(GoDai: The comics are by SIU, duh :P) These are a series of information, deductions, speculations, and theories about the topic.

These theories are mostly not done by SIU, and in fact primarily revolve around the opinions of Korean users on the offcial fan cafe.

Hence, these are debatable, and should not be taken for fact, but rather as an idea. I am merely posting this for Korean context purposes. Please do read with a questioning mind, not a believing mind. Critical thinking would be important.

Nearly none are facts. Some are facts, and I will try to note when they are. However, take most of it for nothing more that logical deductions and speculations.

However, on a lighter note, I do recommend reading. It is an extremely interesting topic and these users have very good ideas. :)


GoDai's backgrounder. Please read.

  • I have no idea what the plural of Exis is. I will say Exes. (Why? Because the plural of "axis" is "axes")
  • Also, while SIU now uses "Exis" to refer to people, a long time ago "Exis" referred to the ability and "Exiser" or "Exis User" was used to refer to the people.
  • The scenes included on this page are scenes that contain relevant information. They are from SIU's other TUS works, mainly "Tailse User Story" and "Give My Earth Back".

SIU's actions related to the topic

(This is by GoDai, me, and my knowledge.) SIU has informed the readers that the plot of Tower of God takes place within the TUS universe (TUS 세계관, TUS saegyehgwahn; "TUS World View"). His other comics, including :COMIC:, TUS, Carnival, Give My Earth Back, and Peer to Peer have been stated to occur in the same universe, although that does not mean they are necessarily related.

Most of SIU's comics have been removed from the internet, and many fans wish that he woud post Carnival on his blog again. Only Give My Earth Back is openly available. This is likely because SIU wants to hide the rest of the TUS universe to make Tower of God more mysterious and interesting.

(GoDai: Give My Earth Back is a humorous webcomic that actually doesn't have a complex plot, and is more for laughs. The Korean version can be read here: Give My Earth Back! - Chapter 1)

However, it seems that some users have managed to save copies of very few scenes from these comics. While lacking information, these do provide us with excellent hints.

Thank you for reading this backgrounder, please keep this information in mind as you read the following.

The T.U.S Universe and Exes (T.U.S 세계관 - 엑시즈) by 샤프 (kim0615c)

(Just a short summary from Comprehensive Info on the World of the Tower, by Sharp)

The TUS Universe

"This world consists of many central stories and it leaves unchangeable records."

A universe that applies to most of SIU's manhwas. Tower of God is included as well.

Therefore, a story that has been written once in the TUS universe cannot be changed (In other words, you can neither change the past nor return to the past). This means the past events of the universe are limited, and this in turn limits the possible outcomes of the future. This means this is a universe that rejects the theory that states that "This world is composed of infinite possibilities" (Time travel, parallel universes, etc.).

T.U.S stands for Talse Uzer Story. (Some people say it's "User" and not "Uzer" but in the Tower of God series, "Uzer" is used.)

The events of Tower of God are one of the "many central stories". However, most stories that are based on the TUS universe have nearly no relations whatsoever.


In "Talse Uzer Story", "Talse Uzer" is a term that refers to Exes. In other words, you could say that Exes are at the center of the universe. (GoDai: The world literally revolves around them.)

You can say that their powers are that of gods. They gain absolute power within their own space. Because of this, people that are not Exes, or non-Exes, cannot intercept the actions of an Exis.

People are not born as Exes. Normal people can become Exes through awakening. However, it is said that one can die in this process.


Currently the only Exis in the Tower of God. It is said that he is an Exis that is even capable of collapsing the entire world of Tower of God. Perhaps the Tower of God webtoon will end the day he gets bored of the Tower...

It is said that even in the entire TUS universe, he is a very powerful Exis that is included in the Top 5 Exes.


Directly translated from Comprehensive Info on the World of the Tower - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe.

Predictions about the Universe of TUS (Especially Exis) (TUS의 세계관 (특히, 엑시즈)에 대한 예측 ) by 파이온 (kidsan20)


A Prediction About the Original TUS and the TUS Universe

First, let's take a look at this.

A scene from the original TUS - Conqueror King's war and life come to an end.

"1303 years after Conqueror King awakened (각성, gahkseong; or "trigger"),"

"the war that was his life finally comes to an end."

Seeing how later there's a term called "After Conqueror King's Death" (정복왕 사후; "ASKD"), this Conqueror King (정복왕, Jeongbokwahng) clearly has an important role in the TUS story.






A scene from Give My Earth Back when the captain gives a "brief" background on what's going on.


"First of all, the cause of the incident began in another galaxy very far from here. There are many individuals who hold power in this universe, and we call the people who hold the most power 'Kings' (왕, Wahng). A King named Conqueror King was born in a galaxy very far from here. This Conqueror King's Exis (엑시즈, Ekshijeu) was very agressive, and he tried to make the entire universe into his own. We were on our way to fight him."

(GoDai: WARNING Although Jahad is called "The King of the Tower", he does not count as one of these Kings.)

