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Within and outside the Tower, it seems there are many systems of "Chosen", where one is chosen for a certain or greater purpose. Though such systems may also extend to Shinheuh or items like Pockets, Ignition Weapons, Arms Inventory, etc. One might even dare to assume anything and maybe, everything within the TUS universe happens for a certain reason.

Below explains how one forms the logic or even the assumption, that such systems even exist.


In TOG, take note there is a system of fixed and highly restrictive rules governing what actions someone can take depending on factors like:

Such rules likely, also govern how an item may operate or is issued, based on factors like:

  • Ranking and Grading
  • Only items which allow people to manipulate Shinsoo, need to be contracted
  • Floors an item (which can use Shinsoo) has been contracted to
  • Skills and qualities of a person
  • Purity level of Suspendium used
  • Type of weapon
  • Type of Inventory one has

How SIU obtains a possible set of results

That there is a system of rules, is derived from the fact SIU has mentioned TUS (Talse Uzer Story) is governed by a set of laws and that history cannot be changed, indicating restriction to obtain a fixed output of results.

It means SIU tends to put in stringent restrictions in order to obtain a possible set of results:

  • Normal residents have to stay on the Floors they were born[1]
  • Only Rankers may take the staircases in Middle Area
  • Who may or may not become a certain Position
  • Only those chosen by Headon are called "Regulars" and get teleported to the 2nd Floor in the Inner Tower[1]
  • Only Irregulars can request to take a Guardian's test[2]
  • Only Regulars who've passed a test, can be chosen to take the next test
  • Only Regulars who've passed all the compulsory tests of their current Floor may be chosen to proceed to the next Floor in the Inner Tower
  • Regulars who fail some of the tests from the 3rd Floor onwards, have to retake the entire Floor (Ja Wangnan, Yeo Miseng, Yeon Yihwa had to start from Test 1 all over again).
  • What each Position may or may not do

This implies only certain people are qualified to take a certain form of action and so on. It also suggests even SIU is bound by these restrictions and is forced to adhere to them, even if he doesn't want to.

It also eliminates the classic plot syndrome where one sees a protagonist over-powering themselves, even though they'd already reached most of their limits, by chapter 145 out of 1000++ chapters. And it allows characters to expand in many different or even, unique ways.

It also prevents characters from suddenly obtaining some rare and highly coveted item, without explanation. Koon Aguero Agnis managed to steal Manbarondenna because he'd broken into his father's treasury.

Sources where "Chosen" is mentioned

From the above, we can assume people are chosen for a certain purpose and there are "systems of restrictions", as in "how is SIU intending to restrict a current system/item/technique/area/___?" where ____ refers to "whatever purpose" SIU intends.

The term "Chosen" isn't made up but rather, it is mentioned at random points in the comic:

  • "Chosen Regulars"[1] versus "Unchosen Irregulars"[2] shortened to Regulars versus Irregulars[3]
  • "Chosen Princess"[4]
  • Ha Yuri Zahard being the only one out of all the "chosen Princesses" in the last 500 years, to receive one of the 13 Month Series[5]
  • Headon told Rachel that "you're not the person the Tower has selected" and "you have not been chosen"[6]
  • Rachel mentioned that the world above the cave was "a place where the chosen children play"[7]
  • Chosen Regulars being chosen once more[8]

From translated profiles on the Batoto forum:

  • The Eurasia main Family opposed to Zahard Princesses being chosen in general
  • Disciples of the Gong Bang are also chosen, by the Teachers of Gong Bang

Take note, that Baam "choosing" to become Rachel's legs is probably not the same as "being chosen".

Furthermore, the concept where "one is worthy to be chosen" is mentioned or implied at several points:

  • Lero-Ro told the disgruntled man he was not worthy of being chosen[9]
  • Hatsu says: "So, even trash like him can be 'chosen'."[10]
  • Koon Aguero Agnis tells the red creature behind him: "You are not even worthy of being ruled."[11]
  • Koon Aguero Agnis asks: "Isn't there anyone worthy enough to go up with?"[12]
  • Lero-Ro asks Yu Han Sung: "Isn't it to test which Regulars are worthy of climbing the Tower?" "It" refers to "gathering the Regulars, to test them, on the 2nd Floor"[13]
  • Koon Aguero Agnis says: "I only gathered the ones worthy to be my allies."[14]

Who does the Choosing

Only the qualified get to choose. They must be in a position of power, must have the authority to do so and must have the relevant skills and knowledge, required to conduct the process.

