down.

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