I became a Regular-rank member on the Fan Cafe! (Not much of an achievement, since it only requires 3 comments.) Now I can see these damn things, since SIU has decided to post them there rather than his own secret blog due to his predicament involving reaching maximum number of neighbours but at the same time not wanting to spoil it for everyone.

As SIU uploads info on his Slayers on the Official Fan Cafe, I'll be translating them here.

It's about time I did things first here, right?

FUG Slayer – 7. Baylord Yama

Sitting on the Seventh Seat of Power is Baylord Yama (베이로드 야마, Bae’ee’rohdeu Yahmah), also known as the King of Bayroad.

(GoDai: SIU seems to be utilizing the fact that “lord” and “road” are both read as “로드” in Korean pronunciation.)

Bayroad (베이로드, Bae’ee’rohdeu) is the name of a secretive ‘pit’ (투견장, too’gyeonjahng, or “Dogfight Arena”) said to be hidden somewhere in the Tower. However, that does not mean actual dogs are pitted against each other in this pit; ‘special fighters’ are the ones fighting, and they are collectively referred to as ‘Pitbulls.’ (투견, Too’gyeon, or “Fighting Dogs”)

A characteristic of Bayroad is the long and straight appearance of its arena. Pitbulls run out onto the arena from both sides and fight until one drops dead. It is said that even if one tries to escape, a terrible bed of blades waits at the end. Because the shape of this arena resembles a road, it was named Bayroad, ‘the road where pitbulls bark.’

The process through which these ‘Pitbulls’ are ‘created’ is very interesting. They are born through ‘Blood Fusion' ( 결합, Pi Gyeolhap, or “Blood Union,” “Blood Combination,” “Blood Bonding,” etc.) which is forbidden in the Tower. Blood Fusion is the process in which a specific ‘something’ from a Family possessing great power is mixed into a baby in its embryonic or fetal stages to grant it said power.

(GoDai: “Embryo” and “fetus” are both “태아” in Korean, so I’m not sure which SIU is referring to. For now, both will be referred to in this translation.)

(There are not many who know how to carry out Blood Fusion, and because its practice is absolutely forbidden in the Tower, even those who do know it have mostly been murdered or have gone missing.)

Children who manage the very small probability of surviving Blood Fusion (Most embryos and fetuses cannot endure the side effects and die) are raised to become tools of entertainment to entertain those who come to the pit, and so these children grow to fight as Pitbulls.

Baylord Yama was one such Pitbull, and it is told that he was the strongest Pitbull of all time.

In the pit, he was a god of death (사신, 死神, sahshin) who drove opponents to doom, and people came to nickname him "Yama, the Lord of the Dead" (야마, 죽은자들의 , Yahmah, Joog’eunjahdeul’eui Wahng, or “King of the Dead”) out of respect for him.

Later, he killed his own keeper (사육사, sah’yooksah, or “breeder,” “master”), successfully became the only Pitbull to ever escape from Bayroad, and climbed the Tower. Although no exact details are known regarding this procedure, it is rumoured that Imort (이모르트, Ee'mohreuteu, or “Immorte,” etc.), another Slayer of FUG, was involved.

After becoming a Ranker, Yama returned to Bayroad with FUG’s power on his back and killed the previous owner of the pit. Hence, he simultaneously became the King of the Pitbulls and a Slayer of FUG.

(Because of this, it has been frequently hypothesized that the domination of Bayroad was the final condition he had to fulfill to became a Slayer)

It is rumoured that he is currently using the enormous revenue made in Bayroad as a weapon to build mysterious pleasure and entertainment facilities (유흥시설, yooheung shiseol, a la adult entertainment involving alcohol, drugs, and sex) everywhere throughout the Tower and therefore expanding his influence and power. However, he has never showed his face since becoming a Slayer.

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GoDai's comments

  • I must say this "Blood Fusion" sounds an awful lot like how Zahard's Princesses obtain their powers.
  • Gizmos once again displayed awesomeness by finding a German soccer player named Karsten Imort. To think like SIU, you must follow soccer with a passion, it seems.


From FUG 슬레이여 – 7. 베이로드 야마 by SIU, from official fan cafe.

FUG Slayer – 10. White

(GoDai: I guess I'll post this here, since I feel like the people deserve this... I did translate it first for The Company but I guess it'll take a bit to get things sorted out. It's been a while, so I apologize for inconsistencies. If something here looks similar to something up there with Yama, it's probably the same sort of thing, and it probably only looks different because I translated it slightly differently from before.)

The one who sits in the Tenth Seat of Power, White (화이트, Hwah'ee'teu).

The seat from which the name was torn.

(GoDai: The above statement is my translation of "통칭 찢겨진 권자" but it could be "통칭: 찢겨진 권자" in which case it should be "Also known as, the torn seat.")

The Slayers of FUG are divided into three types, depending on their time of appearance.

Firstly, there are those like Luslec who emerged in the age of the 10 Families - They are known as the ancient gods.

Secondly, there are those who once again burned their names into the memories of the Tower's residents when FUG had become a power completely submerged in darkness - They are the demons of the 2nd generation.

Thirdly, there is the current generation of Slayers who are active in the present.

(These have nothing to do with the number of seats.)

White is one who belongs to the 2nd generation of Slayers, and currently, only his name and soul remain, while his body has been lost.

It is said that he, who had harbored an interest in sorcery (주술, joo'sool, or "Enchantments," "Charms," or "Incantations") and dangerous magic since ancient times, was especially interested in group rites and items that used sacrifices. Due to this, when he was active as a Slayer, he used countless lives as sacrifices in grand incantations and made the Tower's citizens shake in fear.

Among these, the most terrible ritual was carried out in a secretive location in the Tower, and it is said that over 60,000 thousand lives were lost there. Eventually, he was subdued by the Princesses of Zahard who could no longer tolerate these evils.

(GoDai: Due to the characteristics of the Korean language, it is unclear how many Princesses were involved; it could have been one.)

One source claims that he cast a spell that would make his soul immortal before he died and because this rumoured spell is said to activate only under certain conditions, many speculate that, based on his acts in life, he may have created a spell that can enable his own resurrection at the cost of countless souls.

(GoDai: "Countless" here is like "numerous" but just with more impact; it is not to imply infinite.)

Many followers attempted to discover the conditions required to activate the spell that will resurrect him, but he has not resurrected thus far. However, some say that the mass murder incidents occurring in the Tower's middle area may be associated with this.

Due to his vicious personality, even a few followers of FUG prefer to avoid him. However, quite captivating is the saying that his usual self was quite the gentleman.

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From FUG 슬레이여 – 10. 화이트 by SIU, from his official blog.

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