30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (22): Rachel and her allies look on in wonder at the true form of the Hell Express when a train administrator, and one of Daniel's associates, arrives and greets them. He asks the group where Ha Yura is and Daniel replies that she is coming, with Poro finishing that they would leave once she arrived.

Elsewhere Hwa Ryun and the other Regulars are left in a pickle with the elevator doors being destroyed. Baam then comes up with an idea to circumvent their problem and get to the Entrance floor. Meanwhile Yura and her remaining teammate rush to the Entrance floor with the latter remembering Yura's words in the residential room. The two finally reach the Entrance floor with Yura noting the battle-scarred area. Suddenly they hear a loud banging noise before the elevator door is smashed open, revealing Hwa Ryun's squad coming through. Yura loudly wonders how they managed to catch up to her so quickly and Baam replies that they just travelled through the empty elevator pathway. Yura and her teammate then attempt to escape with Hwa Ryun's group following close behind her and, almost as they are about to catch her, Yura pulls out her remote and switches the guardian back on. Mirotic instantly looses a large blast repelling Hwa Ryun's group and enabling Yura and her teammate to get away.



Blog Post

Enteritis is no problem!
… actually I had to visit the hospital again.
I’ll end up confusing there and home at this rate…
Living alone…

From now on, there will be large parts of action.
I was prepared for sickness and did some chapters in advance,
(It helped a lot this time too)

So I feel like I can read the future!

When I started Season 1, I could work with even more advance and for far longer.
But after few years, weekly work has become hard…
I should have worked out more.
I guess I have to start now.

I often read comments and reactions…
But due to some drawbacks,
I have been ignoring… some.




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