I think everyone agrees that this test is the most complex test in Tower of God so far, especially due to all the confusion that occurred in the latest running of the test.

So here is a summary of rules of the test, as well as the events of the one running of the test that occurred in the series.

GoDai's language backgrounder

While I try my best to use the same language as all others, I do change things up for consistency, context, and situational purposes.

  • For English purposes, I will go "given name family name" on this page. Korean names, like many Asian names, go "family name given name." Yeon is Yihwa's family/last name, and Ja is Wangnan's family/last name. Therefore, I have written Yihwa Yeon and Wangnan Ja
  • I would write 연이화 as Eehwa Yeon, but 십이수 was written by SIU as Sib Yi Soo, and I respect that. So I decided to leave 이 as "Yi" instead of "Ee". Trust me, I have too many friends that use "Ee" in their names that I consider it to be correct.

Rules of the Game

-This is a game in which each protects their own room while gaining 7 allies and 6 rooms. The most important thing in this game is trust.-

  • From now on, in groups of 2, everyone protects their own room and are also able to steal other rooms.
  • The remote inside the room can open and close the door of the room, and can also decide the ownership of the room.
  • Personal connectors can plug in to the remotes. After connecting your connector to another's remote, you can decide whether you will become allies with that person or if you will steal the room. (Press the blue button to become allies with the person's group, and the red button to steal the room) (If you become allies you share the room, and are able to protect the room and steal other rooms together.)
  • If no one remains in your room, you are disqualified.
  • Taking your remote outside of the room leads to disqualification. (Therefore, in any case, one person must remain in the room with their connector attached to the remote.)
  • If the number of selected members (regulars) in the lodging becomes less than 7, the game ends in Viole's victory.
  • If Viole steals Yeon's room after stealing the connector from the Ranker, the game ends in Viole's victory.


  • Among the 6 rooms required for victory, the last one must be Yeon's room, which is on the top floor. (GoDai: Note this may be saying that on the list of rooms taken, the last one must be Yeon's room... which in a very strange context, may mean that her room needs to be one of them, but not necessarily the last... yeah the wording is confusing to me - I think it depends a lot on context...)
  • You must only use your own connector. (If you touch a connector, your name is recorded.) (GoDai: You might as well ignore this rule, as it is confusing. It was meant to say that you can't use any connector to make allies or steal rooms, and instead there is only one connector that is yours. Also note that it might actually be saying that the owner's name shows when you touch it. The wording is vague to me...)
  • If your connector is destroyed, you are disqualified.
  • If you press the blue and red buttons at the same time, you become allies with the person and betray your original teammates.
  • Viole's connector, which the Ranker has, can open Yeon's room automatically.


Use the remotes to find 7 team members and obtain 6 rooms, before Viole steals his connector from the Ranker and steals Yeon's room.

(Trustworthy Room Game - SIU's blog)

Love's Game

  • Viole must catch the connector, fired from a shooting machine, in three tries.
  • Love can interfere with Viole's attempts.
  • If he fails to catch it at least once, he fails the test.
  • If he gives up during, he is given a chance, but must accept his teammates. He can then continue the test with them.
  • Love can "accidentally" kill Viole.

Rapdevil Mystery

Before the Reveal

"About the person who killed Rapdevil... Actually, the answer has already been provided. If you read carefully you'll be able to figure it out ^^; It's not that difficult." - SIU

(GoDai: In my opinion, SIU confused us further ><)

After the Reveal

"Rapdevil resurrection!!! is not what it is.. he was playing dead. It doesn't suit his large build... + If you were someone who understood the rules exactly, you would've noticed it. "One or more teammates must remain in the room." This part." - SIU

(GoDai: My friends noticed, but thought a dead body could count as a person... seems not... they would've been teleported out using shinsoo as they cannot continue the test, I guess... )

About this Test - SIU

(GoDai: Korean readers sent hundreds of messages to SIU about Viole using Wangnan's connector to win... because one of the rules were "You can only use your own connector.")

1. The rule that says that you can only use your own connector was meant to say "Each person has a designated connector," and not that you cannot use other people's at all. There's also a part when Gosaeng hands her connector over to Wangnan ^^

Even to me, I feel like I explained this rule with a lot of room for misunderstanding. ㅠㅠ &&nbsp If I have the time later, I will change it into a better sentence.

(GoDai: Of course, we have the "they only had 5 rooms" issue.)