Example One: Yu Han Sung, as the Testing Director probably had the final say on who got to pass the Hide and Seek test. Of course, Lero-Ro and the other Testing Admins were allowed to rate the respective teams and students, based on their performance and abilities. They were likely appointed by Evankhell, as it's unlikely anyone else has the authority to appoint them. It's possible Yuga killed or kidnapped the real Wave controller teacher and impersonated him, so he could get to wear the House Badge.

Example Two: Urek Mazino and the other leaders probably choose who gets to become a member of Wolhaiksong. Now, other members might weigh in on the selection process. But the leaders have the final say.

Example Three: Androssi Zahard was a Princess candidate, presented by the branch Family she belonged to. Upon proving herself to be worthy, she was chosen by Zahard. It's possible other Princesses might be present when a Princess is being chosen. However, the King has the final say over who gets chosen as a Princess, so she may be adopted into his Family.

Example Four: The victors of the yearly fights between the Koon children (of branch families), are chosen by Koon Eduan to become his "chosen children". As Family Head, he has full power to decide who is worthy of becoming his child.

Example Five: Koon Aguero Agnis chose Baam to climb the Tower with him because he knew that out of all Regulars in the Survivor's Test, Baam was the most "Special". As a Regular who possessed high intelligence, perception, experience and knowledge, he was in a position to "choose".

To be chosen

Some people are selected to become a "chosen one". Such people can be Irregulars, Regulars, someone being chosen to take the Wonsul test, to become a Princess candidate, etc. They're selected based on certain qualities, for a certain purpose.

They're then subjected to a series of several tests or processes, designed to filter out the unworthy.

Also, it doesn't matter if these "chosen ones" are receiving help from behind the scenes or if they may have powerful connections. Each person still has to be "chosen to proceed", based on their personal abilities, qualities and efforts.

Example One: Despite Baam's talents, he wasn't skilled enough to "pass early", as he did little to pass the first 4 tests on the 2nd Floor. So he had to take the Hide and Seek test. He had chances of scoring better for this test, due to Koon Aguero Agnis' manipulations but he needed to pass the test by catching the "It". This was so he could be chosen to take the next Regulars' test. If his team had failed to "eliminate" the Ranker, he would've been kicked out of the Tower.

Example Two: Despite any assistance from Yu Han Sung or even Headon, Rachel still had to be chosen from among a pool of Light Bearer candidates. The Testing Director might approve the scores but the Position Teacher decided who passed or failed. She had to multi-task, analyse audio-visual data input to influence and issue battle commands, form and abandon strategies on the spot, fight to protect the Lighthouse, etc. Using Shinsoo, she had to maintain field of control of the Lighthouse for a certain period of time and distance. In passing the Position Test, she became a chosen Light Bearer.

Example Three: Koon Maria Zahard still had to show she was qualified of being chosen to be an informal Princess, even though her lover's manipulations allowed her to be chosen as a Princess candidate. She was chosen based on qualities and conditions like "power, resourcefulness, and appearance" but the most important factor was "being capable of properly receiving the King's power".

Example Four: Despite the fact she hailed from the most powerful Special Family in the Empire, Androssi Zahard still had to pass the Position test. However, she was fooling around with Anak Zahard and fell off the pillars so she received a severe penalty to her score. Thanks to her abilities and earlier performance, she wasn't disqualified and she became a chosen Fisherman by barely making it.

Why the more qualified aren't always chosen

Just because someone meets or even exceeds some of the desired qualities, doesn't mean they're worthy of being chosen. The other set conditions (known or unknown) of the relevant system of "chosen" dictate this.

Example One: Baam is able to ignite the Black March but he is unworthy of holding it, as he is not a formal Princess and not female. So, he is unworthy of being chosen to wield a 13 Month Series.

Example Two: Even if there had been far more talented people than Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors, they weren't chosen by the Tower so they could never open its doors.

Example Three: Koon Aguero Agnis, Ship Leesoo and Anak Zahard may have a lot of potential but they were unworthy to be Guided by Hwa Ryun. The exact conditions are unknown but they didn't possess the desired strengths and qualities of an Irregular or a Princess.

