Verdi is a notorious Anima on Leesoo's team. She is apparently extremely strong, being able to galvanize Koon into action during the One Shot, One Opportunity sub-arc.


Not much is known about Verdi. At some point she joined Ship Leesoo's team due her ability as Anima.

Appearance and Personality

She has shoulder length grey hair, that is tied into pigtails. Her eyes are green and she has pale skin. She currently wears a brown vest with a black skirt underneath. When she is content, she seems peaceful and happy to play with the Regulars she has caught.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

Verdi was with Vespa and Aleksai Amigochaz when Leesoo informed them of FUG's location. The three of them went, catching Yeo Miseng and Prince to play with along the way. She also helped in trying to take down Viole by sealing his shinsoo with 'Reina'.

Battle x Gamble

She had captured Prince and Miseng and asked them to become her dolls and get married. They both refused and she then told them she could increase their power if they became her dolls and took the flower she offered to them. Prince still refused but Miseng took the flower.

She came to see Miseng and Prince after the Plug event and told them all that Miseng would be fine.


She was seen aboard the Wolhaiksong suspendiship when the Regulars were successfully rescued.


She was seen saying goodbye to her 'dolls' when her team was leaving, much to Prince's chagrin.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Verdi was very briefly seen, alongside Vespa, with the rest of her team.

Powers and Abilities


Verdi defeats her opponents with her octopus.

Since she is an Anima, Verdi is able to control a very large octopus at will. This octopus is apparently very strong having defeated a large amount of Regulars, as well as Prince and Miseng.[1] Koon also called her a "puppetmaster", hinting at more ominous skills.

Reina: Verdi used her octopus puppet to create a ring around Viole's finger. Though he seemed off-guard, the skill seemed effortless and was very quick. The ring has the effect of sealing a person's ability to form baangs.[2] It absorbs the Shinsoo that would be controlled and transfers it to a large octopus, which releases it in the form of water. It appears as though the small octopus used to place Reina on Viole's finger acts as an intermediate, but this has yet to be seen. It does not seal the power of the Thorn however, as Viole uses it while still wearing the ring. Despite the seeming usefulness of this skill, it is not without its limits. It has no effect on Regulars above a certain level and has no effect on Rankers at all.[3]

Potential Unlocking: Verdi is able to release a person's hidden potential by getting them to wear her flower, as shown with Miseng during the Plug game.[4] She later aided Prince and Miseng in learning how to access their potential power without them losing control.[5]

Notes and Trivia

  • Apparently she has a strange fetish where she likes to turn people she takes a fancy to into her 'dolls'.[1][6]
  • Her technique 'Reina' means "Queen" in Spanish. It can also mean "darling".