20F - The Untrustworthy Room (1): Love explains the rules; Wangnan and Nia elect to stay in their room, believing that Viole will simply seek to wipe out the Regulars rather than face a Ranker; Goseng on the other hand leaves Miseng in their room as she seeks out Wangnan, as she leaves a suspicious shadow can be seen outside their room. Prince also leaves his room intent on pursuing Viole, as he leaves he hides the remote from his roommate Rapdevil.

Finally, Viole seeks to leave his room, but fearing he will simply wipe out all the Regulars, Yihwa attempts to stop him; demonstrating her fearsome flames that apparently even Rankers within her family have troubles with, Viole amazes her by completely halting both her and the flames in an instant, holding them where they stand as he takes the remote.



Blog Post

First, a word of thanks to the Webtoon staff who uploaded my alternate version I sent on Sunday.

As you may have figured out from reading now,

The main structure of today’s chapter is focused on

How Baam and Wangnan act differently

In the same situation.

Quite different from how the end of Season 1 went.

That time the twist was making people see a bit from Rachel’s point of view.

I will talk more about this later on.

About the rules of the tests,

I wanted to figure out how to explain it simply, but it was hard. :(

I had to go through lots of redoes on this chapter.

But I still wasn’t satisfied.

Guess I will have to learn more. <center>

Trustworthy Room Test Rules

The Game’s Rules

The goal of the game is to gather 7 teammates and 6 rooms. The most important requirement of the game is faith.

  • From this point onwards, you and your roommate will be acting as one team to either steal or protect the rooms.
  • The remotes of the rooms have the capability to open or close the room and can change the ownership of the room.
  • The personal connectors connect to the remote. Once connected to another person’s remote, you can decide to either become his/her teammate or take his/her room. (To become teammates, press the blue button; to take the room, press the red button.) (Once you become teammates, you can share rooms and take/protect rooms together.)
  • If you leave one of your rooms empty, you will be disqualified.
  • If you take the remote out of the room, you will be disqualified. (And one person must remain at all times in the room, his/her connector connected to the remote.)
  • If the number of regulars in the resting area falls below 7, Viole wins the game.
  • If Viole takes the connector from the Ranker and steals Yeon’s room, Viole wins the game.


  • While taking the 6 rooms necessary to win the game, the last room taken must be Yeon’s room on the top floor.
  • You can only use your own connector. (Your names will be displayed on the connectors)
  • If your connector breaks, you’ll be disqualified.
  • If you press the red and blue buttons together, you’ll be accepted into the connected person’s team and betray your former teammates.
  • Viole’s connector that’s in the hands of the Ranker can automatically open Yeon’s room.