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Robert Aisand

(GoDai: I looked everywhere for what 아이샌드 was supposed to be... Apparently it's something like "Eye Sand" in fashion, and supposed to be short for "Ice-Cream Sandwich" in Smartphone deals. I am confused, so I... will stay with Aisand for now.)

  • Sobriquet: Cold Wave
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 1m 95cm (195cm)
  • Birthplace: ???
  • Position: ??? (GoDai: Sobriquet suggests Wave Wielder)
  • Ranking: ?

The deputy director of the "Ranker Administration Office" (랭커 관리국, Raengkeo Gwahnligook; or "Ranker Affairs Bureau"), which is one of the groups with the most influence in the Tower. (For your information, the director is Tommi.) He is a man hidden behind veils - so unknown that even Jahad does not know any of the details of his birth. Thanks to his outstanding and precise ability to handle matters and his silent personality, he is also known by the nickname "Robot Aisand." (At some time, there was a widespread rumour that he was an office-use cyborg created at the Workshop/Gongbang, but this was "officially" denied by the Workshop.) Tommi actually calls him by the nickname "Aisan."

As the very first person put into the position by Tommi after Zahard chose Tommi to set up the Ranker Administration Office, Aisand is a man with outstanding ability in handling matters, precise decision-making skills, and charisma. He is the opposite of Tommi, whose actions seem to say "Screw charisma, handling matters, and decision-making." Aisand is always working silently in place of Tommi, who always goes around to play.

Although strictly speaking Aisand is not a Ranker, but he possesses an authority equal to that of a Ranker because he was recruited by the Administration Office. Usually, the work carried out at the Administration Office is the administration and adjustment of High Rankers. You could say that, in a way, he is the person who has the most important authority in the Tower.

Because he has never climbed the Tower, it is impossible to know how much battle power he has; seeing how he himself said "I have never fought since the day I was born," it seems that he only has the battle power of an average person.

However, despite this, he never cowers, even before High Rankers - It is said that there are many cases in which he overwhelms them instead. (GoDai: Charisma Level: Badass)

For example, there was a time when Urek Majino, who had a complaint about his rank being lower than Pentaminum's, broke into the Ranker Administration Office, captured Aisand, and threatened him to raise his rank. To Urek, who asked "Have you ever seen me fight Pentaminum?" Aisand answered briefly and without hesitation "You will become a loser." Urek Majino, shocked, could do nothing but go home bitterly.

After that, Urek Majino was teased and called names such as Urek Loser-no, Loser-rek Majino, U-Loser Mental Majino-seon within the Wingtree, and it is said that it was of such a scale that things such as comic books and humour books that retold this incident were published, sold, and became popular. (Baekryun powerfully asserted that these comics would have a great effect in depression treatment.)

Aisand's trademark is his long silver hair that reaches down to the ends of his feet; overall, this goes well with his masculine appearance that has a pronounced figure, and gives off a peculiar feeling. He also does not have a small presence, so when together with the short Tommi, they could even appear to be father and son.

In reality, opinions on Aisand's rankng are divided. However, the majority argues that, ignoring battle ability and purely based on influence, he can compete with FUG or the heads of the 10 Great Families.

As stated earlier, Aisand is not a Ranker so he should normally not be included in the rankings, but due to Tommi's powerful mischievousness (?) he came to be included in the rankings. One day, Tommi sent a message asking Aisand about what ranking Aisand would give to himself if he could score himself, and Aisand replied to him with ? (GoDai: Number not given), which Tommi literally put in the rankings.

(For your information, Tommi is not included in the rankings.)


From 인물도감 ? - 로버트 아이샌드 by SIU, from hidden blog.

Kun's Team, Anak and Andorthy


After Yisoo and Kun left the room to talk, Anak Jahad and Andorthy Jahad were spending a time of silence. Although Andorthy was always bound to create friction between herself and others just like a dry matchstick would, tonight she seemed weak and drained as if she had been soaked by rain.

"... Why did you decide to go with us?" Anak reluctantly said to Andorthy.

Andorthy, lying on the bed sideways, glanced at Anak and said, "Not sure.."

"... If you go with me your position of Princess of Jahad may be at risk. You still want to go even though you know that?"

As Anak continuously asked questions, Andorthy answered slowly, staring at the ceiling for a long time. She then dumbfounded Anak by asking a strange question.

"Lizard, during those years you were separated from your mother.. Where were you?"

(GoDai: The Korean word for "lizard" is 도마뱀, Doh-mah-baem. Korean names are usually 3 syllables also, so Andorthy calls Anak 마뱀, Mah-baem, as if her family name was 도, Do. It would be similar to calling her Liza or Zard instead of Lizard.)

".. What?"

"Tell me, where is this place that not even the losers from the Palace can't find. I want to go and live there later."


This time, Anak was the one taking her time to answer. Anak, making a serious face that wasn't like her, thought, then opened her mouth as if she had made a decision.

"The 43rd floor."


Upon hearing Anak's words, Andorthy's pupils moved here and there, shaking rapidly. From the lights on the ceiling, to the edge where the ceiling and the wall met, then to the simply-patterned wallpaper, finally to Anak Jahad.

Not even blinking her eyes blinded by the afterimage of the light, Andorthy asked Anak.

"The 43rd floor!? The place where Enryu appeared?"


"Isn't that place the floor of death, where there is no Administrator? How did you..?"

(GoDai: Of course, by Administrator I mean Guardian. Just going with my preferred translation.)

Anak sat up and steadied her breath. Would it be okay to tell this story to Andorthy. Wouldn't she be sharing her own misfortune with a young princess who had a bright future ahead of her. Complicated thoughts dug into her head.

However, nothing could be done about it now. The girl before her seemed so dry that she needed to be set on fire.

