20F - The Strongest Regular (2): This is the seventh chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the World's Strongest Regular test, as the first place goes quickly from one regular to another, but then it is the FUG member's turn.


Horyang's score is quickly beaten by Rapdevil, who is beaten by Yihwa (despite slipping over) who is in turn beaten by Prince. Prince thinks a great deal of himself until Akraptor says that the next contender is the strongest of them all; the FUG member who touches the target unleashing a devastating flow of blue-black Shinsoo (Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique), breaking a part of the machine and scoring five times as much as his closest opponent. Love and a few others note the FUG symbol and are not pleased with the development.

A more in-depth explanation about the test here.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

And the power game stops now.
After drawing nothing but complicated tests,
It was nice having such a simple test for once, lol.
It's like I'm a kid again.

The biggest difference between Part I and Part II is, of course, Koon.
If a genius scammer like Koon appears, then the games get complicated, lol.

About the name Viole
The name Viole is from the colour violet,
And the full name is Jyu Viole Grace.
More details will be revealed next week.

Hwa Jeop Gong Pa Sul is one of the striking styles that use Shinsoo.
Basically, it involves transferring the shock of Shinsoo from one's body to the target object.
It's a pretty dangerous skill.
(I'm currently preparing a file on Shinsoo usage. Once I'm done, I'll put it on the blog.)

As for Yeon,
She seems like a character roughly similar to Androssi (pretty, feminine, good stats).
However, there's a degree of difference.
You'll see what I mean.

Next week,
We'll begin the story of Wangnan
Which you won't be able to read without crying, lol.
Please look forward to it.



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