2. The issue about the 6th room is in next chapter. Actually, I've prepared an alibi, and it's going to come out like a simple gag cut so I wasn't paying too much attention to it, but many people sent me messages and mail about this so I can't rest ㅜㅜ It's not a major spoiler so I'll leave it down there. If you want it, drag to highlight...

(In invisible text) Tin, who was the last to escape from the room, meets Yeon, who chases and destroys him to avenge her throat.

(GoDai: SIU was already planning to reveal this but people kept "accusing" him of making a mistake so he revealed it in invisible text hahaha)

(About This Test - SIU's blog)

How did Yeon join the final team?

The reason Yeon could join Wangnan's team is because Prince and Yeon were originally one team.

They formed a team after Viole left, and if you pay close attention, Prince says that they are "on the same team" when he hands over the soft drink to her.

That is also the reason why Yeon could leave her room ^^

In shorter words, in a situation where Yeon-Prince-Rapdevil formed one team, after Horyang eliminated Rapdevil and got Yeon-Prince to join his side, Tins's room (GoDai: He means Yeon's room, which Yeon was no longer in) was stolen using Wangnan's connector, so they won in the test. In this chapter's case, I reduced the explanation of the game to the absolute minimum, and put all my focus into emphasizing the feelings of the characters, so you have to read into the details to discover what is being foreshadowed by the game. ^^

(Part II Chapter 22 Review - SIU's blog)

I don't think there were any plot errors in this time's 'Untrustworthy Room Test'. (이번 '믿을 수 없는 방' 게임, 설정 오류는 없는 것 같네요.) by 별명 (voeu0)

(GoDai: This was written in 2012.07.03, some time before SIU actually talked about the complaints about plot errors on his blog. Quite a phenomenal work of logic and prediction on this person's part, I give Nickname a round of applause for a successful and confirmed prediction.)

In total, I think there is only about one strange part in the game, and that one thing will be discussed at the end as a prediction.

Then I'll begin explaining.

1. [How come Viole can use Wangnan's connector?]

The part that says "You can only use your connector," which is a common topic of debate for many, seems to have various meanings depending on how it is understood and translated.

I understood this rule as that the connectors have owners.

In other words, I think that the reason SIU included this condition is because if you could use other people's connectors, that would be accepted as a change of ownership.

To make it easier to understand, I'll take what would happen if that condition did not exist, as an example.
(GoDai: As he said, this is a hypothetical situation, if that rule didn't exist.)
Wangnan Ja and Akraptor came out on a walk to steal a room.
These two ran with amazing intent to steal Lurker's room.
They then arrived at Lurker's room and succeeded in subjugating Lurker and Tin.
However, oh no!
Stupid Wangnan and Akraptor came here without their connectors!
However, we can use other people's connectors.
So, Wangnan says to Lurker:
"Wouldn't you lend me your connector?"
Wangnan stole Tin's room using the connector he borrowed from Lurker!

This kind of case arises.

If you go to SIU's blog, it says your name is recorded if you touch a connector, but this explanation also comes with context.

In other words, You must only use your own connector ->> The ownership of the connector cannot change. is a good way to understand it.

If you could make other people's connectors into your own, a kind of case where you collect connectors and say "You fail if your connector is destroyed but I have 4 connectors so I have 4 lives!!" could happen.

2. [How can they win with only 5 rooms?]

"No matter how you see it, there aren't 6 rooms!!"

That's right, if you count only the ones shown in the manhwa, there are exactly 5.

  • Horyang's and Akraptor's Room - Misaeng or Gosaeng
  • Misaeng's and Gosaeng's Room - Misaeng or Gosaeng
  • Prince's and Rapdevil's Room - Prince and Horyang
  • Bruce's and YeongSook's Room - Akraptor
  • Viole's and Yeon's Room - Wangnan Ja and Viole

Where's the last room, you ask?

Yihwa Yeon is there.

I will explain.

Misaeng and Gosaeng are in separate rooms

Misaeng and Gosaeng are in separate rooms.

If you see while you're doing jeongjoohaeng (정주행, meaning "reading through a manhwa or webtoon from the beginning to end" here, could be jeongjoohaeng-ing in terms of verb tenses), the process through which Misaeng and Gosaeng end up in different rooms is never shown.

However, in that scene, would Gosaeng - who always comforts Misaeng if she cries even a little bit - just stand there with an expression of rage and leave Misaeng to face that violent situation?

Of course not. She would have covered Misaeng's ears and comforted her.

