30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (12): The chapter begins with Hana Yu being very surprised about the sudden appearance of Ha Yura. One of the Regulars who was fighting recognizes her and asks why the genius of Ha Family is at Train City instead of getting ready for her concert. She replies that she quit being an Idol so that she can get on the Hell Train as something she wants is on the Hell Train. The news shocks everyone and a Regular asks how they can all be in one team since they are only giving out seven boarding passes in this game. Yura tells him it is simple for her since she has two Express Tickets already, and by using these Tickets she can let the rest of the Regulars get inside and leave the seven of them to get the boarding passes later. Everyone is surprised by her plan and they decide to team up with her instead of continuing to fight each other. One of Aka's henchman sitting nearby wonders what she is and how she has a vibe similar to that of Sir Aka’s. After everyone decides to agree with her proposal, they all leave and get inside the residence room and the game ends there.

Hana Yu who was watching the whole thing is very impressed by Ha Yura’s performance and how she made everyone to get on her side, while being overexcited, she says that she’s very happy that she will get on the same train as Ha Yura. Boro gets angry by her statement and starts to yell at Hana before telling her that there are no friends on the Hell Train and they should worry instead since they have one more enemy to deal with now. Then he tells Hwa Ryun that since the game ended, there will be no more surprises till tomorrow and they should talk and start where they left of earlier and she agrees. Baam tells Boro he will get inside and then leaves the room with Boro noting how unfriendly he seems before asking if he was always like that. Rak says how he wasn’t like that and ever since the day he returned from the trip, he thought he came back to old him but he wasn't. Boro asks if the friends that he's going to meet has anything to do with it but Hwa Ryun changes the subject and asks Boro what he knows about FUG. Boro says he encountered them once on the Hell Train and he thinks he knows what they’re looking for.

On the Entrance floor of Train City, Daniel tells Ran's team that he’s competing in that tournament as well, but Ran tells him how he doesn't care if he’s participating it or not. Daniel retorts that he should care since if he competes because they won’t stand a chance of getting those Tickets. Ran calls him out but Daniel says they will find out why tomorrow in the tournament, but his point in the meantime is that they have a zero chance of getting on Hell Train. Everyone starts to get angry by Daniel's provocations and Ran tells Daniel that they shouldn't even wait till tomorrow to find out who’s stronger but, before a fight broke, Daniel appears in front of Ran with immense speed, shocking everyone. Daniel tells him how there is no need rush as the game hasn't even started yet before saying that he doesn't like to spoil his food and always waits as soon he will feast upon them. He then leaves and tells them he’ll be waiting for them at the stadium.

Baam, sitting in his room, starts to remember the talk he had with Hwa Ryun before setting out to get a teammates. She told him about their next meeting, how he won’t need more than a three members and also told him not to reveal his identity as Jyu Viole Grace. She finally told him he should get stronger, both mentally and physically, so he could climb the Tower alone and confront Rachel with confidence. We see many martial arts certificates Baam achieved and after that a text arrives for all Regulars from Emile telling them to gather at the Stadium the next day at 2:00pm for the beginning of the tournament.



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