(GoDai: The expression here is comparing curiosity to dryness and information to fire.)

So, Anak decided to throw her just a little ember.

"Garam Jahad. She was there."


From 2. by SIU, from hidden blog.

Hendo Rok Bloodmadder

(GoDai: The 록 part of his name may be "Rock" but I don't guarantee it.)

  • Sobriquet: Longevous Turtle (Long Life Sea Turtle)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 13m 27cm (1327cm; 1.327m)
  • Birthplace: ???
  • Position: Defender (Special Position)
  • Ranking: 16

As a reward for passing his test, the Administrator (Guardian) of 100F gifts eternal life to Jahad and the 10 Great Family Heads. However, among them, only one was exempt, and he is the Family Head of the Hendo Family, Bloodmadder. (The exact reason is unknown.)

Bloodmadder pleaded the Administrator to teach him how he can live eternally, and the Administrator gave him one condition.

"If you curse all of your children and their children with short lives"

"You alone will be able to live eternally by receiving their lives."

Bloodmadder was agonized, but he could not defeat his fear of death.

Eventually, Bloodmadder pleaded the Administrator to grant him eternal life, and afterwards all those who carried Bloodmadder's blood came to have short lives. (Of course, in the Tower a short life is about 100 years. In a Ranker's case, it is a bit longer. However, Hendo's children can never live forever.)

Afterwards Bloodmadder had to have many children in order to extend his lifespan, and so Bloodmadder is the one with the most children out of the 10 Great Families. (Kun Edan is the one with the most wives) Because the Administrator promised him that his life will be extended by the length of the sacrificed lives of his children, although no one knows the exact details of the contract, it seems definite that he needs to maintain as many children as long as his lifespan is.

Possibly due to this curse, the Hendo family has the weakest power and inflence among the 10 Families, and has the least number of Rankers. However, it is maintained and managed under iron-like strict disciplines, and Bloodmadder's position in the family is absolute. (All Rankers holding executive director positions in the Hendo family are Hendo's adopted sons and daughters.)

On the other hand, the children who have received the Hendo family's blood marry others by lying that they are not from the Hendo family, and thanks to these "scam marriages," Bloodmadder's blood has spread to all regions of the Tower, and it is said that, in the Tower, a large effort is spent on trying to distinguish who has "Bloodmadder"'s blood.

Bloodmadder's sobriquet Longevous Turtle is a mockery of his obsession with eternal life, and is also closely related to his position.

He takes on a unique role known as a Defender, which is the role of protecting Spear Keepers or Lighthouse Keepers. The combination of Bloodmadder and Kun Edan, the most powerful Spear Keeper in the Tower, was said to be extremely difficult to stop.

(Of course, Bloodmadder can take on every Position very well.)

"He is deeply connected to Yu Han-Sung. 3rd."' - SIU

(SIU means that he got the third comment on the post.)


인물도감 16 - 헨도 록 블러드매더 by SIU, from hidden blog.

Yeon Hana

(GoDai: In Korean, her name is written Yeon Hahn-Ah, not Hah-Nah, although they have the same pronunciation. While I'm on it, Kun Edan's name is written Kun Eh-Deu-Ahn, so it's something like Kun Ed'an or Kun Ed-an. This is also similar to Gustang, which is written Gu-seu-teu-ang, so in Korean it is pronounced something like Gust'ang or Gust-ang.)

  • Sobriquet: Cichlid
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 1m 69cm (169cm)
  • Birthplace: ???
  • Position: Fisherman, Wave Wielder
  • Ranking: 17

The Family Head known to be the most beautiful among the 10 Family Heads. Although she is the Family Head of the Yeon Family, in fact there is not a single child in the Yeon Family who has received her blood. All children of the Yeon Family are the sons and daughters of "Ilarde (godmother)," who is an old fellow family member (권속, gwonsok; 眷屬) of Hana, and Yeon Hana herself is a virgin who has never embraced a man.

(GoDai: The term used here for "family member" has various meanings. It can mean "member of household" as in "Member of the Household of God" - Religious groups calling themselves family, even if not family by blood. Same with "the children/brood of darkness" and "fraternity/sorority" - This term can refer to literal family or people that consider each other to be family.)

Although she is sometimes suspected to be a misandrist (men-hater) due to this reason, she actually has a gentle personality (which is very rare among the 10 Family Heads) that treats both men and women kindly. According to a rumor, she could not forget a man whom she broke up with a long time ago, and so made a contract with the Administrator (Guardian) to become a "Female that cannot feel love towards the opposite sex."

(GoDai: Can she be a lesbian then?)

Although she has a gentle personality, according to the 10 Family Heads, she is "the most scary woman when angry." It is said that when angered once, she surpassed Ha Yurin, who was famous for having a terrible personality, but this is impossible to confirm in the current time in which the 10 Family Heads are not active in public.

Her fellow family member Ilarde gives birth to and raises her children in her stead, so the children of the Yeon Family all call her "godmother." Once every 5 years, Ilarde selects (선별, seonbyeol; "choose") a man to sleep with her, and it is said that Rankers from all over the Tower gather for a chance to become that man. Ilarde's eyes for choosing men are very "cold" so unless one is a decent male Ranker, it is difficult to even get past the paper document interview. Selected males live in the palace for 5 years, and only one of these men will receive the right to sleep with Ilarde, and if a child is born, they attain the glory of being accepted into the Family.

Like the Ha Family, the Yeon Family is a thoroughly matriarchal (mother-centered) family, so males can take central roles in neither the main house or the branch house of the Family. Thanks to this, the females of the Yeon Family, especially those of the main house, have a tendency to look down on men.

(GoDai: Is it just me or does this article have more sexual terms than the entirety of the Tower of God series combined)


인물도감 17 - 연 한아 by 양념소고기, from hidden blog.

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