However, that she does not do that means that she can't.

If you consider how they're not drawn together on top of that, Misaeng and Gosaeng are currently in separate rooms.

Because SIU didn't draw a character does not mean that the character has stopped. This is one of the reasons for why I think Tower of God has a charm to it. The characters in the Tower of God universe are acting with a free will.

So let's think. Where was the last scene in which we saw Yeon?

Where we last see Yeon

Yeon is not seen again after this scene, during the test.

It is definitely this scene.

Yeon does not appear after this until the game ends.

At this moment, between the proposal that says Yeon was absent-mindedly cursing Viole and the proposal that says Yeon moved with free will and obtained a room, which of the two would seem more realistic.

I think it is obviously the latter. Yeon staying still in the hallway is strange and awkward.

Even if you say she suffers from the aftereffects of the parasite, Yeon seemed to have perfectly recovered after the end of the test.

Then whose room did she steal, you ask?

I don't know either ㅋ

However, I think it was probably Lurker's and Tin's room.

If you read with great attention to details, you would have noticed that Prince's room is room 501, and Yeon's room is room 601.

The Lodging

SIU's depiction of the lodging in which the test is held.

Next, as you can see in the image [on the left], there is only one case of stairs on each end.

After seeing Viole and saying "I... I'm out!" would the freaked-out Tin have left the closer case of stairs, run across the long hallway, and come down the stairs on the other side?

Of course not. Normally, he would get off that floor first.

Next, Tin, who has come down the stairs, meets Yeon right away.

After seeing the bast*rd's face - who fed her the [parasite] while saying "Kikkik As I expected, you fed it to her" - would Yeon stay still?

In any case, Yeon, who has a strong pride, would chase after him.

She would then steal his room.

There is a high probability that Tin would think that there is no chance of winning for him and just hand over the room.

Ah of course if you say "Rooms 501 and 601 are on opposite sides [of the building]!" then I don't have anything to say.

No matter how you see this, this is a speculation.

Anyway I think that rather than Yeon staying still, stealing someone's room fits her personality much better.

(GoDai: This "speculation" was ridiculously spot-on... SIU confirmed the same thing on his blog. This person is a genius, no doubt... or they're actually Professor Xavier reading SIU's mind from the other side of the world.)

3. [How was that team of 7 formed out of nowhere?]

Next, I'll explain for the people for those who don't understand how the team was formed.

It's something that is written on SIU's blog too.


  • Prince - Yihwa - Rapdevil
  • Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Nia

That these form teams like this should be of no doubt.

Next, when they meet Akraptor,

  • Prince - Yihwa - Rapdevil
  • Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Nia - Akraptor - Horyang

It goes like this.

Using this as evidence, we can say that Wangnan Ja has 5 rooms and an alliance of 6.

Next, Nia betrays the team.

  • Prince - Yihwa - Rapdevil
  • Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Akraptor - Horyang

Next, Prince feeds Yihwa the soft drink.

Doesn't Prince's and Yihwa's team break apart then, you ask?

Not at all.

Prince's and Yihwa's team did not break apart, not once.

Prince and Yeon are still one team

The team with Yeon and Prince is never broken.

It is also written on SIU's blog; The team of Yeon - Prince was never broken apart, not once. Also, nowhere in the text [on the right] does it say that Yeon has become [Lurker's] ally. That's because there is no room. Lurker's 7 team members are probably

  • Lurker - Da-an 1 - Da-an 2 - Da-an 3 - Tin - Parasite whatever (I think his name is Sulsa, but I'm not sure) - Rapdevil

(GoDai: A good way to get a list of the regulars that were on the 20th floor for this running of the tests is to look at the scoreboard in the World's Strongest Regular test. "Sulsa" should be among the names.)

SIU told us that the reason Yeon could come out of her room because she was in a team with Prince, and the reason because Lurker's did not form a team with Yeon - They stole Yeon's room.

(GoDai: It wasn't clear which button Tin pressed on the remote for Yeon's room. SIU told us that she can come out of her room because she's in a team with Prince, and not with Lurker.)


  • Prince - Yihwa - Rapdevil
  • Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Akraptor, Horyang

From this state, it turns into

  • Prince - Yihwa
  • Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Akraptor - Horyang

this kind of state, then

Horyang forms a team with Prince,

  • Prince - Yihwa - Gosaeng - Misaeng - Wangnan Ja - Akraptor - Horyang

Hey look, an alliance of 7 and 6 rooms have been completed.

