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30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (17): The chapter begins with Baam asking his teammate Hanool Kang to trust him once more and let him get the ball and promises he will get past Ha Yura. While his teammates wonder what is going on, Baam takes one of the goalkeepers, Rak Wraithraiser, out of the game as he lost one of his Tickets.

Next turn, Team Baam must attack and Baam impresses everyone when he counters Rocitane Egel's two baangs attack by using three of his own. Baam then decides to freeze the ball instead of Yura and pass it to her. The ten seconds having passed, the ball goes into crazy mode though she manages to get away in time. Yura then ponders how much more intelligent Baam is than she thought he was. She also tells Baam that she heard from Rachel "he will be following FUG on the Hell Train" and tells him that she will do everything to get Baam "off of Rachel's back". Next turn, she shoots the ball into Hana Yu's hands with the crazy mode about to erupt, but Hana is saved from death by Baam's intervention, although her hands are damaged severely in the process.

The Crazy Yellow Ball Game continues with Baam asking her why she did this to Hana Yu, as the bet was only between Yura and Baam and what's more, she was her fan. Yura replies that she has a lot of fans and doesn't care if one of them disappears. Baam then notes that she kept her strange luggage with her all this time and that it must be special. Because he can't use the Thorn yet, he decides to try and neutralize it. Next turn, Hanool Kang gives him the ball and Baam blows the luggage away with the explosion effect of the crazy yellow ball and manages to freeze her as well (though he relied a little on the Thorn's power to achieve this feat). Baam, tired and standing over her then asks her to tell him where Rachel is, as per the condition of their bet.



Naver Endnote

Hoho… more… next chapter…

Blog Post

This chapter was... a bit hard.
It was long, and took lots of effort.

Everything requires your body to up to the challenge.
I’m not that old to experience such things yet but…
Well, I guess it came early for me.

Next chapter, there will be many developments.
There’s still a bit left of Yura’s episode...

Truly a season that makes me agonize.
Winter and the end of the year have come. Both happy and sad events have happened.
It feels like I am at an important crossroad in life.
Some try to leave me, while others try to grab me.
Being an adult is hard.
But the important thing is that I have work to continue as long as there are people who trust
in me to do so, and it can’t be done all alone.
A person who can cry with you is more precious than a person who can laugh with you.
I think I am starting to understand what this means.

Ha Yura is not really an elite among the Ha family members.
She is a weirdo, having skills other than her family’s muscle power.
Also, there are some uncommon traits in her blood too.
It might be hard for Baam to fight against her.

Starting from next chapter, Yura’s past will be shown.
Information about the Train will come out.
And many conflicts, both big and small, will be drawn.
Overall, a slower chapter where things are explained.

About Baam’s change…
I absolutely cannot draw a main character who is
completely nice/strong/moral.
I think such characters kill the story.
In a good story, a helper will show the correct path when someone goes astray,
and there will be temptations attempting to prevent that person from going the right way.
Since this particular main character was about innocence, there is a chance of corruption.

The purpose of this arc is Baam and Rachel’s point of intersection.
This will be the focus while other characters show up.
See you next week, and thank you!




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