30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (18): Baam has defeated Ha Yura by separating her from her powerful Lighthouse. The latter promptly surrenders, forfeiting her Tickets, but reveals that the whole tournament is a trap.

Meanwhile, Edin Dan leads Ran and Novick to Aka Williams, whom Ran immediately challenges to a fight, not wanting to engage in "childlike games." Aka sends one of his subordinates to duel Ran, and the Koon Family member is easily trounced.

A small piece of Yura's backstory is revealed, showing how she tired of wealth and fame, before Emile told her that what she truly wanted was on the Hell Train. In the present Yura tells Baam that the tournament is merely to keep the Regulars occupied while Rachel and her team defeat Mirotic and steal the Hell Express itself. The last scene shows Daniel Hatchid facing off against the guardian, seemingly confident that he can win...



Blog Post

This chapter was long I think.
Even though it may not seem to be so...

Next week you’ll be able to see Rachel team’s power.
And the Guardian’s secret.
And what is behind the door.
Many things to prepare.

I hope to show how Baam and rest of members are growing up too.

D-rank Regulars who have been holding Tickets are strong.
It means they have survival skills of their own.
Not everyone has powerful basic special like Ran, but Tower is big.


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I am a bit worried about wrist getting worse, but I wish to continue drawing on.
Hopefully I can focus and give my best without regretting later.
Have good time with rest of year and a Happy Christmas!