4. [How did Viole even pass?]

(GoDai: Viole had to either reduce the number of people left in the lodging to less than 7, or steal Yeon's room with his own connector. He did neither of these... How did he even pass?)

The reason why Baam passed is very simple.

We have no need to think of the conditions for how our Baam could pass or fail.

The condition for Baam passing the test simultaneously with his teammates, which SIU has clearly shown us, is only one thing.

How Baam passed.

Love's condition - If Viole gives up, he can pass along with the 7 future team-mates who pass the test.

That's right.

If you give up during the game, you can continue the test together with the team-mates who are victorious in this test.

It's this part.

The condition for Baam passing the test together with his allies is that Baam must not obtain his connector [not even once] within 3 chances, and he also must not miss the connector [3 times] within 3 chances.

Wangnan tricks Viole

Wangnan throws his own connector at Viole.

Here, the connector that Wangnan threw is not Viole's.

Like Wangnan said, it's Wangnan's.

As a result, because Wangnan Ja interfered, neither did Baam obtain his own connector, nor did he fail the test.

Some ask "Didn't Wangnan give Viole's connector to him at the end?"

However, that is a no.

If you try jeongjoohaeng, you would know that Wangnan passes the remote to Viole, not the connector.

Eventually, Baam left the test area, before 3 chances were up, without having obtained his connector, which is eventually taken to be giving up the game.

In other words,

If you give up during the game, you can continue the test together with the team-mates who are victorious in the test.

This is how it happened.

5. [Tin could be the mastermind behind everything]

I don't remember anything more to pick out, so I will throw in one prediction and go.

Tin run away

Tin runs out through the... automatic door?

Tin tricky

Tin has an offer... through the automatic door???

Tin offers to help

Tin makes his debut... GODAMMIT AUTOMATIC DOOR!!!

Did you feel it?

How come only he gets the Automatic Door Buff? (GoDai: Holy... sharp eye...)

If you think about it, he's strange in several ways.

Team Wangnan, who became friends through the Eternal Youth [Game].

Also, Team Prince, which already had a decided team from the beginning.

Don't you think if this "Tin" guy wasn't there, either of these teams would have won before Viole caught the connector?

Suddenly, I remember this quote by Yu Han-Sung.

Yu Han-Sung conspiracy

"Didn't that person, fail this time's Crown Game, by any chance? I mean because of the person I sent.

Clearly, if Lurker wasn't there, Team Wangnan only needed 1 more room and 1 more ally.

However, Lurker ruined things by interfering.

Also, clearly, Lurker was already in a team with Tin.

Would Lurker have actually contacted Tin? Or would Tin have contacted Lurker?

The reason I think that Tin coaxed Lurker is because if Lurker's goal is to climb the Tower, Tin only needs to get on the ride. (GoDai gaming: Get Lurker to "carry" the game for him)

This would be because Lurker is actually in Prince's team, and that team appeared to be a pretty good team with a mercenary (although he turned out to be a faulty product).

However, Lurker suddenly says he will become the leader.

Isn't it a little weird to say that this is a show of built-up rage?

Lurker, how does it feel to have become the main character of the story?

I remember this kind of feeling.

FUG's specialty, the Stab.In.Back.

So, I think that this "Tin" guy crumbled the two teams and dragged the time until Viole came.

Although I don't know if this guy is a FUG Ranker, a FUG Guide, or just Idiot Extra 1, either, it seems he properly played the role of troublemaker in this time's game.



Then I'll end it off here.

Please tell me if there is any errors~!

Ah also long live Koon-neunim!


Directly translated from 이번 '믿을 수 없는 방' 게임, 설정 오류는 없는 것 같네요. - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe.

Some Important Points, by GoDai

  • The rules never state that Yeon's original room, 601, has to be taken last. You're allowed to take the room at any point for whatever reason. The rule is that the last room you take must be 601. (Confusing? All girls are humans, but are all humans girls?)
  • Yeon, Rapdevil, and Prince never join Lurker's team. Not one of them.
  • Connectors are specific to people. You can't use someone else's as your own.
  • Remotes are specific to rooms. A remote can only be used to decide the ownership of its room, and cannot change the ownership of any other room. The only way to affect the ownership of a room is to go to the room.
  • When SIU refers to rooms, he refers to it as "[Current owner]'s room," so he actually changes the term he uses to refer to a certain room every time the owner changes. In his blog, he states that "Tin's room was stolen using Wangnan's connector." Here, "Tin's room" actually refers to 601; Tin stole it from Yeon earlier and stayed it in while parasite-infected Yeon walked out, no longer owning it. "Tin's room" does not refer to Tin's original room.

