Hi everybody. Today, I'd like to talk a little about Irregulars! Some questions I am commonly asked at Batoto are (I will answer each individually):

  • What defines an Irregular?

An Irregular is someone who has opened the doors of The Tower themself. Notably, Irregulars are chosen by the Tower, and possibly Headon, but are reviled by the Zahard Empire.

  • What's the difference between Irregulars?

​The difference between Regulars and Irregulars is tough to explain. Let's put it like this. Irregulars are chosen by The Tower and Regulars are chosen by Headon, and certified by the Zahard Empire.

  • Why are Irregulars all so powerful?

To be able to force open the doors of The Tower, regardless of whether it chose you or not, is an amazing feat (rather the doors open for you). This requires incredible potential or pre-existing strength the Tower itself is impressed by. Therefore, Irregulars can only be people who have enough worth to impress the Tower, therefore all incredibly strong. Rachel is an exception though, since she entered when the doors opened for Baam.


Okay, this irritates me greatly. The reason Headon called Rachel a "lying evil bla bla bla" and all that crap is because she wasn't picked by anyone. The Tower didn't pick her - Not an Irregular. Headon didn't pick her - Not a Regular. She violated everything about the Tower. She didn't understand though. How did Rachel get in then? Simple: She slipped in when the doors opened for Baam. Therefore, Headon viewed her as not only unworthy, but concieted, jealous, and manipulative.

  • Why are Irregulars against the laws of the Tower?

The funny thing is - They're not. In the beggining, there were no Regulars. Just Irregulars entered the Tower. But then Zahard feared that people strong enough to enter the Tower themselves could overthrow him. Therefore, he implemented a law. Regulars were handpicked by Guardians to climb the Tower, and Irregulars become reviled and unwanted creatures in the Tower.

Hopefully you can all read this and walk away with a better understanding of things, like my Shinsoo Theory Breakdown.

High Ranker Number Three - Zahard 12:51, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

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