"To introduce us shortly, we are a group of mercenaries that roam space, and we perform services for our clients in exchange for money. We were hired by the King of National Salvation to fight the Conqueror King. However, we ran into a problem on the way. An abnormal energy appeared on the Earth you were living on. If we left that alone, the solar system was in risk of flying into space along with nearby galaxies, so we had no choice but to make your Earth like that."

(GoDai: Give My Earth Back (나의 지구를 돌려줘, Naeui Jigureul Dollyeojweo) is about an Earth human girl who ends up on a spaceship with these people because they turned the planet Earth into a small marble for apparently necessary purposes)

The original TUS occurs around 500 years after Conqueror King's death, but it seems Give My Earth Back occurs during a time when Conqueror King is actually still alive. So compared to TUS, Give My Earth Back is ancient history.

A scene from the original TUS - A report about an Exis awakening comes in.

"It seems it was an accident caused by an Exis awakening,"

"but seeing the amount of damage, it doesn't seem that he is a particularly powerful Exiser (엑시저, Ekshijeo). Probably about Rank F1... or less."

"If his ability is only about that much, is there much reason to come see me?"

"About that... There's a slight problem related to the offender and the victim."

Seeing this dialogue, it seems Exes are already very common on most planets. (About as common as large-scale corporate CEOs... wait what?)


A very old comment made by SIU on a chapter of TUS. He talks about Exis types.




"There are some new characters. Hm... They are both Exis users. The dark-skinned one is a Striker, and the caucasian one is an Observer." - SIU

The two characters at the bottom of the page. They are both Exes, and SIU says that there is a "Striker" and an "Observer". For now, check here.

A scene from the original TUS - Anyone can become an Exis.

"Exis is not something you are born with, but rather something you awaken, so any common person has a chance of awakening."

"Because of this, from the youngest of little children in the neighbourhood to the oldest of men on the verge of death, all people live on believing in that 'one-time miracle'."

The part that made my expectations grow for TUS. Anyone can awaken into an Exis.


A scene from the original TUS - Exes call on war.


(Narrator) "Exis - The power that is close to that of a god..."

(Man) "We are still investigating. This part is important so check over it please."

(Narrator) "Until the day they bring the sparks of war back to this world again"

Even after Conqueror King's death, Exes are said to carry the embers of war.

A scene from the original TUS - Those who have awakened, wait for war.



(Narrator) "Those who finally attain that power after all the waiting..."

(A) "Hey you guys! Apologize first if you hurt someone!"

(B) "But!"

(C) "They use Exis..."

(Narrator) "They wait for war."

A scene from the original TUS - Exes are godlike.









"To us, who have powers close to that of gods, [you] are nothing more than just 'someone'"

(Description) "Exis Apprentices: Jin & Medicto"

It seems that there are Exis Awakening classes for normal people, and these classes seemingly do produce some users.

A scene from the original TUS - Why?

"Why did God give Exis to us? Aren't you curious?"

"Exis is the ability to rule your own space. We usually use that to fight."

"But did God give us that power so we could use it for such stupid purposes?"

"Most Exisers receive this awesome power without even realizing why and fall into chaos and confusion. The result is obvious. They use Exis for their personal gains: A significant example is the Conqueror King... He used his power to fill his bottomless desire. We are now tired of such stupid acts. That's why we decided to ask God how we should use this power." . .


A scene from the original TUS - They desire to make God.




(A) "You know... one day the Duke came to 'us' and said 'I know how to make God so help me'."

(Striker) "... So this series of events is true..."

(Observer, Thinking) "You actually believe this guy?"

(Striker) "It's all part of a plan to create a God... is what you're saying"

(A) "Yes... it's all for his Second Coming..."

If you read up to here, you probably are a bit confused.

If you're not confused, "Wait SIU? What are you doing here?"


Anyway using the above given information as a skeleton, I'll make predictions about the story of TUS.

(By the way, I haven't read Carnival. I know Carnival is also a TUS, but I don't know how involved with the main story it is. Everything to do with Carnival here is all my speculation.)

The Entire Story of TUS

A story that occurs after Conqueror King awakens. 'Give My Earth Back' is about the alliance that fights against Conqueror King, and 'Tailse User Story' is the primary story that occurs after Conqueror King's death.

(GoDai: Tailse User Story was written that way a long time ago. Now it's called Talse Uzer Story. Both are different ways of referring to TUS.)

(There is no hint whatsoever that tells us when the events of Tower of God take place, and it is possible that the original TUS will never be revealed to the media again. For now, it can be said that Tower of God has nothing to do with TUS besides Pentaminum.)

Conqueror King's awakening - Seeing how the word "King" is placed after Exes' abilities, it is assumed that Conqueror King had the ability to "conquer". I expect that he is about the second-most powerful Exis in TUS.

(Expectation: Seeing the previews for Carnival, it seems that Carnival takes place in a time closer to the present, compared to the events of TUS which clearly occur in the future. Seeing how SIU is putting a lot of work into the plot of Carnival, Conqueror King will probably have something to do with Carnival.)

(GoDai: He means that since Carnival happens before Original TUS, Conqueror King may appear in Carnival.)

