Stat Card: Lero- Ro, minor details

Today I will be making a few notes on Lero-ro using his statcard, instead of translating the whole thing which should have already been done.

-Statcard- Lero-ro

Original Korean Lero- ro card by SIU

So as you may have noticed, SIU places the English name of the character on the card himself, so it probably should be used as the official English name of the character. However, one problem is that SIU is not extremely proficient with English so there may be mistakes or awkward phonetics. Here, because Lero- Ro's first name is "Ro", It probably should be written "Lero- Ro". The dash after his apparent last name might just be telling the reader to read his name longer like "Lerooo Ro".

This is the first type of card that SIU has drawn, and is smaller and more convenient (SIU uses another kind of statcard for Yu Hansung and Mule Love).

The positions are written in the order of:

  • Scout (탐색꾼, tahmsaekggoon; "scout" or "observer")
  • Spearman (창지기, chahngjigi; "one who protects using a spear" or "spear bearer")
  • Wave Wielder (파도잡이, padojabi; "one who knows and handles waves" or "wave controller")
  • Lighthouse Keeper (등대지기, deungdaejigi; "one who protects the lighthouse" or "light bearer")
  • Fisherman (낚시꾼, nahkshiggoon; "fisherman" or "angler")

The last line mentions any special positions (특수 포지션, teuksu position) that the character may hold. In Lero- Ro's case, he is a Junsulsa, aka Lightning Technique User (전술사, jeonsoolsa; 電術士)

As the term "junsulsa" can actually mean a thousand different things without knowing what hanja (chinese characters) it is composed of, a user on the official fan cafe responded to the card by inquiring "What is a Junsulsa? It sounds similar to "preacher" (전도사, jeondosa), so it sounds like a religion..." The mighty SIU himself responded "Yes, a Junsulsa preaches the shocking excitement of one million volts using shinsu. The dots on their cheeks are proof of his faith. Faith strengthens as the dots become larger." This is how we know that the "jun" refers to "電", or lightning. However, we are completely unsure of whether SIU was being serious or not. After all, he is SIU.

Anyway, SIU gives us the typical character stats:

  • N: Physical Ability (신체 능력, shinchae neungryeok)
  • W: Shinsu Resistance (신수 저항, shinsu jeohang)
  • S: Shinsu Ability (신수 능력, shinsu neungryeok)
  • E: Physical Enhancement (신체 강화, shinchae gahnghwa) - GoDai's note: The thing that Anak does, in case you're wondering. So this implies use of shinsoo.

We can see that Ro is pretty balanced.

Next, other minor stats:

  • Physical Ability (신체 능력, shinchae neungryeok) - GoDai's note: Mentioned again here.
  • Shinsu Ability (신수 능력, shinsu neungryeok) - GoDai's note: Mentioned again here.
  • Intelligence (지능, jineung)
  • Use of Weaponry (무기 사용, mugi sayong; "weapon use")
  • Potential (잠재력, jahmjaeryeok; "hidden power")
  • Mental Strength (정신력, jeongshinryeok)
  • Weapon Level (무기레벨, mugi lehbehl)
  • Pocket (포켓, pokeht)
  • Inventory (인벤토리, inbehntori)
  • Mobile (모바일, mohbah'il) - GoDai's note: ???
  • Lighthouse (등대, deungdae)
  • Wand (완드, wahndeu)

Finally, we have his total, overall (종합, jonghahp) stats. In Lero- Ro's case, he is a 10B.


(GoDai's note: Directly translated and analyzed from Lero- Ro's statcard on SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe)

Stat Card: Yu Han-Sung (Card Type II), and some minor details

-Statcard- Yu Han-Sung

Original Korean Yu han-sung card by SIU

This is the second type of statcard, and it lists different stats from the first kind. It is less convenient but is awesome for huge amounts of info.

