20F - The Strongest Regular (1): We meet some of the new characters, including the spoiled Prince, the indebted beauty Yeon Yihwa, the taciturn strongman Rapdevil and our ever friendly loan-shark, Lurker returns. The next preliminary test, run by the Ranker, Mule Love, is a shinsoo strengthening test that will select 8 Regulars for the next test. Wangnan quickly realises he is out of the competition seeing his name down in 10th place as Horyang takes the lead.



Blog Post

Most of you might have noticed, but this test is an idea borrowed from Dragon Ball's Tenchibukai test.
Truthfully, it's a common concept that appears quite often in shōnen manhwa,
But I thought it'd be fun, and I always wanted to draw a scene like this,
So I chose this test.
(In reality, Lero-Ro's Shinsoo Wall test was also a shōnen staple ^^;;
You can take this test as a similar one.)

Lately, I've been loaded with work, and preparing for the next part's completion is taking a toll on my health.
I didn't get to go out once this week... ah... I want to see the sun...
And so, for the next few chapters, there won't be a sudden increase in content.
It's regrettable, but it's better to have a consistent level of content, so please don't get angry with me ^^

Ah, and it seemed like many people were curious about the names of the characters in Part II.
Silver Hair - Hon Akraptor
Teddy Bear - Kang Horyang
Schoolgirl - Yeo Miseng
Glasses Girl - Yeo Goseng
Delivery Kid - Nya Nia
Other characters' names will be revealed throughout the chapters.

Thank you!