  • After Conqueror King's awakening, Conqueror King uses his own Exis in an attempt to "Conquer" the universe.
  • However, other Exes that oppose him (e.g. King of National Salvation and his allies) form an alliance and have a looong battle with Conqueror King. (This is the setting for Give My Earth Back)
  • After Conqueror King's death, the world is relatively peaceful, besides a few small-scale conflicts. Here, the embers of war begin to reignite... (This is the setting for original TUS)

Up until here is what I am expecting.

TUS Detailed Setting Prediction

1. Exis Rankings

SIU once said that Pentaminum is one of the Top 5 Exes.

According to my expectations, Conqueror King would be about 2nd place.

1st place probably belongs to the "God" that the Duke and his allies are trying to create.

If you say Exis is a power close to that of a god, according to my expectations the 'God' they're trying to create would be an Exis, but an Exis so strong that cannot be compared to any other Exis. An Exis that is not limited to a specialized function, but instead is able to use all specialties of all Exes, literally making this being "God".

2. Exis Detailed Information

SIU has told us that there are types of Exes such as "Striker" and "Observer".

Seeing how so far we have only seen these two, let's say there are only these two for now.

I don't know if it's because I watched too much soccer, but

  • A Striker (스트라이커, Seuteuraikeo) would be an offensive-type Exis, like Conqueror King.
  • An Observer (옵저버, Opjeobeo) would be a support-type Exis.

Also, it should be noted that according to the scene up there, it seems that all Exes go on rampages when they awaken, each according to his/her power. Seeing how the people coldly grade the Exis according to the scale of damage the ramapaging Exis does, it seems these awakening rampages are common occurences in the original TUS.


Directly translated by GoDai from TUS의 세계관 (특히, 엑시즈)에 대한 예측. - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

TUS and Tower of God (TUS와 신의 탑) by 작은 악어 (brown_bird)

(GoDai's note: Once again, not by me)

The Tower

T.U.S - Tailse User Story, by the Great SIU.

I read a comic called TUS by SIU and suddenly thought of this.

A scene from the original TUS - The world is at peace... and what are those Towers?

"Current time, 513 years after Conqueror King's death, the world is at peace."

"Earth, Rosemadder's Third Red Petal, is also at peace."

What you see on the right is a scene in T.U.S .001, and you can see several things that resemble towers.

A scene from the original TUS - Teenagers cleaning the tower.

(Boy) "Ah... it's because I had a very bad dream. I couldn't get enough sleep. I don't know~"

(Girl) "An old friend? Heeh... is it the curse of a girlfriend you dumped a long time ago?"

(Boy) "No way... You don't really think that, do you?"

(GoDai: ^Not my best translation)

(Narrator) "The Towers of Atrakion (아트라키온의 탑, Ahteurahkioneui Tahp), also known as 'flower stalks' (꽃대, ggotdae; or "floral axes"). There are about 30 in the area, and these buildings carry many mysteries. There is no known information on why these were built, for whom these were built, or when they were built. However, this place is popular among students because the towers are managed by hiring students for part-time jobs."

A scene from the original TUS - Students are hired to clean these mysterious towers...

(Narrator) "However, none of these students who work here know who lives in the towers."

(Boy) "I can't believe I clean a place that no one lives in every weekend. I'm happy they gave me a job but I'm not really motivated by such pointless work..."

(Narrator) "(No one knows because) This is because the buildings have no windows or doors to show what's inside them."

(Girl) "Heeh... I sometimes think that too. But whenever that happens, I think. (Drooling) This tower is sort of like a part of the Duke himself. Here it's big and hard..."


(Boy, Thinking) "Hey, you... that's wrong!"

(Girl) "Mmm... If you're going to be that dull and gloomy... Are you free today?"

(Narrator) "Because no one knows, these towers have become mysterious objects surrounded by a continuously growing list of speculations and nonsense."

(Boy) "I'm not interested in a date. I'm pretty popular, so very few girls catch my eye..."

(Girl) "Shut up."

This is a scene from T.U.S .002, and these towers are the cylindrical things we saw back in .001.

I believe that one of these towers (We do not know which planet these towers are on, but I'll write assuming they're on Earth) is the Tower of God.

However some people told me that this is not enough information... so I'll compare it to a scene from Tower of God.

(GoDai: I'm not posting the whole image, just the relevant part about the Tower)

A scene from Tower of God - Rachel describes herself at the top of the Tower, staring into the stars.

Do you see what I mean?

As soon I saw the towers in the original TUS, I thought of this scene from Tower of God and went back to see.

There, I realized that the Tower that Rachel is standing on vaguely resembles the towers in the original TUS.

Of course, it may be a coincidence. Maybe SIU just draws towers like that in general. (Of course, this does not go to say SIU is a bad artist)

If it's not a coincidence, then it's different. There are many forms of towers in general, so the fact that the Tower that Rachel describes resembles the towers in the original TUS implies they are related.

Setting and Plot Relations

First of all, Tower of God is a story that is included in TUS.

"TUS is the universe that forms the basis for my other fantasy works such as Tower of God, Carnival, :COMIC:, and Give My Earth Back." - SIU

It may be more accurate to say that TUS is one big story instead of a universe. It doesn't have a systemic setting like a universe, but instead the title TUS ("Tailse User Story" or "Talze Uzer Story") states that it is a story.