Yu Han-Sung (유한성, Yoo Hansung)

  • Biological Family (출생가문, choolsaenggamoon; "family of birth") : ?
  • Affiliated Family (소속가문, sosokgamoon; "family of belonging") : None
  • Ranker
  • Currently Head Examiner (총시험감독관, chongshiheomgahmdokgwahn; "total test overseer") on Evankhell's floor

Position Points (포지션 점수, Position jeomsoo)

(GoDai's note: I already translated the names of the five major positions on Lero- Ro's card, although the order is different here. It goes Scout, Spear, Lighthouse, Wave, Fisherman.)

  • Fisherman: Impossible (불가, boolga; "not possible/applicable")

Special Positions:

  • Burimi, aka Subjugator (부리미, burimi; "controller" or "anima")
  • Dansulsa (단술사, dahnsoolsa'; ?術士) - (GoDai) Not even the Koreans are aware of what the "dan" stands for, as SIU has never talked about the hanja (There are about 120 different hanja that have the pronunciation "dan").
  • Wonsulsa, aka Circle Technique User (원술사, wonsoola'; 圓術士)

Basic Stats Evaluation (기본 능력치 평가, gibon neungryeokchi pyeongga)

  • Physical Ability (신체 능력, shinchae neungryeok): 8E
  • Shinsu Resistance (신수 저항, shinsu jeohang): 4C
  • Shinsu Control (신수 제어, shinsu jae'eo): 7A
  • Intelligence (지능, jineung): 2A

(GoDai) As you may have noticed, 2A > 7A > 4C > 8E.

Contracts with Administrators (관리자와의 계약, gwanlijawaeui gyeyak)

Family and Job Contracts (가문, 직책계약, gamoon, jikchaekgyeyak)

  • No family contract.
  • 2F Head Examiner Contract - Able to activate the power of the Administrator on 2F in case of emergency.


  • ? - Increased shinsu resistance on all floors due to an Item effect that has a contract with the Administrators

Additional Stats Evaluation (부가 능력치 평가, buga neungryeokchi pyeongga)

  • Physical Enhancement: 9A
  • Shinsu Materialization (신수 구현, shinsu goohyeon): 8A
  • Shinsu Manipulation (신수 조작, shinsu jojak): 9A (? Bangs ? Myun ? Su)
  • Weapon Skill (무기 숙련, mugi sookryeon): 5D
  • Planning Ability (작전 능력, jahkjeon neungryeok): 9A
  • Knowledge (지식, jishik): ?
  • Mental Strength:?
  • Charisma (카리스마, kariseuma): 2B
  • Survival Ability (생존력, saengjonryeok): ?
  • Weapon Level: 10A
  • Pocket: A
  • Inventory: 7A 10S
  • Wand: 10S
  • Lighthouse: 9A
  • Mobile: B


  • N: Position
  • W: Physical
  • S: Intelligence
  • E: Shinsu

Potential: 8S

Overall ranking: 8A


GoDai: Directly translated and analyzed from Yu Han-Sung's statcard on SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

Stat Card Analysis

The following is an analysis of these statcards, and what I've learned from them.

