30F - Closure (13): Madoraco muses about the situation getting weird and is then shocked by the arrival of a man dressed in white. Elsewhere, Varagarv and Ron Mei are escaping, with the latter telling the former that they should try next time to steal the position of "Slayer candidate".

Meanwhile the Regulars involved in the rescue meet up again, having successfully retrieved the hostages, with Quant then arriving with the ship, telling them to hurry. As they prepare to leave, they are stopped by an enemy Ranker. Quant relays the problem to Lero-Ro, who is busy fighting an enemy of his own, who tells him to engage the Ranker.

Suddenly Madoraco's voice rings out, telling the FUG associates to stop and return to base, otherwise the man in front of him would wipe them out. As the FUG associates retreat, Lero-Ro wonders who could have come to their aid.

Madoraco questions the man's motives, to which he replies that he only "coincidentally" arrived to take over and make the game fair again. Just then, as all the Regulars are reunited aboard the suspendiship, the winners of the Workshop Battle are revealed: Team Tangsooyook.

Later on, Po Bidau Gustang is discussing with an unknown person, who then asks the Family Head who will take the Tower's final test; the "real" Prince of Zahard. Gustang replies that the person is impatient and that the Regulars' adventures are just beginning, as we see the sleeping forms of Baam, Rak, Khun and Wangnan.



Blog Post

Let's think after sleeping.

I was planning to post the afterword a little earlier,
but I couldn't because the Internet suddenly stopped working. T_T T_T

So the Workshop Battle is finally over.
It's an arc that I could say a lot about,
but in terms of story, the important bit is coming up,
so I'll have the discussion after I wrap up the remaining materials.

I was actually going to leave the full reunion of Baam and friends
to the arc after the Workshop Battle arc.
For a couple of reasons, I ended up compressing that into this arc,
and a few problems arose due to that.
In conclusion, the pace of the story has sped up,
and there are pros and cons to that. ^^;;

The line "Welcome, everyone!" near the end of the chapter
was one that I was seriously unsure about including.
No, I really wanted to take it out.
It's too generic and felt out of place,
but I couldn't think of anything else that I could put in there.
On top of that, it's hard to forget a line that you've shoved in there once,
so it's easy to think that it's the right one;;

The part where you see RaKhunBaam sleeping side by side
is one that was decided from the moment that
I decided that they should meet at the Workshop Battle.
This includes the Suspendiship and the background,
but the result did change over time.

Unlike the Floor of the Test, the Workshop Battle had quite a normal ending,
so there were parts where I actually had to be more careful.
However, I strangely wanted to end the Workshop Battle that way. Not sure why. ^^;;

Next arc, we will be returning to the main plotline.
Now that one of the 10 Family Heads has finally shown his face,
I think we will gradually climb to higher Floors, and include the appearances of
D-rank Regulars and important figures, little by little.
Of course, we will have to tell the story of the true Prince of Zahard, haha.

Then please enjoy this week as well,
and I hope to meet you next week.

Thank you


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