"Tower of God is one of the 'many stories' in the TUS universe" - SIU

Therefore, it can be said that the TUS universe is one big story, and Tower of God is one of the many stories in it. Therefore, Tower of God is a part of the story of TUS.

Also, the stories that happen in the towers in the original TUS would also be a part of the story of TUS, right? (It is also correct to say that one of the many stories in TUS is the story of the towers in the original TUS)

That's why I came to think that "The story of Tower of God = The story of a tower in the original TUS".

If you take a look at the scene from T.U.S .002, it says that there are no windows or doors on the towers, and none of the students working there know who lives in the towers, and the towers are shrouded in mystery.

These part-time job students are probably common people. This implies that certain people, who are not common people, may know about what's inside, right?

If you see Tower of God, one of the people who entered the Tower is Pentaminum, an Exis. This makes him special (I won't discuss what an Exis is here.). On top of that, he suddenly appeared in the Tower, and carries a weapon that has never been seen before in the Tower. How about it? You feel this foreign feeling, right? That's right. Pentaminum must be an outsider (외부인, wehbuin).

(GoDai: Meaning Pentaminum is from the outside world - the world where those students are living in - and not the Outer Tower like every other person in Tower of God)

In the TUS universe, Exes possess the ability to even change one story. So I think that although Pentaminum is an outsider, he was able to enter the Tower because he was an Exis.

In this way, it seems that the Tower of God, one of the many towers shown in the original T.U.S, is only known to a few (Pentaminum's Exis is probably specific to him, and so it doesn't mean any Exis can come into the Tower. By the same train of thought, other outsiders other than Exes may be able to come into the Tower), and ony these few can enter the Tower.

In conclusion, one of the towers on Earth shown in the original T.U.S is the Tower of God itself. So, if someone goes out of the Tower, Earth will be outside. (By the way, you may think this to be childish, but there's a crescent moon in Rachel's description of the sky. Of course, it could be a different moon on a different planet keke)

*Things to Beware about this Theory

I personally think the difference between selected members (or "Regulars") and non-selected members (or "Irregulars") is about whether you've been chosen by Headon or not. Therefore, I do not think outisders technically count as non-selected members.

(GoDai: Since Headon only chooses people from the Tower, Pentaminum had no chance of being selected in the first place if he was an outsider. So this user chooses to believe that he is actually neither, but people in the Tower just call him an Irregular because they do not know that he is an outsider. IF he is an outsider, that is.)

"The difference between selected members and non-selected members is similar to the difference between the ruling class and the ruled class." - SIU

The fact that one has been chosen to climb the Tower comes with many benefits, (GoDai: To me, it sounds like this user thinks Pentaminum is clearly worthy on climbing the Tower, but just couldn't be chosen because he was living in the outside world. Therefore, Pentaminum does not belong in the group of non-selected members, or the "ruled class", since he has not been fairly judged by the terms.)

Finally, it is said that some non-selected members entered the Tower by opening the door themselves. However, it is completely unknown what this door exactly is. Whether it is some sort of teleporter in a certain place or an actual secret door into the Tower is completely unknown.

Also, it has been said that Jahad and the 10 house heads came into the Tower and conquered each floor one by one. Seeing this, it seems that Jahad and the 10 house heads are not people that originally lived in the Tower. The expression "came into the Tower" itself gives off a foreign feeling. However, how this happened is also unknown.


Directly translated by GoDai from T.U.S와 신의 탑 - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

(Partial Trans.) (FAQ) Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 Final ((FAQ) 자주 묻는 질문목록 1부 Final) by 샤프 (kim0615c) - Only Questions 2, 3, 8

(GoDai: Once again, not by me. By the way this user, Sharp, is one of the top users on the cafe and is very trustworthy. :D)

(GoDai: The following is a few questions from Sharp's famous Q&A list. I'm only translating the ones that are relevant to this topic for now.)

Q2: What is an "Exis"?


'Talse Uzer Story' :The world consists of a number of stories and these are left as unchangeable records. Talse Uzer is an Exis.

  • This T.U.S is the author's universe. Tower of God is included in the "number of stories".

The Specialties of an Exis

"Creates a distinct space that is not disturbed by others"

"One who leaves unerasable records"

Basically, a person who is not an Exis (non-Exis (비엑시즈, Bi-Ekshijeu)) can never beat an Exis. Currently, Pentaminum is the only Exis in the Tower. Therefore, Pentaminum, who is #1 in ranking, can never be defeated unless a stronger Exis comes in.

  • Pentaminum used this power to intrude into the Jahad palace and murdered countless Rankers.

The Power of an Exis

The incident that displayed the power of an Exis was the Pentaminum Jahad Palace Intrusion Incident (펜타미넘 자하드 궁 침입사건, Pentamineom Jahhahdeu Goong Chimipsageon). The Rankers of the Jahad Family, who were known as the strongest, were gruesomely murdered by Pentaminum. The only two people that met face-to-face with him and survived are Ha Yuri Jahad and Jahad himself.

  • No one knows why he left Yuri alive. Yuri called Pentaminum a 'dirty one'.