Character Names

  • Aleksai Amigochaz is named Aleksei Amigochaz, with an "e."
  • Anak Zahard is named Anak Jahad, like SIU does in a chapter title. (Jahad = Zahard)
  • Androssi Zahard is named Andorthy Jahad, because Androssi would be 엔드로시, where it's actually 엔도르시. Andorthy is more accurate than Androssi.
  • Blarouse is named Boulahrouz. I don't know why.
  • Hatsu is named Hatz. I would normally accept Hatsu as the better translation.
  • Hong Chunhwa is named Hong Chun Hwa, syllable-by-syllable. I think Chunhwa is better.
  • Koon Agero Agnis is named Kun Aguero Agnis. Personally, I prefer "u" instead of "oo" but I do agree that "oo" shows a better way of pronunciation quite often. Also, Aguero is a real-life name, spelled with a "u."
  • Lo Po Bia Ren is named Len. I would normally take Ren, but SIU seems to like "l" here.
  • Levin is named Levin.
  • Parakewl is named Parakkiul. I actually would've spelled it something like Parakyul.
  • Phonsekal Laure is named Poncekal Rauloi. I actually like the latter, since "Rauloi" is a better way to pronounce 라우뢰.
  • Quant is named Qu[a]nt Blitz. I'm assuming SIU made a spelling error. Also, Quant's family name fits his special position, Blaze User.
  • Rak Wraithraiser is named Rac Lakration, although it should be Wreckraisher. SIU makes a spelling error here, since he also misspells his name in Korean. Lakration is 레크레이, although seeing how it's always 레크레이 in the series, it should be Wreckraisher. Wraithraiser is incorrect, by the way (Wraithraiser is 레이스레이저).
  • Ship Leesoo is named Sib Yi Soo, syllable-by-syllable. I would prefer Sib Yisoo, or Ship Yisoo. (Yeon Yihwa's name is Yihwa, not Leehwa.)
  • Sunwoo Nare is named Sunwoo Narea, although probably a typo for Sunwoo Narae.

Fisherman: "Impossible"

  • Anak, Andorthy, Boulahrouz, and Hong Chunhwa were all chosen to be Fishermen, despite the fact that on their Positions list it says "impossible" for the Fishermen category. For most people (and mostly non-Ranker Regulars), it says the same thing. This implies that there is some sort of different way to pick out Fishermen.
    • Or SIU made a typo.
    • Otherwise, all 4 Fisherman candidates were most fit to be Scouts.

Best Seed

  • Getting picked as a Best Seed does not mean you have the highest stat in the specific Position. Sib Yisoo's value is only -94, where Narae's is -70 and Hatz's is -90. Also, among other positions - Andorthy has a Scout stat of -50, Anak has -70, and Kun has -90. Yet Sib Yisoo was chosen for Best Seed, clearly for other reasons.

Average Values

  • Most Regulars' Position stats are on the -90's. If they are particularly talented, it will be in the -80's, and if absolutely outstanding, it will be in the -70's.
    • This means that Andorthy and Anak are ridiculously far above most Regulars, especially Andorthy who has no values below -70 and even has some in the -60's.
      • This also makes Anak and Andorthy the only E-rank Regulars shown in Part I.
  • Most Rankers have values around 50~60 for their main Positions, and their Fisherman stat may still be below 0. Yu Han-Sung has a Wave Wielder value of 90, although the Fisherman stat remains "impossible." It is also common for the Spear Keeper stat to stay around -10 ~ 10 for Rankers.

Stat Card Archive

I'm just posting these to keep a record of SIU's original works.

-Statcard- Aleksei Amigochaz

Original Korean Aleksei amigochaz card by SIU

-Statcard- Anak Jahad

Original Korean Anak jahad card by SIU

-Statcard- Andorthy Jahad

Original Korean andorthy jahad card by SIU

-Statcard- Boulahrouz

Original Korean Boulahrouz card by SIU

-Statcard- Hatz

Original Korean hatz card by SIU

-Statcard- Hong Chun Hwa

Original Korean hong chun hwa card by SIU

-Statcard- Kun Aguero Agnis

Original Korean KUN aguero agnis card by SIU

-Statcard- Len

Original Korean LEN card by SIU

-Statcard- Levin

Original Korean Levin card by SIU

-Statcard- Parakkiul

Original Korean Parakkiul card by SIU

-Statcard- Poncekal Rauloi

Original Korean poncekal rauloi card by SIU

-Statcard- Quant Blitz

Original Korean Qunt blitz card by SIU

-Statcard- Rac Lakration

Original Korean Rac lakration card by SIU

-Statcard- Sib Yi Soo

Original Korean sib yi soo card by SIU

-Statcard- Sunwoo Narea

Original Korean sunwoo narea card by SIU

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