The Hell Train - Prologue (2): Baam and Yihwa head to a conference, and Ran asks Beta to join his team, saying that he has a way to get him on board the Hell Express.

Hwa Ryun explains how the Express works: you need a Ticket to ride it, and Regulars steal each others tickets to get on the train. She says that it will take about a year to get to the train, and recommends that Ja Wangnan and his team ascend separately from Viole, since they cannot keep relying on his power and must become stronger to survive the Express. Wangnan resolves to do so, in order to become a true leader.

Koon agrees, since it'll allow him to start hunting for Rachel. However, he reminds Hwa Ryun that she is also his enemy.

Meanwhile, Rachel, Cassano, Apple, Michael and their mysterious allies are planning something nasty, which will take them on the train...



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Naver Endnote[1]

It begins next week.

Blog Post[1]

To be honest, my hand hasn't gotten used to it yet,
so it takes a long time to draw.
I'm also not accustomed to Baam's new look after the haircut,
so it might take a few chapters to do it naturally, haha.
I actually had a lot of complaints about my artwork as I drew this chapter.
I will try to improve over time.

Various storylines did get started,
but I thought quite a bit about whether the prologue should be 3 chapters or 2.
I eventually decided to finish in 2 chapters and quickly get started.
Due to that, various complex emotions were shown and there were many lines spoken.
Actually, Chapter 2 of the prologue progressed quite uneventfully,
so in a way I have decided to lean away from big impact and start more slowly,
since I've just returned.
This was a bit difficult of a decision to make for me.

Next week, the main story begins.
This arc will contain a lot of new things.
If the Workshop Battle was a 'slight' extension of the conflict structure from Part I,
this arc will contain a lot of new material in terms of the relationship structure between Regulars and the story.
I think it could make it more fun to read, keke.
Anyway, please look forward to next week...!

Then I hope to see you next week.

Thank you!

The Slayer material will be released this week ㅠㅠ,
Check Here: [2] I was too busy out of my mind last week.


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