The Exis Pentaminum

A common debate topic is "Pentaminum vs Enryu". There was also a big talk about it recently (on the cafe). To summarize the result (expected from what is known so far) in a line, if Pentaminum and Enryu ever meet and Pentaminum has the intention of killing Enryu, Enryu will disappear within a second.

As explained above, a non-Exis cannot intercept the actions of an Exis in any way. Even if Enryu throws 9000 bangs of shinsu at him or does whatever he cannot even touch Pentaminum.

In the TUS universe, Exes are godlike beings. SIU himself has stated that Pentaminum can collapse the story of the Tower of God itself in a brief moment.

  • Exes are often called "Kings" but their powers are that of gods.
  • Please refer to 클레레상's Study on Pentaminum for more information on Exes/Pentaminum. (GoDai: Translated in a separate section below)

Q3: Who are Pentaminum and Enryu?

Enryu: The Most Powerful Shinsu User in the Tower

  • High Ranker, Spear Keeper, Ranking 2nd, Red Tower
  • Height 184cm
  • Throwing-type Spear Keeper
  • He is known as the Red Tower because shinsu becomes dyed with a red colour when he walks by.
  • Although his position is Spear Keeper, it is said that he can control 9000 bangs of shinsu.
  • He once murdered an Administrator (or "Guardian"), although Administrators were thought to be immortal gods before then. This is why there is no Administrator on the 43rd floor, and it is said that the shinsu on that floor is "dead".
  • He is not an Exis, and can never defeat Pentaminum. Rankers love to discuss who would win if Pentaminum and Enryu fought (This is because they do not know that Pentaminum is an Exis.).
  • It is said that he can even create life from shinsu.
  • There are also many theories at the cafe that maybe Bam or Rachel could have been created out of shinsu by Enryu.

Pentaminum: The Only Exis in the Tower

  • High Ranker, Exis, Ranking 1st, Riddle
  • The No. 1 Ranker in the Tower, and the only Exis within its walls.
  • He is an extremely powerful Exis who is one of the Top 5 Exes in the entire TUS universe.
  • He intruded into the Jahad Palace and murdered a large number of Jahad's Rankers, who were previously said to be the strongest. He ran into Ha Yuri Jahad, but for some reason, did not kill her and disappeared instead. Yuri referred to him as a 'dirty one' (더러운 놈, deoreo'oon nom; "scumbag").
  • There was a big debate about who would win if Pentaminum and Enryu fought recently, but that's all useless. Pentaminum just wins.

(GoDai: For those who know Pokemon, imagine Pentaminum as a Shedinja, and Enryu as another Pokemon that knows no moves that are effective against Shedinja's Wonder Guard ability. Therefore, Shedinja cannot be scratched by Enryu's attacks. An Exis that is stronger than Pentaminum would be a Pokemon that knows a move that is effective against Wonder Guard. :P Not the best analogy, but you get the point.)

(GoDai: It's not that Enryu is weak. In fact, Enryu is godlike powerful. However, he just doesn't have the ability required to defeat Pentaminum. Pentaminum is not necessarily "stronger" - He just has a special ability that makes him invincible against people that don't have this ability.)

Q8: What is the TUS universe?

TUS is the universe that forms the basis for the story of the Tower of God.

TUS is basically a universe that goes by the premise 'This word consists of many stories, and leaves an unchangeable record'. The events of Tower of God only compose one of these many stories.

However, most stories that are based on the TUS universe are not very related to each other. In conclusion, it's possible to enjoy reading Tower of God without knowledge of this universe. Even if you do know the TUS universe, it just adds a little bit of interest, and is not necessary to know it at all.

Therefore, Tower of God is an independent story within an independent universe. Although SIU has stated that information related to other TUS stories will pop up here and there soon, what the reader needs to know about these topics will be explained on the spot, and SIU guarantees that one does not need to read every other TUS story to enjoy reading Tower of God.


Directly translated by GoDai from (FAQ) 자주 묻는 질문목록 1부 Final - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe .

A Study on Pentaminum... +Exis (펜타미넘에 관한 고찰... +엑시즈) by 클레레상 (attaqoosal)

(GoDai: Once again, not my own study, I'm just translating. This user, Cleresang, is another well-known and respected user.)

Before I write this article, I will state that this is a study based on only what SIU has revealed.

If it is incorrect, or you have a different opinion, please give me an optimistic tackle haha



The most powerful, unprecedented, unparalleled character in Tower of God!

The following has been revealed about his abilities:

  • 1. He uses a style of battle that is completely freestyle, and no one can tell what kind of style it is.
  • 2. He uses a weapon that has never been seen in the Tower before.
  • 3. According to the witness Yuri Jahad, he was a "dirty one" (더러운 놈; or "scumbag").
  • 4. All of his victims are suffering from mental illness, excluding Yuri Jahad and a few others.
  • + He is an Exis.

Today, we will focus on his battle method. Not all of the following are necessarily excellent theories.

1&2. His combat style and weapon are both unprecedented and unusual.

I will especially focus on #2. Currently inside the Tower, a concept known as shinsu (신수, shinsoo; "divine water") exists instead of air. I will take shinsu as the point of prediction.

