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"V" was one of the Great Warriors who came to the Tower with Zahard. He is also an Irregular.[1] He was also a monarch whom Grace Mirchea Luslec once served.[1]


Originally, there were twelve warriors who accompanied Zahard during his climb of the Tower, and V was one of them. As he climbed the Tower, he fell in love with another hidden Irregular, Arlen Grace, and began a relationship with her once they had confirmed their love for each other.[1]

At the end of the great journey, Zahard announced that he would stop climbing the Tower and become King. However, V and Arlen, who wanted to keep climbing the Tower, began to criticise Zahard's decision as they believed that Zahard was blinded by falsehoods. Despite their protest, Zahard became the King by making a deal with the Guardians.[1]

Soon after that, Arlen refused Zahard's marriage proposal and ran away with V. The two of them then formed an organisation to oppose Zahard with the main goal of liberating the Key in his possession. This erupted into a civil war among the former companions, where the 10 Great Warriors sided with Zahard. Arlen and V ultimately lost the war, which forced them into hiding as fugitives. Arlen was already pregnant with her child at the time and gave birth sometime after they went into hiding.[1]

Upon hearing rumours of Arlen's newborn child, Zahard tracked them down and murdered the child in front of Arlen. This experience and the resulting grief of losing her child drove Arlen to insanity, and she attempted suicide many times, but she was unable to die because of the immortality contract. Unlike other Great Warriors, V was not bound by the immortality contract, and he ultimately took his own life upon bearing witness to his wife's great suffering. Before dying, he left a message telling Arlen to forget everything and return to their companions to at least find some semblance of sanity.[1]

Arlen managed to collect keepsakes that belonged to V, having preserved the body of their child using a mysterious spell, she wandered around the tower for some time in search of ways of reviving that child.

Appearance and Personality

While not much is known about his personality at the present time, Po Bidau Gustang claimed the father of Baam was the worst person he ever met (it is not known to whom he was referencing), in contrast to his more pleasant description of Arlen Grace.

However, Khun Eduan claimed that V was much better suited to be king than Zahard, saying that if he had to choose someone to be King it would've been V. As Zahard and his companions went up the Tower and got more powerful, they turned away and lost interest from the inhabitants of the Tower and thought more of themselves. However, unlike the other warriors, V was more and more interested in the residents of the Tower, as he kept trying to get closer to ordinary people. Eduan said that he had a completely opposite personality from Zahard.

Powers and Abilities

While it is unknown how powerful he was in his lifetime, he was seen wielding a sword or needle while fleeing Zahard with his wife.

Shinsu Tension: He was renowned to have the greatest Shinsu tension among the 12 warriors who came with Zahard.


Notes and Trivia

  • His name V is an affectionate name given to him by Arlen Grace.[1]
  • Garam speculates that Viole in Baam's pseudonym under FUG, Jyu Viole Grace, originated from V.
  • Data Khun Eduan noticed Baam's similarity to V in his Shinsu Tension control.



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