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'A't the moment, everything on this page is written by Grumpy(the awesome person who started translating TOG). Of course, over time, this page might be amended/updated over time.

Well, with a number of other translations out there, quite a few people seem to be confused about what's what with the terminologies. So, I'm listing the people's titles here for clarification. Also, though much of this information comes from chapters here and there, it will be kept free of spoilers in regards to the story. So, if you're just starting out, feel free to reference this table.



King - This title should be obvious. Example: King Jahad


Princess - A title bestowed on a girl who shows strength. The title is given by Jahad and a "power" of Jahad is given with it. Example: Yuri, Androssi


Ranker - A person who has reached the "top" of the tower. Example: Lero-ro, Yuri

High Ranker

High Ranker - The best of the Rankers. Example: Yuri

Administrators (aka Admins)

  • Administrators - A person responsible for administering tests to climb the tower. There are many titles which are a subset of admins. All administrators are rankers. Example: Yu Han-sung, Lero-ro
    • Director (aka Proctor) - The person who's responsible managing and directing all the other test administrators. The head of the admins. Example: Yu Han-sung
    • Instructor - A person who teaches Regulars of their roles in their positions such as fisherman, spear bearer, etc. Example: Quant
    • Ruler - The ruler of the floor. This person is above all others on the floor including Director. Examples are Evankhell
    • There are other sub-rankings within administrators, none with a specific title.

Manager (aka Guardian)

Manager (aka Guardian) - A creature that resides per floor. They're responsible for managing shinsoo within the floor. Example: The Eel thing Baam spoke to on 2nd floor and Headon.

=Regular and Irregular

Regular (aka Chosen Regular. Directly translated as: Chosen member) - A person who desires to climb the tower. They were chosen by Headon (and possibly others like Headon as well). Example: Serena Rinnen, Koon Agero Agnis, Rak

Irregular (Directly translated as: Unchosen member) - A person who has entered the inner tower of their own will. As opposite of regulars, not chosen. Example: Urek, Phantaminum.

    • The key point between Chosen Regular and (not chosen) irregular is whether or not Headon chose them or not. Whether or not they opened the door is a corollary to the fact that they were brought in or came in on their own. So, where they are from (outer tower, outside of tower, etc), who they were/are, or their strength makes no conclusion as to whether or not they're regular/irregular.


Blacksmith - Someone who makes weapons...

Known Positions


Fisherman - 낙시꾼 (pr. Naksikkoon - lit. Fisherman) Primary role of the fisherman is to lead the pact into battle. They are the front line warriors. Example: Yuri, Androssi, Anak

Spear Bearer

Spear Bearer - 창지기 (pr. Changjigi - lit. spear bearer) Spear bearers are like artillery fire. They keep their distance and snipe. Example: Rak

Light Bearer

Light Bearer - 등대지기 (pr. Deungdaejigi - lit. Lighthouse bearer) Light bearer is the mastermind of the group. They are the strategist and responsible for literally lighting up the field. Example: Koon, Lahel


Scout - 탐색군 (pr. Tamsekgoon - lit. Scout / Navigator) Scout is responsible for scouting ahead to help the group avoid mishaps like ambushes. They are also a backup for the fisherman when in need. Example: Ship Leesoo, Hatsu

Wave Controller

Wave Controller - 파도잡이 (pr. Padojabi - lit. Wave catcher/controller) A rarer position who excel at manipulating shinsoo. The exact role in the battle field are various. Example: Baam, Laure

Special Positions


Anima - 부리미 (pr. Boorimi - lit. A being which controls/orders) A specialty type position who controls animals to do their bidding. It's a role closely tied to wave controller. (We made up this word, so don't look it up in the dictionary. You'll get something else) Example: That small blonde girl I don't really remember the name of...


Dansoolsa - 단술사 (ori. ?術師pr. Dansoolsa - lit. ____ technique user) It's a bit unclear what the meaning of this name is. Little is revealed except the name itself and that Kurudan is it. More updates will come as the comic reveals more clues. From what I can tell from the made up word, origin of which is probably hanja (like all other SIU made up words) means "something technique user". The first character, "dan", unfortunately is far too vague to make final statements. Could be 短 meaning short/quick, 壇 meaning strong, or could even be 袒 for the ecchi fans... Example: Kurudan


Wonsoolsa - 원술사 (ori. 圓術師pr. Wonsoolsa - lit. circle/round technique user). The Won in Wonsul means "Circle", it is a Shinsoo Control Technique that involves 'rotating' the Shinsoo in a perfect circle. When Shinsoo is spun in a circle, it can have a much greater strength with the same amount of room and size. A Wonsulsa may use Shinsoo as booby traps, or, like Love, may throw the Shinsoo as balls or attack with a spinning-reinforced body. In order to become a Wonsulsa, it requires testing at Gustang's Research Association to become certified. Because of it, only a few people can take the role of the Wonsulsa position. Example: Mule Love


Guide - 길잡이 (pr. Giljabi - lit. Pathfinder, Guide) A role that guides the party to their destination. Someone who knows the way or will find the way much like a scout. Example: Evan