A freestyle, unknown fighting style, and a weapon that does not exist in the tower

Most weapons, and by this I mean 99% of weapons, in the Tower are suited in one of these two ways:

  • a. To catch or kill shinhae'eo (신해어, shin-heh-uh; "divine sea fish") living in the area
  • b. To reduce the resistance of shinsu on the weapon (GoDai: This would mean something similar to how weapons in our world are made to reduce air resistance to create a flowing movement)

Then, among all the weapons that do not exist in the Tower, it would be a sort of weapon that does not hinder his movements, suited to his freestyle battle method. (Of course, we also consider the possibility that the resistance of shinsu may have been completely eliminated by some unknown method)

For example, the things used by Z?? and D?? from Game S?? by Company B??, or the one used by the hero Il?? (일) and Ma?? (마) from Game W?? by the same company. Just sayin', just sayin'.

(GoDai: The writer left those names somewhat ambiguous on purpose, but I have no idea which things they were referring to exactly. What I think is, Company B?? is Blizzard, Game S?? is Starcraft, Game W?? is Warcraft. Z?? could be Zergling. D?? could be Dark Templar, the invisible sword-slashing unit. Hero Il?? may be referring to Illidan Stormrage, the Demon Hunter. Hero Ma?? could be referring to Maiev Shadowsong, the Warden.)

(GoDai: Therefore, the above statement could be translated as "Pentaminum's weapon is probably something like what Zealots and Dark Templars from Starcraft use, or something like what Illidan and Maiev from Warcraft use." For non-gamers, all these units are very agile and stealthy units. The weapons they carry are also swift. The writer is saying Pentaminum's weapon and fighting style probably fit this definition.)

In conclusion, there is a very high probability that Pentaminum's weapon is a kind of weapon that allows him to move his hands and feet as freely as possible, without being hindered by the surrounding shinsu's resistance.

(GoDai: Just a note. The theory that states that Pentaminum's weapon has something to do with freedom of movement agrees with the theory that he is an outsider. Outside, there is air. If Pentaminum is from the outside world, he must've used a particular fighting style out there, in the air. A weapon that helps him avoid and overcome shinsu resistance would help him use the same fighting style he would use in air. This also reminds me of Arieh Hon and the Arieh Family, who are said to use a form of swordfighting that seems to completely ignore the resistance of shinsu on the blade's movement. This also points to the idea that Zahard/Jahad and the 10 house heads are all outsiders)

3. He is a scumbag.

Seeing how Yuri calls Pentaminum a "dirty one" (더러운 놈, deoreo'oon nom; "scumbag"), this can mean either of two things:

  • a. His sense of hygiene (clothing and body) is terrible, and he is literally disgusting, OR
  • b. Something he did made her find him repulsive or dirty in his ways

First, we will ignore a., since that honestly does not help us figure out his battle style in any way.

Next, we examine b. If something he did made Yuri find him dirty. One of two things happened, either:

  • He did something to her as well (just something different from killing or inducing insanity), OR
  • She saw him do something.

However, he never directly touched her or attacked her.

...Let's go over to #4.

4. Besides a select few like Yuri, all survivors are suffering from mental illness.

Yuri, who had faced Pentaminum, didn't have a scratch on her. However, all survivors who faced him, besides Yuri, all suffer from mental illness.

Seeing how it appears that he suddenly came into the Tower from the outside (GoDai: NOT Outer Tower. Literally outside.), it is correct to assume that he didn't know Yuri from before.

Although according to the story Pentaminum killed countless Rankers and High Rankers, SIU has stated that none of the Princesses were killed by Pentaminum, and for some reason, he doesn't even touch Jahad himself, and leaves the area.

It is correct to say that only SIU knows whether Pentaminum had the intention to kill Jahad.

However, that is not the case for Yuri. He didn't kill her because he knew her from before? The probability of this happening is nearly none. I personally think that in one way or another, he couldn't kill her.

In conclusion, there is a high chance that one of his shinsu manipulation (신수조작, shinsoo jojahk) abilities is a specialized ability that involves his enemies' minds. However, there is a high chance that this specialized ability does not work on Jahad, or those who possess the same power as he does, meaning the Princesses.

Exis powers are NOT battle abilities.

The reason I placed these battle abilities separately from his Exis abilities is because I would like to say that "Exis powers are not battle abilities".

The things that I have discussed so far are solely about his pure battle abilities. The core ability of an Exis is the ability to "create unerasable records", and I would like to explain it that way.

Let's say we have the king of some country. What I've explained so far is "When the King meets a group of bandits, he fights like this.", and by contrast, what an Exis is something more like "The King's authority".

