30F - Closure (7): Madoraco converses with his attendant, saying that the information they received from Reflejo via Cassano was more useful than holding the deal with the Workshop Researchers and ordered him to prepare the solution as they were going to hit them before they escape. He finishes by saying it was time to end the tournament.

Meanwhile, Traveller is sneaking through the vents wondering why Emile tricked everyone. After following directions, he comes to the place where Emile should be and sees a person standing by the door.

The fight resumes with Reflejo using Hwa Ryun as a human shield, causing Viole to hesitate in attacking. After Viole's attempt at immobilizing Reflejo with Fast Skip fails, the latter reveals that he is merely a shadow and thus has no consistent Shinsoo flow. Reflejo then seemingly sets up an attack against the three which Viole prepares to counter but, with Reflejo using his knowledge of Viole's personality against him, he successfully strikes Viole down with a powerful Shinsoo attack, much to Koon and Rak's annoyance. After some thinking, Koon calls to Rak, saying he's found a way to end Reflejo.



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