20F - Last Chance (1): The first chapter of Season 2

Ja Wangnan enters his first test confidently, but ends up being ignited by one of his teammates and fails. Wangnan returns to his room, raging about how she could attack her own teammate. Suddenly, agents from Lurker Cash break into his room; Wangnan tries to escape, but is immobilized by Kim Lurker. Lurker asks if he plans to pay off his loans, but Wangnan is determined to pay it off after he finally passes the floor. Lurker gives him one more chance - but if he fails, the company will sell off his organs.

As the discussion takes place, Nya Nia attempts to get through the door to deliver the jjamppong that Wangnan ordered. Lurker willingly pays in his place, since Wangnan is going to pay it all in full. Afterwards, Lurker and the company stooges leave.

As Nya Nia prepares the food, Wangnan engages in a conversation with him, talking about how the lives of Regulars are cruel and life isn't meant to be lived like that. Nya Nia, moved by his words, gives him a coupon for a free meal before he leaves.

He heads for his last chance... a 30 minute survival round. However, when he arrives he discovers a mysterious figure waiting for him...



Blog Post

Ja Wangnan backwards is "I Am Prince".
...That's some genius wordplay, AMIRITE


Unlike Part 1, instead of having one main character,
Part 2 will tell the story of many different characters,
So please stop asking me who the main character is -_-;;

So everyone thought Wangnan was going to be super strong when he came out
...but come on, that's not how these things go.

People are asking me if characters from Part 1 will appear again.

Yes, they will appear.
In fact, one already appeared, right?