(GoDai: This may be confusing to some. When a King gets attacked by thieves, what does he do? Does he grab his scepter and order them to stop in the name of the glorious throne? No. If he was for real, he would draw his sword and fight like a man. Then what the heck does his authority do? It allows him to make laws that are only effective within his country. These laws are the very things that make the bandits count as criminals in the first place. This would be what Pentaminum's Exis ability is like. An Exis has, to some degree, control over the events that occur within their personal space. They can create events that cannot be rejected. However, that is the Exis's authority over this region of the universe. It does not count as their "battle capabilities", but rather "a privilege given to them by God". Of course, the two have overlaps, but that does not mean we should go "Pentaminum is an Exis... what else is there to talk about?" Well, why would he carry a weapon in the first place? There's tons to talk about. Although the Exes are gods within their jurisdictions, they are actually NOT omnipotent. Limits are also placed on them, such as the size of their personal space, as well as their specialization. Of course, Pentaminum's Exis abilities are definitely what make him so powerful, allowing him to partially manipulate reality within his field. However, they are merely a bonus to his actual battle abilities.)

Of course, we all know that Exes are more like gods rather than kings.

+ He is an Exis.

For now, we know two specialties about Exes.

  • 1. They create unerasable records.
  • 2. They can create a distinct space which is free from the disturbance of others.

1. Creator of unerasable records

This is known as the ability of a "Talze Uzer" or "Tailse User".

(GoDai: It is believed that the two words, probably in an alternate language of the TUS universe, are meant to say "Tales User" in English, and are pronounced the same way.)

Anyway, it's something like "He cannot die unless he wants to leave a record of a story in which he dies".

This is an authority.

In exchange for fulfilling the destiny of leading a story that is crucial to history, they are granted absolute authority within their own story.

2. The ability to create a distinct space that cannot be disturbed by others

In simple terms, we can say this ability is that of "Make Invincible House" (GoDai: LOLOLOLOL). Besides the condition "The space is cast around the caster with the caster at the center", not much else is known of the ability. Also, the special power of the "distinct space" (고유의 공간, goyooeui gonggahn) varies from Exis to Exis. (GoDai: These two are some of the many limits on Exes)

For example, we could say that if you were an Exis, you could create a house that does not let anyone in unless you allow them to.

This 'house" would be used to block attacks from sources that you view as enemies, or you would drag the enemy into the house and use your specialized ability (which can only take effect within the house) to attack them.

In addition, examine #4 again. Let us assume for a moment that maybe, just maybe, Pentaminum's specialized Exis field ability is to "target the opponents' minds". (GoDai: Meaning Pentaminum may be able to drive people within his distinct personal space insane)

However, assuming that Pentaminum didn't kill Yuri and the other Jahads because he couldn't, whatever this ability exactly is, there is a high possibility that it does not work on outsiders (such as Jahad), or those who carry the power of outsiders (Princesses).

One thing that supports the idea that he cannot affect outsiders is the first specialty of Exes, 1. Creator of unerasable recrods...

(GoDai: In a way, Exes are apparently beings each tasked with creating one of the many stories that the TUS universe consists of.)

If Pentaminum is the "author" of the story of the Tower of God (meaning he is the Exis that has the authority over the events of the Tower), there is a high chance that his Exis powers do not work on outsiders, as they may not be within his jurisdiction of the universe if they are not originally from the Tower. Just like how a King cannot enforce laws on an individual living in another country.

This may be why he could not directly affect Jahad and his family (GoDai: His actual family that carry his power, not the Rankers of the Jahad Family) using his powers, as no matter how long Jahad has been in the Tower, he is still an outsider.


Directly translated by GoDai from 펜타미넘에 관한 고찰...+엑시즈 - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe .

Summary: Which are Facts and which are Theories? by GoDai

So I'll discuss which significant pieces of information are facts.


