Key Man Variel Vani[1] (열쇠 인간 베리얼 바니, Yeolsoe Ingan Belial Bani) is a D-rank Regular, one of Ten Bosses and a subordinate of Kaiser at the Name Hunt station.

Appearance and Personality

Currently unknown.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Due to Jyu Viole Grace's attempt to uproot the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser issued to the remaining Ten Bosses to "absolutely not fall for the enemy's provocation, and to keep themselves completely hidden until the festival is finished as Kaiser would deal personally against Jyu Viole Grace". Upon hearing Kaiser's orders, Variel Vani agreed.

Powers and Abilities

While Variel's abilities are currently unknown, it can be inferred he is relatively powerful for a D-rank Regular, being one of the strongest of the Ten Bosses.

As the "Key Man", Variel Vani possesses a skill that allows him to create seals which resemble a key, that allow him to imprison individuals inside a container. According to Variel "Nobody can open it now except me." [2]


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