30F - Epilogue (2): On the 97th Floor, Ha Jinsung stands outside of Karaka's secret hideout and is prevented entrance by some guards who ask who he is. After replying he "hates damn kids", he easily defeats the guard and, after breaking through the gate, proceeds to effortlessly annihilate all of Karaka's subordinates that face him.

When Jinsung arrives at Karaka's location he sits down and asks his former student why he pulled the stunt on the Archimedes as it had even put Mirchea in an awkward position. Jinsung goes on to reveal that Karaka's conspirator had been killed. Karaka retorts that Jinsung knew his plans all along, but Jinsung finishes by leaving his former student with a stern warning: that Viole may return and drag him off his seat within FUG. After Jinsung leaves, Poken arrives and tells his master that the "Submerged Fish" had replied. Karaka muses over Viole and then tells Poken not to make any mistakes the next time round.

Meanwhile Androssi waits for Baam to arrive at their meeting place, whilst Rak, Yihwa and Prince spy from around a corner. Khun chastises them and promptly leaves. Androssi tells Baam that they were going to go on their date, which Baam had forgotten. Khun meets up with Novick and Ran and they discuss their futures with Khun suggesting that they split their team in two and climb the Tower together. Novick considers the offer but wonders where he'll get more teammates; Khun reassures that he already had it covered.

On their date, Androssi questions why she was even going through with it, after having noticed the three others following them. She asks Baam what he went through while with FUG and, when he replies, it reminds her the reason why she decided to go on the date. Telling Baam they needed to go somewhere private, Androssi uses Bon Bon to travel to a hill, where she then proceeds to give Baam a memory that will make sure he never forgets her.

Elsewhere in an abandoned castle far from the Archimedes, Cassano walks through the castle, with the Traveller in tow, and meets up with a mysterious group of people. Rachel then lowers her hood and greets them.



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The weather's a bit chilly these days.
I bought a few T-shirts because they said the summer weather was coming.
What is this...

This chapter was a bit long.
I worked extra hard, but I'm still disappointed with a few things... haha...
I wanted to put more work into the direction and... um...

To be honest, the date is not the main thing in this chapter.
Instead I wanted to portray Baam,
who came into the Tower alone and without proper human relationships,
taking another step on his path to establishing these relationships.
In that process, Androssi was not supposed to lose her characteristic charms,
so it was difficult and I had to be careful.
More importantly, I was pressured to fit it all in one chapter ^^;;

Baam is a popular character in many ways,
so it looks like he'll be popular in the next arc, regardless of who he meets.
This will be hard for Androssi.
Of course, Baam is popular in the 'bad way' too.
This will be hard for Khun.
On top of that, Rachel is gradually surfacing...

Once every while, there are some readers who ask about my health.
After completing this Epilogue, I will take a break.
I don't think the hiatus will be longer than expected,
but the possibility of a long term break is also there.
I will let you know for sure next week.

When the break begins,
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If there are things the readers want,
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