The Hell Train - Prologue (1): A month after the Workshop Battle ended, Khun receives a call from Leesoo. As the two converse about Baam, Leesoo is bossed around by Androssi but manages to send a message congratulating Khun on becoming "The Three" again. Khun then receives another message from Leesoo not recommending they take the Hell Train.

Khun then walks off, musing about the events that had occurred in the past month since the Workshop Battle had ended including Baam returning and Emile disappearing and, most importantly, the whereabouts of the FUG members that had set him up. He affirms that he would never let them get away even if Baam tried to stop him.

Suddenly Rak crashes into him, having been running away from the psychotic Quaetro. The two briefly argue about who bumped into who before Rak runs off again, before telling Khun that the Red Turtle would be explaining about the Hell Train in 5 minutes. Khun sighs as they leave and guesses he should be satisfied with "The Three"... for now...

Meanwhile Yihwa reads up on the features of the Hell Train, coming across a part that detailed the three highest predators on the train, with her reading about "Sachi Faker" the Ticket Hunter in particular. She sighs and wonders whether she should stay with them as more powerful foes were appearing. She then thinks about the mysterious ring that Wangnan had and wonders what he could be hiding. Just then, Hwa Ryun appears and asks what she was thinking about but Yihwa rebuffs her saying she wouldn't take help from FUG. Hwa Ryun then tells her not to dig too deep about that guy as she might find out about Zahard and the 10 Great Families' biggest "mistake". She leaves and tells Yihwa not to be late to the meeting and to bring Baam with her.

Elsewhere Wangnan berates himself for Horyang's condition and, when he leaves the room, he bumps into Beta. Wangnan is surprised to see him and asks him why he came, implying he is in the same condition as Horyang, but Beta reaffirms that he will survive; they just had to bring Cassano to him. Ran and Novick then appear and Ran then tells Beta to become his teammate as they were leaving to catch Cassano the next day.

Yihwa thinks about what Hwa Ryun told her about Wangnan and wonders if by continuing to journey with them, she'll expose her own Family's mistake. Seeing Baam and telling him that he would be late for the meeting, Yihwa resolves that she has no choice but to continue as she had decided to follow Baam to the end.



Naver Endnote

Sorry for returning so late.
I'll do my best. _ _

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I wrote a pretty long afterword...
Mm... It's been a while, so I wrote a fairly emotional afterword.

Sorry. This shouldn't have happened.
I think I responded in a very sensitive manner to some of the readers' stories.
I'm sorry.

I finally returned after some time. When I posted that I’d be gone for 6 weeks or more,
I was very worried about when I'd actually get back. In the end, I returned later than
expected... but earlier than what I was worried about. I was prepared for over half a year at most...

I still think that it must have been a very long time for you.
I'm sorry for coming back so late.

To be honest, my wrist hasn’t fully healed.
What I felt during the treatment was that the pain caused by ligament damage or fatigue
accumulation is almost impossible to heal completely. I was warned that if I begin drawing
again, I might experience early arthritis or shoulder pain, so I returned a little late.

The warning of the Almighty Doctor is still effective,
so I might need another break when I'm afraid of overdoing it. ^^;;

Back to talking about the work.
For now, the next few chapters will be peaceful.
It's been a while, so I felt the need to control the pace...
I'll most likely get the engine started next chapter and move into a new arc after 2 weeks. ^^
I'm looking forward to it.

Actually, Chapter 2 of the prologue was quite uneventful, so in a way, I have decided to lean
away from big impacts and continue more slowly, since I've just returned.
This was a somewhat difficult a decision for me to make.
This afterword has gotten too long.
I guess it's because it's been a while ^^;;

I'm nervous about several things... for now, I'm planning to set aside my greed and to slowly
build up from the beginning again.

I'm planning to show a more solid storyline and various battle methods, so I think it'll
provide diverse forms of entertainment, because above everything,
a definite 'enemy' will make an appearance.

Then, please look forward to the next chapter, and I've really wanted to say this:
I hope to see you next week. ^^

(I think one more article about a Slayer will be posted during this week or the next.)




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