  • Any normal human being can awaken (각성, gahkseong; "trigger") into an Exis (엑시즈, Ekshijeu).
  • Conqueror King (정복왕, Jeongbokwahng) is a figure that awakened as an Exis and subsequently tried to take over the universe. Many other Exes, including the King of National Salvation (구국의 왕, Gugugeui Wahng; "King who saves countries") formed an alliance against him, and waged an intergalactic war that lasted centuries.
  • Conqueror King's Exis ability was very aggressive.
  • Very often in Tailse User Story, dates given are counted from Counqueror King's Awakening (1303 years ago) or from Conqueror King's Death (513 years ago). By doing simple math, we know that the intergalactic war lasted a maximum of 790 years.
  • Among the many individuals who hold power in this universe, the ones that hold a significant amount of power are known as "Kings" (왕, Wahng). This would include the Conqueror King and the King of National Salvation, but it does not include Jahad/Zahard, as Jahad is only the King of the Tower, unless SIU says so.
  • Exes go on rampages when they awaken, although the kind of rampage would depend on their special ability. They are graded by authorities depending on how much damage they do.
  • There are several types of Exes. So far, we know there are Strikers (스트라이커, Seuteuraikeo) and Observers (옵저버, Opjeobeo).
  • In the time setting of Tailse User Story, Exes are considered to be symbols of war. It is said that Exes wait for war, seemingly to be allowed to freely use their abilities.
  • Unable to find meaning in their godlike power, many Exes eventually fall into confusion, and only use their powers to meet their own desires.
  • Tailse User Story happens 500 or more years after the events of Give My Earth Back.
  • Pentaminum is one of the Top 5 Exes in the TUS universe.
  • Tailse User Story takes place on a planet called Earth (지구, jigoo), also known as Rosemadder's Third Red Petal (로즈매더의 세번째 붉은 꽃잎; Rojeumaedeoeui sehbeonjjae boolgeun ggotnip).
  • There exist around 30 towers in some area, known as the Towers of Atrakion (아트라키온의 탑, Ahteurahkioneui Tahp), nicknamed "flower stalks" (꽃대, ggotdae; or "floral axes"). No common person knows why, for whom, or when they were built. There are no doors or windows, and it is surrounded by mysteries and nonsense. Students are hired to clean them.
  • The TUS universe is more of a big story, consisting of many smaller central stories. Tower of God would be one of these stories. This would also be true for SIU's other works such as Give My Earth Back, Tailse User Story, and Carnival.
  • SIU once said that in terms of benefits and social status, selected members are like the ruling class and non-selected members are like the ruled class. Selected members receive benefits just for the fact that they were chosen to climb the Tower by Headon.
  • In the term Talse Uzer Story, or Tailse User Story, the "Talse Uzer" refers to Exes.
  • Exes have the ability to create a distinct, unique space (고유의 공간, goyooeui gonggahn) in which cannot be disturbed by others. Each Exis has a different ability that can take effect within this independent field. This space is cast around the Exis, with the Exis at the center. The Exis's special ability cannot take effect if the target is not within the field. However, seeing how the field "cannot be disturbed by others", the Exis most likely can deny people from entering the field, making it an effective shield as well. Of course, Exes have numerous limits that we do not know of yet.
  • Exes also have the ability to write an unerasable history. Considering the fact that every past event in TUS is said to be unchangeable, this ability can be translated as "the ability to choose what happens". Of course, Exes have numerous limits that we do not know of yet.
  • Yuri called Pentaminum a "dirty one" (더러운 놈, deoreo'oon nom; "scumbag").
  • According to TUS rules, Enryu can never defeat Pentaminum. SIU has stated that Enryu is definitely not an Exis, and Pentaminum is the only Exis in the Tower. Non-Exes can never defeat Exes. The Tower's Rankers only debate about who would win because they don't know that Pentaminum is an Exis. Pentaminum just wins.
  • SIU stated that Pentaminum is capable of collapsing the story of Tower of God.
  • Enryu is the most powerful shinsu user in the Tower.
  • Enryu killed the 43F Administrator/Guardian, and so the shinsu on the floor is said to be "dead".
  • It is said that Enryu can create life from shinsu.
  • All that is certain about Pentaminum's battle style is that he uses a totally freestyle, undiscernable style of fighting, and carries a weapon that has never been seen in the Tower before.
  • Most of those who have fought face-to-face against Pentaminum and survived are suffering from mental illness. This excludes Yuri, the other Princesses, and Jahad/Zahard himself.
  • Exes serve the universe by taking on the duty of leading a story that is crucial to the entire history of universe. In return for this responsibility, they gain absolute authority over their respective stories. (GoDai: Spiderman. With great power, comes great responsibility)


  • One of the crew members on the spaceship in Give My Eath Back is introduced as a "Striker". This implies that he is an Exis. This is likely, as the mercenaries were on their way to fight the Conqueror King, so they are probably all Exes. (theory by GoDai ^^)
  • The Duke and his conspirators are trying to create a true "God", an Exis that has the powers of all Exes without any limits.
  • The Conqueror King's Exis ability is to "conquer", and the King of National Salvation has an Exis ability that allows him to "save" or "rescue".
  • The protagonist girl in Give My Earth Back seems to be from a very modern Earth, from some near future. Seeing how Carnival seems to take place on a very modern Earth also, the Conqueror King may appear in Carnival. (Carnival -> Give My Earth Back -> Tailse User Story)
  • Conqueror King and the "God" Exis are in the Top 5 Exes.
  • Strikers are offensive Exes, while Observers are supportive Exes.
  • The Tower of God is actually one of the Towers of Atrakion, or flower stalks. The Tower is actually on the Earth of Tailse User Story. This would mean that Tower of God is literally a part of Tailse User Story.
  • Pentaminum is an outsider, from Earth. Jahad/Zahard and the 10 warriors are also outsiders. All of these people are said to have carried weapons into the Tower - ones that never been seen before there.
  • Outsiders do not actually count as non-selected members, as they didn't have a chance to be chosen in the first place. However, they are still counted as non-selected members within the Tower.
  • Bam or Rachel could be artificial lifeforms created out of shinsu by Enryu.
  • Pentaminum's weapon is possibly one like those carried by Zerglings, Dark Templars, Illidan, or Maiev. It is one that does not hinder his movements, allowing him to move freely through shinsu so that he can use the same battle style he would use in air. It is a weapon that is light and swift.
  • An Exis power does not count as a battle ability, but rather as authority over a section of the universe.
  • Pentaminum has the ability to drive someone insane, by using either shinsu manipulation or his Exis ability. This ability does not work on those from outside the Tower.
  • Pentaminum couldn't hurt neither Jahad/Zahard because he is an outsider and Pentaminum only has control over those who originate from the Tower, nor the Princesses, because they have been granted Jahad/Zahard's power through unknown means. This would mean Pentaminum is the author of the story of the Tower of God.
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