Summary by GoDai

(GoDai: Yeah this is in my own words)


This was a rather interesting test, but even I didn't get it very at first...

I would also like to say that it was pretty biased and unfair in general, as some rooms were closer to Yeon's room and in Yeon's case, she couldn't leave the room until she got allies. However as Lero- Ro would say, luck is the most important factor in climbing the Tower so... hahaha. Besides, Viole is given a completely different side of the test.

Original Rooms

I made up some initials to make things easy to explain. D is Lurker's roommate, probably a Da-an tribe guy. C is the parasite-controlling guy that stays in the room the whole time. E and F are the remaining two Da-an guys. These are not their actual names.

I also make a few assumptions that certain people are in the same room. Considering how very little information was given on Lurker's side, I make the assumption that he, three Da-an guys, Tin, and C are in a total of 3 rooms. It is possible that they were in more rooms and some stuff went down and reduced them to 6... but I'll stick to my original idea. It's simpler that way.

  • (101, WN) Wangnan and Nia
  • (201, MG) Misaeng and Gosaeng
  • (501, PR) Prince and Rapdevil
  • (Y) Yeon (Viole begins in this room, although he is not a team with her)
  • YeongSook and Bruce
  • Two unknowns
  • Two other Da-an guys, E and F
  • (301, HA) Horyang and Akraptor
  • (LD) Lurker and D
  • (TC) Tin and C

Events (Part II Ch 11~ )