Example Four:

Example Five:

Examples of Systems of "Chosen"

There are systems of "chosen" practised inside and outside the Tower. And a "chosen one" may be chosen again at 1 or more points. This means a person has to show certain qualities, to prove he or she is worthy of retaining her status of being chosen. There are rules for each system and no character is exempt from them, unless the person enforcing the Rules has enough authority to overlook them.

Example of such systems of "Chosen" are:

  • Females are chosen to become informal Princesses while formal Princesses are referred to as "chosen Princesses"
  • "Chosen Regulars" vs "Unchosen Irregulars" in the current political system
  • Regulars being chosen again on the 20th Floor and likely, on a few other Floors
  • Irregulars chosen by the Tower to enter to take the Guardian's test and to climb the Tower
  • Only Irregulars who've passed a Guardian's test may be chosen to proceed to the next Floor
  • Chosen children where Rachel lived, outside the Tower
  • A Ranker who has applied to be Testing Admin and who has been chosen (Quant, Lero-Ro, Yu Bok-dol, Hax, etc.)
  • Gong Bang creating items for "one who is worthy" (chosen ones)
  • A person chosen to be a Disciple of the Gong Bang
  • Besides Zahard, only the RED and the Zahard's Princesses are chosen to be part of the Zahard Family.
  • Which Guardian is chosen to have close to full authority
  • How weapons from outside of the Tower had to be re-developed, so some could be chosen for usage within the Tower
  • Only Light Bearers may use a Lighthouse
  • How objects bearing symbols (Wing Tree, FUG, Zahard, 10 Great Families, other Special Families, house symbol worn by Testing Admins, etc.) are bestowed
  • How special items like 13 Month weapons, Narumada, Hatsu's swords are issued or bestowed
  • Who may learn a certain Special Position
  • Who may Ignite a 13 Month Series
  • Who may learn a technique belonging to an organisation or group like Wingtree, FUG and so on
  • Only the special are worthy of being Guided, whether it be for a while or for a longer period (Repellista, Yuri, Rachel, Baam)

Rules governing the systems of "Chosen"

These systems of "Chosen" are likely governed by sets of rules which determine how "the unworthy" are filtered out.

These rules probably vary, based on what purpose the person is chosen for.

Example One: Only a formal Princess may be bestowed with a 13 Month Series. And only a formal Princess may be able to ignite it, though some like Anak Zahard or Baam might be able to ignite one.

Example Two: Only a Ranker can be recruited to join the RED.

Example Three: Only those with good perception, bravery and good mental strength are chosen as Scouts.

Example Four: Only teams with decent to good Shinsoo Resistance were able to pass the Barrier test.

Example Five: On the 2nd Floor, those who threaten the safety of the Tower, are eventually filtered out.

Using all these restrictions, we can assume there're systems designed to filter out the unqualified, to obtain the "chosen" ones for whatever purpose. It may even apply for many jobs in the Outer Tower.

However, just because one isn't "chosen" for a purpose, doesn't mean they're useless. It just means they're unqualified for that specific purpose.

Example One: Rak Wraithraiser might be an awesome Spear Bearer but given his personality, he'd probably be terrible at planning strategies, analysing information, patiently waiting for feedback from his teammates, slowly manipulating the Lights, etc. He'd be an atrocious Light Bearer. Note that "Crush!", "Yank out their bananas!" or "Hunt them!" don't qualify as battle strategies. And same for attacking the Lighthouse to show he is King. Lero-Ro would be more than happy to show who is the greater King by booting him back home, during the Position Test.

Example Two: Yu Han Sung is a genius Wave Controller but he can never be a Fisherman as he's very poor at Physical Ability, having only a Rank of 8E.

Example Three:


Exceptions can be made to side-step certain rules or to allow someone not "chosen" to pass. However, they can only be made by a person who has relevant authority or an opportunity.

Example One: Headon might've had close to full authority, so he "allowed" Baam to borrow the Black March, which was actually against the rules binding an Irregular's test. Otherwise, the boy might not even have passed the test, as he had no weapon capable of piercing the Ball.

Example Two: Yu Han Sung was only able to manipulate from behind the scenes because Evankhell, the Floor Ruler was away. Otherwise, he wouldn't be allowed to do so since Evankhell probably has rules the staff must abide by.

Example Three: Prince's father was able to bribe the 20th Floor staff into allowing several Da-an Tribe members, to be registered as test-takers.