In the first season of Tower Of God we were provided with a very sketchy ending when it came for the main protagonist's situation. The protagonist was supposed to be dead due to the greed of an certain freckled yellow 🐢.

                     But even then at the start of season 2 we were shown that the mc or baam was well alive although living by an alias.

We are now coming very close to the end of season 2 and a battle is going on at the last station of the hell train involving surprisingly many rankers and high rankers even. With a whole squadron of Zahards of army after baam it is unlikely that he will be able walk around the place without caching attention. So, the question is this if the situation arises will bam go into hiding again and take training to revenge his master? Well although it is very likely to happen but I don't think that SIU will take such an boring way out(and we also have to get khun to wake up). In the current situation of the story any thing can happen and all possibilities are open.

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