  • Gosaeng leaves the room to go to the WN room to become allies. Misaeng stays.
  • Prince opes the door, makes Rapdevil close his eyes, and hides the remote. (This means the door cannot be locked by Rapdevil, and can be opened from the outside by anyone, without Rapdevil's permission.) Prince leaves the room to go to Yeon's room to defeat Viole.
  • Prince arrives at Yeon's room. Viole successfully leaves. Prince becomes allies with Yeon (PRY, 2).
  • YeongSook leaves the room to go to the MG room. Bruce stays. She is denied access by Misaeng. She stays around the area. (GoDai: This actually happened much earlier, seeing how YeongSook seems to see Gosaeng leaving the room.)
  • Akraptor leaves the room to go to the MG room. He is denied access by Misaeng. He stays around in the area.
  • Akraptor fights YeongSook, and defeats her. He ties her up.
  • (GoDai: assumed, At some point, Lurker forms a team with two other Da-an servants LDEF, 2)
  • (GoDai: assumed, At some point, Lurker forms a team with Tin and C. LDEFTC, 3)
  • Lurker goes to PR room. Lurker tells Rapdevil to play dead, and leaves the room to find Prince. (Note: Lurker cannot form a team with Rapdevil, since the PR room remote is hidden)
  • Gosaeng arives at the WN room. She become allies with him. (MGWN, 2) Wangnan and Gosaeng leave the room to go to the MG room. Nia stays.
  • Prince leaves Yeon's room in search of Viole, and runs into Lurker, who informs him that Rapdevil has been killed. Prince and Lurker go back to the PR room.
  • Wangnan and Gosaeng arrive at the MG room and meet Akraptor. Once noticing Viole (not clearly shown, actually) far away in the hallway, Wangnan, Gosaeng, and Akraptor enter the MG room. Akraptor becomes part of their team. (HAMGWN, 3)
  • Viole arrives at the male bathhouse to meet Love. Viole challenges Love's game.
  • Lurker and Prince are at the PR room. Rapdevil is playing dead. Tin and the parasite enter the room (It's not locked.). Tin, the parasite, and Prince leave the room. Lurker and Rapdevil stay.
  • Outside, Tin hands over a Boong Boong drink to Prince. Prince heads toward Yeon's room.
  • Prince arrives at Yeon's room. Yeon drinks the drink. Tin enters the room with the parasite. She becomes infected with the parasite. (Tin is assumed to steal the room. LDEFTC, 4; PRY, 1) Parasite-infected Yeon and Prince leave the room. Tin stays. (Note: Yeon can leave her room because Rapdevil is still in his room.)
  • Prince runs back to the PR room and takes out the remote to lock the door. Rapdevil reveals that he is alive and reveals that he and Lurker plan to betray Prince.
  • Wangnan and Akraptor force YeongSook to get Bruce to open the door, and then tie them up. Wangnan steals the room, and YeongSook and Bruce fail. (HAMGWN, 4)
  • (GoDai: assumed, It is assumed that Gosaeng moved to the HA room, allowing Horyang to leave. Evidence: Later Gosaeng and Misaeng are in separate rooms, as when Nia is being killed as Wangnan curses at Lurker while everyone can hear what is happening through their pockets, Gosaeng is not there for Misaeng and covering her ears; instead, Misaeng is covering them herself. They probably would not get Misaeng to go outside, so it was probably Gosaeng who moved to the HA room.)
  • Horyang takes another room and fails the two people there. (HAMGWN, 5)
  • Lurker steals the WN room (LDEFTC, 5; HAMGWN, 4) and kills Nia (HAMGW, 4). (Note: Here, Lurker claims he has a team of 7 and 5 rooms, and only needs 1 more room to win. It seems that he is referring to himself, 3 Da-an guys, Tin, C, and Rapdevil... I could be wrong. Rapdevil is actually not in his team yet, but Rapdevil is on Lurker's side, and only needs the remote to cut himself off from his current team, PRY, and join with Lurker's. He would be planning to press both the red and blue buttons at once to join Lurker's team while betraying his current team at the same time. The moment Rapdevil defeats Prince, steals the remote, and opens the door, he can then move to a room allied with Lurker and ally himself with that room and betray Prince and Yeon. It seems Lurker does not want Yeon in his team? I mean, I could be wrong; What if one of the Da-an guys are stupid enough to sacrifice themselves for Lurker's cause and allow Yeon to replace himself... yeah it's possible.)
  • Wangnan leaves the room to go to the male bathhouse to get Viole. Akraptor stays.
  • Rapdevil fights Prince to take the remote.
  • Horyang leaves his room (HAMGW, 3) to go and save Prince in order to prevent Lurker's victory.
  • Viole fails the test, but Love wishes to give Viole another chance.
  • Wangnan arrives at the male bathhouse, and steals Viole's connector. He throws his own connector (pretending it's Viole's) at Viole, and convinces him to help him defeat Lurker. Viole looks at the connector. (Note: Viole never obtained his connector. It is actually Wangnan's. Wangnan actually still has Viole's connector, which he stole from Love using a Reel Inventory. Viole walked out of the bathhouse, never having touched his connector. The moment Viole walks out of the bathhouse, it could count as giving up, and therefore allows Viole to continue the test as long as he accepts his teammates. Even Viole wasn't aware of this, it seems. Another note: If the rules meant to state that the owner's name shows when you touch a connector, Viole may have seen Wangnan's name when he looked at the connector, but just went along with Wangnan's plan because he was curious about what Wangnan will do, as he later questions him on the balcony.)
  • Lurker, Yeon, and D leave the WN room and goes to Prince's room, which is still locked, with Prince and Rapdevil fighting inside.
  • Horyang arrives and defeats D.
  • Viole arrives and freezes everything. He removes the parasite from Yeon and destroys it.
  • Prince blinds Rapdevil, and uses the remote to open the door, allowing Horyang to enter.
  • Lurker runs away, back to Yeon's room (Note: Yeon no longer owns this room, so SIU refers to it as "Tin's room".). Viole is told to chase after Lurker. Horyang stays at the PR room.
  • Lurker enters Yeon's room, which has Tin inside. He locks the door.
  • Viole opens the door to Yeon's room using his connector. (Actually, Wangnan has it, but Yeon's room's door detects the connector and opens automatically.) Wangnan and Viole enter. Tin runs out of the room.
  • (SIU reveal: Yeon meets Tin and beats the sh*t out of him. She steals his room afterwards; PRY, 2. Some amazing readers assumed this right away... :O)
  • Horyang defeats Rapdevil, who fails (SIU says so) (PY, 2).
  • Horyang allies himself with Prince, who is also already in a team with Yeon (HAMGWPY, 5).
  • Wangnan defeats Lurker. Viole steals Yeon's room using Wangnan's connector. This results in the victory of team HAMGWPY (6), along with Viole.


I received a lot of help from here, a post by an extremely logical genius from the cafe... His assumptions turned out to be the same as SIU's thoughts... I envy this person. I plan to make a translation of that post. ^^

And yeah there still could be mistakes. Feel free to ask.

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