Regions & Locations

  • Tower - This is basically where the most of the story happens and revolves around. There are 135 known levels of the tower. Once you've reached the "top" of the tower, your wish is granted.
    • Floors. Towers are divided into levels or floors just like an apartment. As you get higher and higher, the tests become increasingly difficult.
      • Floor 1: This is the floor managed by Headon. There are no other known operators on this level.
      • Floor 2: Floor of Tests. This floor is managed by (some nameless eel thing), ruled by Evankhell, directed by Yu Hansung. Most regulars have their first test here first.
      • Floor 3~19: ???
      • Floor 20: The season 2 starts here.
      • Floor 21~76: ???
      • Floor 77: This floor is ruled by Urek Mazino.
      • Floor 78~133: ???
      • Floor 134: This floor is ruled by Zahard.
      • Floor 135: This floor has never been reached as even Zahard had never passed the test to ascend further.
    • Composition
      • Inner Tower: The inner tower is like the "stairs". Through the inner tower, you can ascend to the next floor. And it is within the inner tower, the tests to ascend are held.
      • Middle Area: Not much is currently known about this area. Just that one passes it to move between the inner and outer tower. However, from level 20 and on, residency in inner tower is permitted allowing quicker re-entry into the inner tower.
      • Outer Tower: The outer tower is where the residents of the tower live. People are born here and do what ever they like. It is said that the people of higher levels live a wealthier life. Most of the regulars are chosen from here, though, not all.
  • Outside of the Tower: Little is known about what's outside of the tower. All irregulars of the past have been from the outside. Some regulars are also chosen from the outside.



Shinsoo - 신수 (ori. 神水pr. Shinsoo - lit. God water) Shinsoo in the world of ToG is everything. It is the life, the energy, the force that encompasses the Tower of God. They can be used as a weapon, they can be used to manipulate things and even create life. The usage of shinsoo is however restricted via the permission of the Guardians. Exceptions to that would be the irregulars.


Sinhaeoo (aka Shin·hé·uh) - 신해어 (ori. 神海魚pr. Shinhéuh - lit. God Sea Aquatic Animals) Shinhéuh refers to the creatures that live and depend on shinsoo. While the literal translation does mean aquatic animal, in the view where shinsoo is characterized as water and shinsoo fills everything, you are technically always within the figurative sea of shinsoo. So, it really means all creatures in the tower. This includes species like the Mangdol whales. (I'd really like to apologize for the first wtfbbq english romanization... but that's kinda the official way... so, I added a 2nd one... kinda better... imo. >.>) pr. - Romanized Korean word for pronunciation. Generally follows the RRK romanization method. lit. - Literal translation of the Korean word ori. - The expected origin of the word PS. The chinese / hanja added above are done purely by the translator based on likely assumptions and is not part of the official definitions.

Names of Characters

List of Character names should be found here: (not always that up-to-date) Ugh, such a long list to copy. ><;;

Season 1 Main/side characters

Regulars who passed

  • Baam/Jyu Viole Grace
  • Phonsekal Laure
  • Hatsu
  • Anak Zahard
  • Koon Agero Agnis
  • Hwa Ryun
  • Ship Leesoo
  • Rak Wraithraiser
  • Androssi Zahard
  • Rachel
  • Headon
  • Blarouse
  • Hong Chunhwa
  • Akryung
  • Aleksai Amigochaz
  • Parakewl
  • Lebin
  • Sunwoo Nare

Regulars who failed or died

  • Dédé Kancho
  • Kon
  • Leo Cloaker
  • Deod
  • Ucha (injury out)
  • Green Phil (injury out)
  • Yung Changsoo
  • Des Lion
  • Bek Philip Poker
  • Den Asil (withdrawn)
  • Organ (withdrawn)
  • Hyun Seung (injury out)
  • Erik Biyon
  • Goon
  • Inoa Yoran (injury out)
  • Pichuru (injury out)
  • Mauchi
  • Red Bull (injury out)
  • Azadni (injury out)
  • Denboss
  • Prutika Plrutanika
  • Shawn
  • Kuruchop (withdrawn)
  • Leon 3
  • Chungchung
  • Kukaku Rakukakuka
  • Baunian (injury out)
  • Dahdi (Injury Out)
  • Le-Ara
  • Full Black
  • Palgyon (injury out)
  • Catan
  • Chichi (injury out)
  • Shopin
  • Serena Rinnen
  • First Emperor
  • Blak Statil (injury out)
  • Red Hair (injury out)
  • Hoshi (injury out)
  • Adan
  • Pol Shin
  • Adam Sense (withdrawn)
  • Ho
  • Rozéal
  • Grey

Floor 2 Ruler

  • Evankhell

Testing assistants

  • Yellow
  • Mr. Neonbag
  • Evan Edrok

Testing Admins/Director

  • Quant
  • Lero-Ro
  • Hax
  • Yu Bok-Dol
  • Yu Han Sung

RED member

  • Lo Po Bia Ren


  • Hachuling
  • Ms. Ice Stawberry
  • Mr. Blueberry
  • Kurudan
  • Ha Yuri Zahard
  • Urek Mazino
  • Baekryun

Shinheuh species

  • Striped Ground Pigs
  • Mangdol Whales
  • Mangdol Madame
  • Barnacle Goblins
  • Giant Marsh Worms
  • Bull
  • Steel Eel

13 Month Series

  • Black March
  • Green April

Season 2 Main/Side Characters

  • Love
  • Augusgus
  • Hon Akraptor
  • Ja Wangnan
  • Kang Horyang
  • Kim Lurker
  • Nya Nia
  • Prince
  • Rapdevil
  • Yeo GoSeng
  • Yeo Miseng
  • Yeon Yihwa
  • Viole
  • Yeongsuk
  • Bruce
  • Tin
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