Varagarv (바라가브, Bahrahgahbeu), commonly known as the Mad Dog of Yama (야마의 광견, Yama-eui Gwahng'gyuhn), was said to have been the strongest E-rank Regular for a long time. He participated in the Workshop Battle on the 30th Floor.

Appearance and Personality

The invencible regular

The invincible Regular, Varagarv

Varagarv is a tall man with long black hair, wearing a white hood with two protruding horns. He has red eyes and possesses tattooed chains that start on his neck and end at his wrists. Also, he has a few tattoos on his face, is dressed in red pants and doesn't cover his upper body or wear shoes.

A man who causes fear and respect for others and was regularly seen staring at Viole with a serious attitude and defiance.

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According to the information that Reflejo gave, Baylord Yama wanted to show the strength of his pitbulls, so he sent 3 of them to become Regulars and Varagarv was one of those. Already a "perfect warrior", and being insanely strong, he quickly became renowned as the strongest E-rank Regular after beginning to climb the Tower. However one day he stopped climbing and hid himself breaking all ties with FUG. He is said to detest FUG and everything related to the organisation and the apparent reason why he participated in the Workshop Battle was to fight against Jyu Viole Grace.

It has been revealed that the above was all a ploy to motivate Viole into stealing Enryu's Thorn, in order to bind his soul to it.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Battle x Gamble

He was chosen for the sixth round of the plug event and won the round with ease. He killed a Regular that challenged him without the apparent use of a baang or physically moving.

According to Reflejo, he aimed to stop Viole and all Regulars that were collaborating with FUG from advancing. During the Plug event Viole was surprised by his power.


After the ending of the Battle x Gamble round and the creation of the Development Tournament, he and his team were matched up against Team FUG. Ron Mei tricked Viole into thinking that Varagarv would ally with him against Reflejo, but it was then revealed that Varagarv had been working for FUG all along.


Varagarv fought Horyang and Novick while they helped Viole escape and, while he easily overpowered the two of them, he was not able to prevent their escape.


He and Ron Mei waited outside the caverns, where they engaged Androssi and Hatsu. While initially gaining an advantage over Androssi in their battle, due to the intervention of Hatsu, Androssi was able to somewhat turn the tables, by striking him from an insane height. After hitting the ground he was able to stand, though his foot was bleeding heavily. After Hatsu took Ron Mei hostage, both he and Ron Mei were forced to concede defeat.

He was seen carrying Ron Mei after their defeat. She mentioned to him that they would get another chance to "steal the Slayer candidate's seat".

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

Varagarv appears again on Lord Yama's ship and meets Baam again. They fought each other and Varagarv came out victorious but Varagarv knew Baam wasn't trying at all and says next time he will make sure Baam wouldn't underestimate him again.

Powers and Abilities

As a warrior born in the pits, Varagarv showed such overwhelming skills that he came to be called the strongest E-rank Regular.[1] Chang Blarode, one of the top 5 E-rank Regulars advised to "never fight against him" which speaks volumes about Varagarv's strength.

The Mad Dogs are born through a special process known as blood fusion. It is a method where two or more powerful bloodlines are mixed and injected. Mad Dogs who are born through this blood fusion, gain unique and strong powers, that are unmatched by ordinary Regulars.[2] He is the perfectly made "attack dog", one of the "best" they created using various clans' blood, although his body isn't as potent as a Zahard Princess'. One of Varagarv's powers was suspected to be his ability to make a person's head explode without moving as Viole noted that no baangs were created when this happened; Anak and Ran also seemed puzzled by this ability. However, this turned out to be the work of his Shadow Wolves.

Enhanced Durability: Varagarv could survive a fall from a great height with only a bloodied foot. This is impressive due to the fact that he was struck down by Androssi Zahard, one of the physically strongest E-rank Regulars. However this was probably due in part to the Blood Tamara.[3]

Shadow Wolves (영 랑, Yuhng-Rahng): It's the Mad Dog's special ability gained through blood fusion. They're usually around the Mad Dog and materialise for surprise attacks. These monsters are "demon dogs" specialised in murder (so not really the best at capturing targets alive).[4] They are deemed as the "Ultimate Counter".

Blood Tamara: A special item that was dissolved into his blood, making him temporarily invulnerable. It is deemed the "Ultimate Defence".

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is written '바라가브' in Korean, which has several possible roots.
    • This is similar to '바르가브,' which is the Korean written name of Valgarv, a character from the anime Slayers. Valgarv's own name has also been spelt in various ways, including Vargarv and Valgaav.
    • '바르가브' is also how the Indian surname Bhargav is written in Korean. Several soccer players, including Manish Bhargav, possess this surname.
    • Varagav and Varagavan are villages in Armenia, while Varagavank is an Armenian monastery.
  • Reflejo states that the reason that he has not killed Ron Mei yet is because she is Varagarv's "angel"[5].

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Bah-rah-gah-beu
  • Bharagav
  • Varagav


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