30F - Closure (12): Lero-Ro looks on in disbelief as he sees the solution being poured by the FUG Ranker. After surmising FUG's intentions, Lero-Ro hurriedly tells Quant to start the engines and contacts Hachuling, relaying the emergency. In the cavern Baam feels his body weakening.

Punk and Io confront Madoraco with the latter revealing that he had given their promised reward to someone else, since he had received a better offer. The two Workshop facilitators are riled and draw their weapons but Madoraco threateningly lays down the cold hard facts to them.

Meanwhile Lero-Ro engages the FUG Ranker, allowing the Regulars the chance to sort themselves out and escape. Lero-Ro then tells the FUG Ranker that one of his allies had broadcasted everything that was going on to places and people all over the Tower.

Elsewhere Androssi and Hatsu try to figure a way out, whilst Baam converses with Reflejo about his decisions to seek death. Reflejo then destroys the ground aiming to kill them all, but in a stroke of luck Androssi appears and successfully enables Baam, Khun and Rak to escape.

At Madoraco's location, a mysterious figure appears...



Blog Post

This is the afterword for Chapter 106.
It's been a while since I had a sweet scene in this manhwa.
I don't know how it was, but anyway... haha.

This chapter was around 90 cuts long,
and that would not have been considered to be very long a while back,
but it was harder than expected.
I'm concerned about my wrist and all.
I was greedy, and I wanted to increase the length a bit.

As I go on with the story,
sometimes the content can seem to be in conflict
with setting details that have been written already.
For example, the Workshop actually has a security system
that is difficult for outsiders to infiltrate.
This time, there was a spy (?) in the Workshop, which made that possible.
Usually, even a Ranker like Hachuling would not find it so easy to hack.

The word "Teacher" in the chapter refers to the higher-ups of the Workshop.
I guess you could say that the Hosts are their students.
Normally, at least one Great Teacher is commissioned to the Workshop Battle.
The Teacher didn't get tricked or anything;
it's more like they didn't come on purpose.

As for the fight between Lero-Ro and the enemy Ranker,
this is a lower Floor, so the Shinsu Resistance is small,
and the fight is much freer than it would be on a higher Floor.

To comment further on Reflejo,
I'll say that unlike the villains of the past,
Reflejo is a case where his personal grudge has led to an obsession with an ideology.
Although what Reflejo did was harmful to Viole,
from Reflejo's perspective, it was a good deed for the Tower,
so that is why he was able to do such things.
You might say that it was an act for the greater good,
but it my also be ironic that it started with his personal grudge.
I think parts like these will need more thought and care as I go on.
Since FUG is a bunch that will continue to be important, and all ^^

Anyway, thank you for reading this chapter,
and hope you enjoy this week.
As for my plans after the Workshop,
I will let you know as soon as I decide.
Although there is the hiatus,
I think there might also be some interesting news for you soon.

Thank you!


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