30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (11): To Baam's group's surprise, the voice from the telephone begins to explain of a game that all the Regulars waiting on the Residence floor can participate in, in order to determine the last seven remaining who would then receive a Hell Train Boarding Pass. The voice then tells them to begin.

Watching on, Mahan and the blue-skinned Regular discuss the announced game and the effects it had on the Regulars who are participating in it. Mahan says that this event is a good chance to scout decent teammates and the blue-skinned guy agrees before adding that the one he really wanted to scout was Boro's teammate. Behind them, Ha Yura enters the Residence.

Back in Hwa Ryun's room, Baam's group watches the fighting on their TV and Boro wonders what was going on for such a thing to be happening. He then accusingly asks who Hwa Ryun really is, due to the fact she knew a game was coming, and she coolly replies that she was with FUG and also a Guide. She goes on to say that the carnage was because they people in charge of the Hell Train had no intention of having many Regulars on board this year and there seems to be something that FUG really wants on board the train. Boro is uneasy and wonders if they are doing "that thing" again but Hwa Ryun continues by saying that FUG had put in a lot of effort this year as well as recruiting skilful Regulars. Hana Yu calls it corruption but Hwa Ryun retorts that FUG would do anything to achieve their goals and finishes by saying that they'd better co-operate or they'd die on the train. Boro asks if Hwa Ryun knew anything about the enemies they were supposed to be facing and she replies that doesn't know all of them but some of them were new D-rank Regulars.

Back on the Residence floor Ha Yura is finally noticed by everyone and she proceeds to tell everyone that instead of fighting they should all just make a team with her, much to everyone's shock. In the room, Hana Yu freaks out when she sees Ha Yura on the TV and Boro wonders why a famous celebrity was in a place like this.

On the Entrance floor, Daniel Hatchid introduces himself and compliments Ran for enduring Mirotic's attacks. Daniel asks Ran a series of seemingly trivial questions and, after Ran asks who "Mirotic" is, Daniel explains who the gatekeeper is and what his function is before ending by saying that no matter what, Mirotic was unbeatable. Daniel then asks if Ran would be participating in the tournament and, after Ran says he would be, Daniel says he will be participating too.



Blog Post

Post is late due to personal issues.

This week, two important people for this arc showed up.
I saw many theories about them, but most of them are wrong....
One thing I felt unsatisfied about at the start of Season 2 was that I had too little time for
new characters due to spending more time on old characters.
So I plan to have more story focusing on new characters.
Both Yura and Daniel will be important in the Hell Train. Both are strong D-rank regulars.
So please give them some attention.
Of course, old characters will need to show up, and their story will be told when needed.
There is a moment when the chemistry will be just right.
Anyways, character introductions are over, so the story will start now.

And news to tell you all. Hopefully my wrist will get better with time.
Tower of God character merchandise are planned to come out.
Since it’s my first time doing this, I hope it goes well too.
It will be mainly Rak-Koon-Baam
This kind of stuff was pushed aside because I wanted to focus more on work.
But many of you fans seemed to be disappointed by that.
So I decided to spend some time on it.
(It won't be very profitable, more of fan service, to be honest.)
See you next week.
Thank you-!